• C + + learning records (V) — a preliminary study of C + + class model


    Concept of class Conceptually speaking, class is the abstraction of food with common characteristics in reality. Here is a simple example: we now need to define a human class. So we need to find out the common ground between people (or the commonness of people in this species). People have height, weight, age, gender… These […]

  • 030_JavaScript


    catalogue Front end knowledge system What is JavaScript quick get start Introducing JavaScript Introduction to basic grammar data type Number number String string Boolean Boolean Null to null Undefined undefined Symbol unique value Array array Object object Function function Strict check mode strict data type character string array object Process control New features of map […]

  • $scope,$injector,$rootScope


    $injector, $rootscope and $scope are important things in the angularjs framework. Clarifying the relationship between them is very useful for our subsequent learning and understanding of the angularjs framework.1. Obtain the required services from the injector through $injector.get (“servicename”).2. Scope is the scope in angularjs (actually the place where data is stored), which is very […]

  • Talk about the unsung hero in fluent – Focus


    The widgets and function classes of focus series can be said to be the existence of unsung heroes in fluent. They pay silently, but they are not well known. It is rarely used in daily development and use. Why? With this question, we begin today’s content. 1. Introduction to focus Here are some focus related […]

  • Are you confused between function expression and function declaration in JS?


    Author: Dmitri pavlutinTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: dmitripavlutin Dream, dry goods, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this dish washing wisdom who is still washing dishes in the early morning. This article GitHub https://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhi It has been included. There are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for the interview of front-line large […]

  • [JavaScript] scope, scope chain and closure


    1. Scope A scope is a collection of accessible variables and functions. Scope can be divided into global scope and local scope. 1.1 global scope Global scope refers to the set of variables and functions defined outside the outermost function. In other words, variables and functions defined outside these outermost functions can be accessed anywhere. […]

  • How to understand bean objects in the spring framework?


    Definition of bean object? In the spring framework, the objects of objects created and managed by spring are called bean objects. Characteristics of bean objects? In order to manage and apply bean objects more scientifically, spring framework designs relevant features for bean objects, such as lazy loading, scope and life cycle methods. Lazy load In […]

  • I don’t know JavaScript — you have such a scope


    The language of JavaScript is really interesting. Even if you don’t know much about it, you just know a little. It’s no problem in daily use. After all, I’ve been working like this for some time. Although I don’t know him very well, there’s no pressure to complete the business, but in order to make […]

  • Core knowledge of C + + 11-17 template (XIII) — name search and ADL


    Name classification Name lookup ordinary lookup ADL (Argument-Dependent Lookup) Examples on the official website Disadvantages of ADL In C + +, if the compiler encounters a name, it looks for what the name represents. For example, X * y, if x and y are the names of variables, it is multiplication. If x is the […]

  • 1、 Introduction to mybatis related object scope (notes)


    The content comes from the official website: https://mybatis.org/mybatis-3/zh/configuration.html 1、 IntroductionIntroduction: mybatis is an excellent persistence layer framework. It supports custom SQL, stored procedures and advanced mapping. Mybatis eliminates almost all JDBC code and the work of setting parameters and obtaining result sets. Each mybatis based application takes an instance of sqlsessionfactory as the core. An […]

  • Rust ownership


    As a java developer, everything I know about memory allocation is handled by some processes called garbage collection. This is the problem of the JVM, not mine.So when I openRust BookI became a little worried when I saw that rust had no garbage collection mechanism. Should the responsibility for dealing with memory management rest on […]

  • How to implement defer in Objective-C environment


    Pay attention to the warehouse and get updates in time:iOS-Source-Code-Analyze Follow: Draveness · Github This article willlibextobjcA small part of the code is analyzed, tooHow to extend Objective-C languageIn the first article of this series, the author will introduce some black magic from libextobjc. Anyone who knows a little about swift knows,deferIs a keyword in […]