• Redis concurrent competitive key solution details


    Redis high concurrency The high performance of redis cache is obvious to all, and the application scenarios are also very extensive. But in the high concurrency scenario, there will also be problems: Today, we will talk about the problem of redis concurrent competition. Here, concurrency refers to the concurrency problem caused by multiple redis clients […]

  • Custom authorization mode of identity server 4 authorization center in ASP. Net core


    I. Preface In the last article, I shared an article about the application practice of identity server 4 authorization center in ASP. Net core. Many bloggers asked me questions. One of them asked me a scene, and I didn’t give him a perfect answer. After learning and reading the relevant source code, I found thatIdentityServer4Can […]

  • GitHub standard star 11000 +, how can Alibaba’s open-source microservice components withstand the double 11 promotion for 10 consecutive years?


    Author: he, senior development engineer of Alibaba cloud Guide readingDuring the epidemic, “card” became the key word for many people’s online experience. When making an online appointment to buy masks, suddenly I can’t pay; when I choose courses online, I am prompted to ask too much, and the system can’t respond; when I work / […]

  • Self inspection list of Vue knowledge points (2)


    Three questions Are you an engineer who writes code and implements it?Are you an engineer who will evolve in addition to meeting the daily business decline?Are you a qualified Vue developer?If you don’t have an exact answer, you can use the following questions to check yourself See self inspection list of Vue knowledge points for […]

  • A kind of Condole interviewer series – redis common interview questions (with answers)


    The more you know, the more you don’t know Take a look at it and get used to it GitHubHttps://github.com/java… Has been open-source on, and there is an interview point mind map, welcomeStarandperfect Preface RedisIt is so widely used in Internet technology storage that almost all back-end technology interviewers need toRedisIn terms of use and […]

  • RTU and DTU


    1、 What is RTU In recent years, Internet of things communication equipment emerge in endlessly, RTU equipment is one of them. 1. Introduction to RTU concept RTU is called remote terminal units in English and remote terminal units in Chinese.Remote terminal unit (RTU) is an electronic device installed in the remote field, which is used […]

  • When Da Mo hall bull learned to dig, all this was out of control


    In the eyes of outsiders,DamoyuanThere are plenty of talents, most of them are strange people, doing mysterious and high-end research, which is like the existence of sweeping monks. But if one day, when mysterious experts are no longer mysterious, you find that they are also starting to play cutout, and all these are developing in […]

  • Monitoring system of Low Carbon Industrial Park Based on HTML5 webgl


    Preface The construction and promotion of low-carbon industrial park is an important measure to promote the industrial low-carbon transformation in China. The energy and carbon emission control platform of low-carbon industrial park is the key link of the construction of low-carbon industrial park. How to collect, measure and calculate the energy quantity of enterprises in […]

  • Using code to write button click event in WinForm


    scene In general, when developing WinForm form, a button will be dragged, and then double-click to enter the button click event, and Click to write the event. If there is no button on the form in advance, it is a button generated in the code. How to write its click event. Realization SimpleButton confirmbButton = […]

  • Listview of flutter


    In flutter, listview can arrange all its subwidgets in one direction (vertical or horizontal), which is often used for scenes that need to display a set of continuous view elements Listview construction method Listview: only applicable to scenes with few elements in the list Listview.build: suitable for scenarios with more subwidgets Listview.separated: applicable to the […]

  • Five development dilemmas faced by AI data annotation industry


    According to the industry white paper released by iResearch, the market scale of China’s AI basic data service in 2018 is 2.586 billion yuan, and it is expected that the market scale will exceed 11.3 billion yuan in 2025, with the industry’s annual compound growth rate reaching 23.5%. ​ As the cornerstone of the artificial […]

  • Will redis cluster lose data?


    Redis cluster does not guarantee strong consistency. In some special scenarios, even if the client receives a write confirmation, it may lose data. Scenario 1: asynchronous replication Client writes to master B Master B replies OK Master B to slave B1 B2 B3 B replies to the client without waiting for the confirmation of B1 […]