• Spring 5 Chinese parsing core – bean scope of IOC container


    When you create abeanWhen defining, you can create a template (recipe) throughbeanDefine the class definition to create a real instance.beanThe concept of definition as a recipe is important because it means that, just like using classes, you can create multiple object instances from a single recipe. You can not only control to insert from specificbeanDefine […]

  • Spring 5 Chinese parsing core – path scanning and component management of IOC container


    1.10 classpath scanning and component management Most of the examples in this chapter use XML to specify that each is generated in the spring containerBeanDefinitionConfiguration metadata for. The previous section (annotation based container configuration) shows how to provide some configuration element data through source code level annotations. However, even in these examples, the base bean […]

  • Do you really know CSS? [CSS selector Series 1]


    Do you really know CSS? [CSS selector Series 1]   Selector, selector priority, selector scope /*Offspring relationship*/ .box div {background: #fff;} /*Father son relationship*/ .box > div {background: #fff;} /*Neighboring brotherhood*/ .box + div {background: #fff;} /*Fraternity*/ .box ~ div {background: #fff;} The above four are common selectors in CSS style file writing. In addition, […]

  • Spring 5 Chinese parsing core part – jsr330 standard annotation of IOC container


    1.11 use jsr330 standard annotation Starting with spring 3.0, spring provides support for jsr-330 standard annotations (dependency injection). These annotations are scanned in the same way as spring annotations. To use them, you need to rely on the relevant jar package in the classpath. If you use maven, javax.inject The components are in the standard […]

  • Summary of VaR, let and const of JavaScript


    Author: Valentino Crazy technology house https://www.valentinog.com/bl… No reprint without permission var varStatement is used to declare a variable in JavaScript that follows the following rules: Scope scope is function scope or global scope. It is not limited by the temporary dead zone (TDZ). It will be inwindowCreate a global property with the same name on. […]

  • A brain map to master the life cycle of spring bean


    Well, interviewer, before I start, I’ll talk about two common scopes:singletonandprototype 。 Spring container can be managedsingletonThe lifecycle of a scoped bean, in which spring knows exactly when the bean is created, initialized, and destroyed. aboutprototypeSpring is only responsible for creating a scope bean. When the container creates an instance of a bean, the bean […]

  • How to use plug-ins in angularjs


    During the internship, due to the needs of the project, for the first time, I systematically used angular, an excellent JS framework, which has many excellent features, which greatly facilitates the development of the project. However, I have also encountered many problems in the development. Now I will share my development experience with the developers […]

  • Angular.js Personal understanding of compile pre link post link option in


    The life cycle of angularjs In the life cycle of angularjs, it is divided intocompileandlinkTwo stages. In the compilation phase, each instruction may have another instruction. Angularjs traverses them to form a template tree, and then returns a template function. However, the DOM is not formed before the template function returns, so the ng repeat […]

  • #C ා learning notes (1) — Preparation


    1.1 download and install. Net framework The. Net framework is a bit similar to Java’s JDK or Python parser, including compiler, execution engine, functional framework and some tools bundled with SDK. In summary, to compile and execute a C ා project, you need to install the. Net framework first. It is recommended to download from […]

  • The bridge between callback and promise — promise


    Author: Huang HuangThis article is original and reprinted, please indicate the author and source Promise has been widely used since it came into being. It’s a magic tool in JavaScript. It solves the callback hell of asynchronous methods, provides us with the ability to use return in asynchronous methods, and integrates the call of callback […]

  • What is closure


    Today is the second part of the series, mainly about closure related issues.In my opinion, the issue of closure is actually the issue of scope, so I will start with the issues related to scope. What is scope? Scope is the management scope that the variable can access (or the management scope of the variable). […]

  • JavaScript scope and execution context


    The type of scope global scope Function scope Block level scope (ES6) let const Duplicate declaration is not allowed There is no claim escalation There is a block level scope The properties of top-level objects are decoupled from global variables Temporary dead zone (TDZ) When the JavaScript engine scans the code and finds variable declarations, […]