• Get the width and height of the screen


    In JS, especially in some functions, such as which buttons to return at the bottom, etc., it is often needed. Here is a comprehensive application of the following, so that you can get them quickly in the future: /** *Get the width and height of the screen * @returns {*} */ function client() { If […]

  • Using the screenshot function of graphics CopyFromScreen


    This way is to take a screenshot of the screen directly UserControl chartContainPanel = new UserControl(); Graphics graph = chartContainPanel.CreateGraphics(); Size s = chartContainPanel.Size; Bitmap memoryImage = new Bitmap(s.Width, s.Height, graph); Graphics memoryGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(memoryImage); Point screen = chartContainPanel.PointToScreen(this.Location); //Copy bitmap of memorygraphics memoryGraphics.CopyFromScreen(screen.X, screen.Y, 0, 0, s); memoryImage.Save(fileName);

  • Oracle custom stored procedure: delete table (no matter whether it exists) and check whether it exists


    Oracle deletes the table. If the table does not exist, an error will be reported. It is troublesome to run a large script (when the script is long and time-consuming). Generally, you want to start the script and then run it to the end. You can’t always stare at the screen and pop up a […]

  • Online training tools collection


    Introduction Last time, I summarized some experience of online training, and this time I will give you some tools of online training. Some common necessary tools are not introduced in detail. For example, wechat is used for group chat, discussion and data sending. For example, nail is used for group chat, discussion and data sending. […]

  • Canvas fuzzy problem


    When drawing with canvas, there are obvious sawtooth in the drawing Normal preview picture Drawing pictures on canvas with DrawImage Reasons for appearance Pictures are all composed of pixels. Generally, 1px is 1 pixel, but different screens, CSS pixels and physical pixels are not 1:1adoptwindow.devicePixelRatioView, because the rendering ratio is different, the output of the […]

  • How do I create a shortcut icon on my computer to close the screen?


    The screen saver can’t be enabled normally. How to solve this problem? In fact, the screen saver only works on the old-fashioned monitor and can turn off the screen. Here is how to create a shortcut icon to close the screen on your computer. Let’s have a look! step 1. Use the right mouse button […]

  • Responsive layout of front end


    Let’s talk about responsive layout!!! There are two types of reactive layouts (1) Adaption of screen size on PCMost screen sizes are defined by PX pixels as height width, so PX is also the attribute value unit of width and height in coding. This results in different layout of HTML tag elements due to different […]

  • What should I do when I log in without displaying the welcome screen?


    Sometimes when we turn on the computer, we suddenly find that when we log in, we don’t display the welcome screen. What can we do? Let’s share the method and have a look! step Step 1: press “Win + R” to open the operation, and enter “gpedit.msc” in the operation input box“ After the second […]

  • IOS – iPhone screen adaptation / boot map adaptation / APP icon adaptation (iPhone full size includes iPhone X / XR / XS / XS max, etc.)


    Before the new iPhone product is released, make notes on screen adaptation, startup map adaptation and app icon adaptation for later reference: Note: some of the pictures are from the Internet; (I) iPhone screen adaptation: (1) Screen resolution:     ① Design dimension specification (table):     ② Design dimension specification (text):     ③ Development dimensions are easy to understand: […]

  • IOS – common macro definition and PCH file knowledge point arrangement


    (1) Demonstration of PCH file operation steps: Step 1: picture and text: Step 2: picture and text:   (2) Organize common macro definitions: (1) Common log log macro (output log can locate a class, a function, and a line in detail) //============================================================NSLog #ifdef DEBUG #define DDLog(fmt, …) NSLog((@”%s [Line %d] ” fmt), __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __LINE__, ##__VA_ARGS__) […]

  • Huawei Internet of things operating system liteos bare metal drive migration 02lcd drive migration and use


    1. LCD bare metal drive The LCD screen of Xiaoxiong pie development board is a 1.3-inch TFT color screen with a color depth of 16bit and a resolution of 240 * 240. It uses SPI interface to communicate with MCU. If you are not familiar with playing LCD screen with bare metal, please read this […]

  • Android adaptation in the development of non full screen weex page


    The unit of height and width in the weex code is Px, however, the height and width displayed on the mobile screen are not necessarily the same as those specified in the code. The reason is that the weex framework adapts to different screens at the bottom layer. The specific calculation formula is: actual height […]