• How to install and use screen, a remote session management tool for CentOS 7 system?


    You may encounter such a problem: use SSH or telent to remotely log in to the Linux server and run some tasks that take a long time to complete, such as system backup, FTP transmission and so on. Usually, we open a remote terminal window for each of these tasks, because they take too long […]

  • React native one stop development solution


    Share an RN rapid development library:react-native-easy-app. A pure JS library providing basic services for react native app development(Support IOS & Android), can provide strong support for developers to develop projects, can greatly improve the efficiency of coding, especially in the early stage of project construction, can reduce the workload of developers by at least 30%. […]

  • Windows screen resolution acquisition methods


    Method 1: monitorfromwindow //Get the resolution of the display where the program is currently located, which can dynamically get the resolution of the display where the program is located SIZE GetScreenResolution(HWND hWnd) { SIZE size; if(!hWnd) return size; //MONITOR_ The default one arest return value is the screen handle closest to that point //MONITOR_ The […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play Linux 010212 pipe


    What did we talk about in the last part? Cowsay Cows can have all kinds of expressions You can customize your eyes It can become all kinds of other small animals You can think of cowthink We also want cattle to say what it feels like to draw characters Review character drawing Download figlet and […]

  • Do you play Tetris? Teach you how to make Tetris with Python!


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time This article is from Tencent cloud by Python sophomoreIn that era when electronic products were […]

  • Flying from scratch: statelesswidget


    This time, we will show what is the widget of flutter, that is, the widget; and how to use stateless widget, that is, stateless widget in flutter. As for flutter, developers can use a simple set of code to build Android and IOS applications at the same time. characteristic Widgets are the basic building blocks […]

  • Mobile terminal rem.js


    Rem is only related to the font size of HTML, such ashtml{font-size: 16px} body{font-size: 62.5%}So 1rem is still 16px, nothing else The following JS is introduced into the header, and the font size of HTML is automatically set according to the screen width. If the design drawing is 750px wide, 100px on the design drawing […]

  • Android serial 10 – dynamically add pages and create a news app


    1、 The size of dynamic programming interface 1. We create a new folder large in the res folder_ Fragment is used to write an interface, activity_ main.xml File, used to store some high-resolution interfaces such as tablet computers. In other words, the small screen uses the normal activity_ Main file and large screen use large_ […]

  • Full version of mobile terminal sliding event encapsulation


    touchEvent Based on jQuery extension, the events generated in mobile terminal include single touch event, double touch event, long press event, slide screen event, up slide event, down slide event, left slide event and right slide event preview Address Previewhttps://hangjob.github.io/touchEvent/index.html Event type Single touch event $(el).tap tap: function(element, fn) { var startTx, startTy; v_on(element, ‘touchstart’, […]

  • Introduction to color display (2): color setting and text display


    Contents of historical articles in this series: Esp32 overview and Arduino software preparation Introduction to esp32 GPIO interface programming Bluetooth flip pen (PPT controller) Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic data real-time display Fans counter of station B Siri speech recognition control LED light Obtaining sensor data by Siri speech recognition Introduction to color screen display (1): […]

  • Windows 10 comes with a collection of screenshots!


    Link to the original text:https://xiaoheidiannao.com/articles/Ways-To-Screenshot.html More computer skills can be found athttps://xiaoheidiannao.comCheck it out! Screen captureIt is a frequent operation in the process of using the computer. Windows 10 system also provides a lot of informationScreen captureNext, I’d like to share with you the screenshot method of windows 10. PrtScn: capture the whole screen and […]

  • Hotcorner: let Windows 10 have the trigger angle feature of MacOS


    [TOC] brief introduction Mac OS has a very convenient function: “trigger angle”. Through this function, you can set the trigger events when the mouse moves to the four corners of the screen, such as triggering to start the screen saver, displaying the desktop and other functions. Corresponding to the hot keys we are used to, […]