• Kotlin wave animation


    Learn kotlin and rearrange some of the previous knowledge First of all, for the operation that needs a lot of drawing, you can’t draw directly   Surfaceview can directly put the drawing work into the sub thread for operation. Otherwise, the drawing work will get stuck when it is increased. However, surfaceview is an independent […]

  • Layui basics 1 (lebyte architecture, big data)


    LayUI primary coverage                                           ⬇( Indicate the intention                    Installation and use of layui Introduction to layui Layui (homophonic: class UI) is a front-end UI framework written with its own module specification, which follows the writing and organization form of native HTML / CSS / JS, with very low threshold, and can be […]

  • Using bash script to write a screen capture tool


    In Bash’s view, or in any kind of species that can be called shell in Linux environment, as long as you have ffmpeg, grep, SED, awk and an X window system, you can write a good screen capture tool in less than 50 lines of code. Of course, if there’s gimp or something like that, […]

  • What is dip of LCD


    Is the abbreviation of density independent pixel, which refers to the abstract sense of the pixel. It’s related to the screen density of the device. It’s a unit in Android. Dip and DP are the same. The official statement of Google is as follows:    Density-independent pixel (dp)   A virtual pixel unit that you should […]

  • Jettpack formation of flutter web site


    Past Flutter web site building tutorial The construction of the home page framework of flutter web site Review of last issue In the last issue, we made a home page compatible with different screen sizes to adapt to web, Android and other platforms. Mainly usedMediaQueryTo dynamically get the width of the screen, to dynamically adapt […]

  • Adobe Captivate


    In the postscript of “using bash script to write a screen capture tool”, I changed the screen capture script slightly and got a script that can record the specified window area in the screen. Turn your hand over to cloud, cover your hand with rain, thanks to ffmpeg. I have no new idea to name […]

  • Raster parameters of bootstrap


    Bootstrap provides a responsive, mobile device first streaming grid system. With the increase of screen or viewport size, the system will be automatically divided into up to 12 columns. It includes easy-to-use predefined classes and powerful mixins for generating more semantic layouts brief introduction Grid system is used to create page layout through a series […]

  • Picture and text explanation of PC wide screen adaptation scheme based on uni app


    It has been a long time since the world suffered from the fragmentation of the platform. Before the mobile Internet, developers only had to face the web happily. In the era of mobile Internet, IOS, Android, H5 and a variety of small app fast applications emerge in endlessly, and developers can no longer be happy. […]

  • Ubuntu 20.04 shortcut


    If you want to get used to a system, the first thing to do is to be familiar with the shortcut keys of the system, and so is Ubuntu. Although most people have used Ubuntu, few of them have read the list of Ubuntu shortcuts. If I had not prepared this article, I would not […]

  • Support for touch screen zooming in and out of Firefox browser under Ubuntu Linux


    My computer is Dell latitude 7275, or XPS 12 9250, with a wacom touch screen )。 The system used is pop OS 20 . 10. The desktop is Gnome 3. Pop OS is a modified system based on Ubuntu. By default, my touch screen can simulate single finger scrolling in gnome’s built-in software (such as […]

  • Canvas getContext(“3d”)?


    preface Sorry, the title is a joke. As we all know, the API for canvas to get painting context is getcontext (“2D”). When I first saw this API definition, I naturally thought that since there is 2D, there must be 3D? But then I saw the API introduction Tip: in the future, if the canvas […]

  • Document the third-party framework you use


    BackgroundLibrary: generate shape from label implementation “androidx.appcompat:appcompat:$supportVersion” //for androidx implementation ‘com.noober.background:core:1.6.5’ MagicIndicator: indicator repositories { … maven { url “https://jitpack.io” } } implementation ‘com.github.hackware1993:MagicIndicator:1.7.0’ // for androidx AnyLayer: floating floor (pop up) allprojects { repositories { maven { url ‘https://www.jitpack.io’ } } } implementation ‘com.github.goweii:AnyLayer:3.6.0-androidx’ androidautosize: screen adaptation scheme `implementation ‘me.jessyan:autosize:1.2.1’` glide: image loading implementation […]