• Screen adaptation scheme: zoom window


    Background: The company has an iPad project (only supports horizontal screen), which was developed in 11 years. At that time, the iPad only had the resolution of 1024×768, so there was no problem of screen adaptation, and the frame was written dead. Later, iPads of different sizes appeared one after another, which should have caused […]

  • Which pits should be paid attention to when buying Apple equipment


    Tomorrow (June 14) at 1:00 a.m., Apple will hold the WWDC summer product launch, if there is a new Mac series, it is the best time to buy. Even if there is no update, I believe it will be updated at the autumn press conference in September and October. I suggest that you should not […]

  • Android power consumption (1) — Android power analysis method and optimization


    1. Bottom current optimization The bottom current is debugged in the mobile phone flight mode. The bottom current data of each platform may be different. For details, please refer to the current consumption data document or release note from the release. In general, the upper limit of bottom current reference data is: The bottom current […]

  • [chat series] talk about mobile web resolution


    Welcome to watch and talk about the series. This series of articles can help front-end engineers understand all aspects of the front-end (not just the code) https://segmentfault.com/blog/frontenddriver Different from the PC era, the style of mobile web is more diverse, and due to the fragmentation of mobile phone resolution, the compatibility problem of mobile web […]

  • Differences between iPad and iPhone development


    1、 Differences between iPhone and iPad development Screen size / resolution Layout / design of UI elements keyboard API Screen orientation support… … Because the iPad screen is larger than the iPhone and can accommodate more UI elements, the arrangement is differentFor example, Sina Weibo: (iPhone on the left, iPad on the right) keyboard The […]

  • No screen guide to raspberry pie


    If you want to buy a toy, raspberry pie is definitely the best choice. For the introduction of raspberry pie, Liangxu will not repeat it, baidu searched a lot. In short, raspberry pie is a small computer, we can use it to learn Linux, but also can expand to make a lot of fun toys. […]

  • JavaScript mobile drag element


    Code implementation: Document body { background-color: #1cee89; } div { position: absolute; left: 0; width: 100px; height: 100px; background-color: #8294ff; border-radius: 20px; } var div = document.querySelector(‘div’); Var startx = 0; // get the initial coordinates of fingers var startY = 0; Var x = 0; // get the original position of the box var […]

  • 7 Hidden chrome devtools features to boost your productivity


    Developer tools are essential for software development. We need them to develop, test, and debug our work. As a web application developer, you are very likely to use chrome devtools. This article will show you some of the hidden features of chrome devtools to help you improve your productivity, some of which you can already […]

  • Using synergy core


    Synergy If you usually have two or more computers at the same time, how do you collaborate with each other and how do you share files? Of course, I know the official windows mouse hasunboundedFunction. There are many services that provide file sharing. Today, I would like to introduce synergy, which allows ordinary keyboard and […]

  • The problem of blurring 1 PX line in canvas


    Introduction stayBlur of canvas displayThe problem of blurring on the high-definition display screen has been solved. Recently, I encountered the situation of drawing straight lines. I used the same scheme. At first, I felt that the effect was not great, but after a long time, I found that the fuzzy feeling of straight lines on […]

  • Jetpack WindowManager, official Android folding screen adaptation scheme!


    The article begins with the official account.”Top technology”, articles on dry goods are constantly updated every day, which can be searched by wechat”Top technology”The first time to read, reply [mind map] [interview] [resume] I have prepared some Android advanced route, interview guide and resume template for you 1. Preface Yes, jetpack has added a new […]

  • Jetpack————ViewModel


    preface Refer to the video of big guy Bili longway 777: https://space.bilibili.com/13… ViewModel introduce ViewModel is a part of jetpackArchitectureWhat’s in it As the name suggests, the function is to separate the data from the view and manage it separately, thus making the controller (activity or fragment) easier The responsibility of ViewModel should be to […]