• It’s easy for e-commerce recommendation system to score 60, but it’s difficult to score 80 or 90


    Graduated from Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has more than ten years of cutting-edge exploration and industrial practice experience in machine learning and recommender system. Many papers have been published in recsys, CIKM and other recommender system international academic conferences. He is now the head of recommender advertising algorithm in Jingdong. With […]

  • Where is the difficulty of AI implementation? Manfu Technology


    In recent years, driven by algorithm, computing power and data, artificial intelligence has entered a stage of rapid development. Relevant forecast data show that the compound annual growth rate of the artificial intelligence industry will reach 31% from 2018 to 2022. By 2035, artificial intelligence will promote China’s labor productivity by 27%, and the total […]

  • New features of react16


    New features of react16 1. lazy & Suspense React 16.6 splits the code(code-splitting)To a new level. You can now load components when you really need them without having to install other dependent libraries. React.lazy () provides the ability of dynamic import component to realize code segmentation. The purpose of suspend is to suspend the rendering […]

  • Issue 12: performance monitoring of compression meter


    LastHas solved the concept of compressed table, the impact of index page and simple use. This article mainly introducesHow to observe the compressed table. 1、 Classification of usage scenarios of compressed tables 1. Select business This kind of operation does not need to decompress the compressed page, soPerfectUse compressed tables. 2. Insert service This kind […]

  • Git stash


    In the actual development work, you may encounter this situation: When you’re in dev_ branch_ 1 branch work, suddenly interrupted, said that the master branch has an emergency bug, you need to fix it immediately At this point, dev_ branch_ There are more than 20 uncommitted documents on branch 1. What should we do? Write […]

  • When an interviewer asks you how to ensure the consistency of cache and database double write, what exactly does he want to ask


    The interview begins Hello, young man. Look at the MySQL and redis on your resume. Let’s focus on the two of them today. Redis and MySQL are important roles in back-end development. In the actual development, both of them are basically like shadow. In order to improve performance and response, redis often stores hot data […]

  • Jingxi front end automation test road (small program)


    Author: a Xiang If you have read “Jingxi front end automation test road (1)”, you can skip the preface. preface JingxiAs a strategic business of Jingdong, the project has a flow entrance of tens of millions. In order to ensure the stable operation of online business, the front-end disaster recovery exercise is carried out every […]

  • How to generate global unique ID in distributed environment?


    In a distributed system, there are some scenarios that need to use a globally unique ID, which can be related to business scenarios, such as payment serial number, or irrelevant to business scenarios. For example, a globally unique ID is required after database and table splitting, or used as a transaction version number, distributed link […]

  • [12C] new feature: using RMAN to recover tables or table partitions


    When a table is misoperated, such as deleting data, drop table, or truncate table, we can restore it by using flashback table, flashback drop, or tspitr. However, in the following scenarios, the above recovery technology will be helpless: The table logic is damaged or the purge option is used to delete; When Undo is not […]

  • Detailed explanation of react suspend


    React.suspense It’s a less used function. It was released as early as in 2018 in version 16.6.0. Some of its related usages have been relatively mature, some are relatively unstable, and even experienced renaming and deleting. Let’s learn about its main usage and scenarios. 1. Suspend with lazy to realize code splitting Import is a […]

  • Simple and easy to understand function anti shake and throttling


    1. Debounce A function is triggered continuously. The function is not executed during the continuous trigger period, but executed after a specified time after the end of the trigger. Look at the code: function debounce(fn,interval){ let timer; return function(){ clearTimeout(timer); timer=setTimeout(()=>{ fn.apply(this,arguments); },interval) } } //Call debounce(fun,2000); This is relatively simple. I’ll understand it after […]

  • AI Xiaobai must read: deep learning, transfer learning and reinforcement learning


    Abstract:Many popular words about artificial intelligence linger in our ears, such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, transfer learning. Many people are puzzled by the meaning of these high-frequency words and the relationship behind them. Today, we will clarify the relationship and difference between them. 1、 Deep learning: The success and development of deep learning benefits […]