• Android realizes long screen capture function


    This example shares the specific code of Android to realize the long screen capture function for your reference. The specific content is as follows 1、MainActivity public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { ScrollView scrollView; String sdRoot = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getPath(); @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); scrollView = (ScrollView) findViewById(R.id.scroll); //Permissions int permission_write= ContextCompat.checkSelfPermission(this, Manifest.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE); int […]

  • Controls – Buttons


    The original text is hereButtons Ios15 has made many changes to the button system. If you do not understand the changes in this part, you can refer to the session of WWDC 2021: Meet the UIKit button system This article on Nuggets is an introduction to the above video. It is well written and can […]

  • [swift] Development Notes (I)


    image.png 1.ios15 move snapkit layout up after using uinavigationbarappearanceUse topmargin instead of top logo.snp.makeConstraints { (make) in make.centerX.equalToSuperview() make.top.equalTo(view.snp.topMargin).offset(80) make.size.equalTo(CGSize.init(width: 72, height: 72)) } Reason: image not found dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/FrameworkOC.framework/FrameworkOC Referenced from: /Users/fangyangdebeiduofen/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/A94C1F38-5973-4B79-8338-45A9B0D9ADB4/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/B1AF023B-41CC-4745-BC02-E252BDB02049/FrameworkTestDemo.app/FrameworkTestDemo Screen capture 11.12.50 am on January 19, 2022 png The dynamic library needs to modify dot not embedded to […]

  • 12.2.flutter_unity_widget


    iOS 0.flutter_ unity_ Demo description of widget Demo via shutter_ unity_ Widget library to achieve unity embedded in the shuttle Main functions: 1. The shuttle unity view widget provides a dependency library export plug-in for unity to build the unity project into Android and IOS dependency libraries 2. the shuttle unity view widget provides a […]

  • Git rebase operation in sourcetree


    Recently, Gerrit was used as a review method in the project (the previous project was small and had not been exposed to this kind of code review), resulting in some changes in the previous code submission process Before (this is one of my submission methods, which is completely completed on sourcetree) 1.local_ Branch development code, […]

  • How cocoapods work


    Help manage and maintain third-party frameworks Simple understanding: quickly search multiple third-party frameworks, and then automatically integrate them into multiple projects. And compiled into a libpod A’s static library is for our project.The difference between pod update and pod install Pod install will refer to podfile The version number of the third-party library in the […]

  • The difference between pod update and pod install


    Pod update updates the local specs repositoryPod install is based on the three-party libraries in the local specs podAs shown below Screenshot: 4.25.05 PM, December 20, 2021 png If the third-party library in the podfile file does not specify a version number1. Using pod install will the latest local version of pod2. Using pod update […]

  • Android screenshot implementation


    There are four types of Android screenshots:View screenshot、WebView screenshot、System screenshotandADB screenshot 1. View screenshot The view screenshot is to capture the current view interface, but other information on the screen, such as the status bar or the interface of other applications, cannot be captured. 1.1 capture screens other than the navigation bar //Start screenshot private […]

  • iOS15. 0 navigation bars notes


    I always think uinavigationbar is difficult to do. Apple changes almost every year. From IOS 7, 11, 13 to 15 this year, it works every year and has to adapt every year. The test results of uinavigationbar based on ios15 surprised me. I felt that many things were completely different from what I thoughtIt’s different. […]

  • [IOS] watch animation from implicit animation


    In fact, I have written the reading notes of advanced animation before, which are mainly about view. In fact, this time it is the same. I just summarize the several knowledge points I said in pieces before, and discuss something else. 1. Implicit animation Each of usUIViewThere is a defaultrootLayer, thislayerIt’s actually the real thing […]

  • IOS message mechanism obj_ Msgsend and super


    1、 Premise View OC compiled code: xcrun -sdk iphoneos clang -arch arm64 -rewrite-objc main.mCan generate main M compiled file will generate main Cpp file is the file from OC to C. We can analyze some OC features through this cpp file. 2、 Message mechanism obj_ msgsend 1. Analysis through several figures: [picture uploading… (screenshot 2021-07-03, […]

  • Memory leak


    Memory leak refers to the heap memory that has been dynamically allocated in the program. For some reason, the program does not release or cannot release, resulting in a waste of system memory, slowing down the running speed of the program and even system crash—— From Baidu Encyclopedia It is estimated that the place with […]