• Introduction to all elements of digital twin scenarios (levels L0-L5)


    Share with you today, digital twin full element scene classification (L0-L5 level) 1. Overview of all-element scenarios The full-element scene of Tuguan, based on real geographic information, integrates various elements of the physical world, and generates an interactive 3D simulation scene through real-time computer rendering, which can be widely used in the construction of digital […]

  • How to realize the scene restoration function of MobLink on the iOS side


    Download SDK 1. Log in to the official website 2. Click here to download SDK Check Moblink, click to download Import SDK 1. Drag the entire SDK file, MobLinkPro.framework, MOBFoundation.framework into the project, as shown below: Tick ​​the following 3 items Add dependency library Select the project Target – Build Phases – Link Binary With […]