• Unity phone touch screen input


    1. Get screen input New scriptTouchInput, add to maincamera public class TouchInput : MonoBehaviour { public LayerMask touchInputMask; // Declare the level, and the ray is only detected with the set level private Camera myCamera; // Declaration camera private List touchList = new List(); // To save the currently pressed object, you need to add […]

  • Mobile terminal method: adaptive scheme and HD scheme


    Since I started to work as a front-end after graduation, 90% of my projects are dealing with mobile terminals. Therefore, when the words “mobile H5” are written on my resume, I will be asked about adaptive scheme and HD scheme ”Adaptive refers to a set of UI (such as 750 * 1334), which shows almost […]

  • Android serial 41 – review four basic layouts


    Explain four basic layouts in detail LinearLayout Linear layout android:orientation= Vertical vertical arrangement Horizontal horizontal android:layout_ Gravity = used to specify the alignment of text in the control top center_vertical bottom Note that if orientation is horizontal, the control can only be aligned in the vertical direction android:layout_ Weight this is a kind of proportion. […]

  • Yosemite system recording Apple IOS 8 mobile device screen tutorial


    The latest OS X operating system for Mac platform and IOS 8 for IOS devices released by apple in Yosemite in 2014 have great playability in continuous interworking function. Today we are talking about recording IOS 8 device screen in Yosemite, that is, screen recording iPhone or iPad device through Yosemite. Mac OS X 10.10 […]

  • It’s easy to share screens through webrtc


    brief introduction Use of screen sharing function commonly used in network conferenceProvided by webrtcgetDisplayMediaAPI can be easily implemented with the following interfaces var promise = navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia(constraints); Of mediadevices interfacegetDisplayMediaMethod prompts the user to select and grant permission to capture the contents of the display screen or parts thereof, such as browser windows and tabs, as […]

  • Android audio and video development — use and packaging of camera, Camera2 and cameraX


    preface Source code: https://github.com/Peakmain/Video_Audio/tree/master/app/src/main/java/com/peakmain/video_audio/utils My developer:https://www.jianshu.com/u/3ff32f5aea98 My GitHub:https://github.com/peakmain Basic knowledge On Android 5 Before 0, we used camera. Although it is easy to use, it has been abandoned. Android 5 Camera2 appeared after 0, but the use of Camera2 was very cumbersome, so cameraX appeared later, but cameraX was actually just the encapsulation of Camera2 […]

  • Principle of screen imaging


    Image processing in applicationImage renderingAfter the process, the GPU stores the pixel information in the frame buffer, and then the video controller will read the information in the frame buffer and transmit it to the monitor for display after digital to analog conversion, so that our pixel information is displayed on the physical screen. The […]

  • Android serial 42 – Review custom controls


    Inheritance relationship All controls inherit directly or indirectly from view View is a basic UI component in Android, which can draw a rectangular area on the screen ViewGroup is a special view, which can contain many sub views and sub viewgroups. It is a container for placing controls and layouts Customize listview interface Basic structure […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 28 – horizontal movement


    Horizontal movement Recall the last lesson According to the extension, we can set the configuration of some specific types of files The settings of relevant file types are placed in the corresponding folder File type indent folder /usr/share/vim/vim81/indent/ File type syntax highlight folder /usr/share/vim/vim81/syntax/ File type plug-in folder System general folder /usr/share/vim/vim81/ftplugin/java.vim /usr/share/vim/vim81/ftplugin/java_xxx.vim /usr/share/vim/vim81/ftplugin/java/xxx.vim User […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 29 – # vertical page turning


    Vertical page turning Recall the last lesson We learned about horizontal scrolling last time Rolling amplitude-sidescroll Roll retention-sidescrolloff Auto wrap-wrap g j、g kYou can move up and down line by line The control key that can control the switching linewhichwrap This is the content of horizontal movement However, generally, a line in the program will […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 30 – # screen number


    Screen position line number Recall the last lesson Last time we mainly talked about turning the page :set scrolloff=2Control the upper and lower sky and land Page up and page down (this is the most commonly used) ctrl + fNext screen ctrl + bUp one screen Move the screen up and down one line ctrl […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 31 – # text block


    Text block Recall the last lesson Turn the page last time Last time, fix the screen position and move the cursor H – HeadMove to the top of the screen M – MiddleMove to the middle of the screen L – LowMove to the bottom of the screen Then fix the cursor and move the […]