• Youai Zhihe completed the financing of B series exceeding RMB 300 million and accelerated the large-scale landing of mobile robots


    On December 28, youaizhihe, an industrial mobile robot head enterprise, announced that it had recently completed Series B financing, with a cumulative amount of more than 300 million yuan. The two rounds were led by Fangguang capital and Xicheng Jinrui, followed by new and old shareholders such as IDG, Songhe, SIG, LanChi, Softbank and hax. […]

  • Hudi origin analysis — deepnova developer community


    1. Overview The official introduction of Hudi (Hadoop update delete incremental) is a data Lake framework that provides transaction support, row level update / deletes and change stream on the data lake. It was first developed by Uber in 2016, entered the open source community in 2017 and became the top project of Apache in […]

  • Engineering practice of Apache Druid in shopee


    Author Yuanli, from shopee data infra OLAP team. abstract Apache Druid is a high-performance open-source temporal database, which is suitable for low latency query analysis scenarios of interactive experience. This article will mainly share the engineering practice of Apache Druid in supporting the OLAP real-time analysis of shopee related core business. With the continuous development […]

  • Challenges and solutions of perception system in L4 automatic driving


    Reading Guide:Outline of this sharing—— Perception Introduction Sensor Setup & Sensor Fusion Perception Onboard System Perception Technical Challenges — 01 Perception Introduction Perception system takes the data of various sensors and the information of high-precision map as the input. After a series of calculation and processing, it can accurately perceive the surrounding environment of the […]

  • How to convert physical bare metal configuration to Tianyi cloud host configuration


    In the construction of IT system, the IT resource requirements given by software platform manufacturers (ISVs) are often physical bare metal configuration. After going to the cloud, how to change the physical bare metal configuration into virtual machine configuration has become a problem that needs to be seriously considered. Let’s discuss this problem today.Take the […]

  • three. Use of JS


    Take creating a cube as an example install Install three: NPM I three use quote Three and the camera control orbitcontrols included in three are introduced to control the camera: Initialize scene Scene: all three things in the scene.Camera: when using the perspective camera, pay attention to adjusting the parameters, otherwise you will not see […]

  • How to read a source code?


    The ability to read source code is one of the underlying basic abilities of programmers. The reason why this ability is important is: Inevitably, you need to read or take over other people’s projects. For example, research an open source project, such as taking over a project of others. Reading excellent project source code is […]

  • Importance of basic skills – (design mode)


    Code quality is both designed and iteratively optimized. In other words, whether it is the early product demand analysis, architecture design, or the later detailed code design and coding, it is inseparable from good design.Programming is the basic skill of every programmer. However, most people are only enthusiastic about new technologies, but few people are […]

  • Word · method of finding arbitrary Chinese characters


    Reading time |0.12 minutes word count |203.2 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background “Word · method of finding any Chinese character” Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/8/20 PM10:39 Article type |Series Degree of completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & backgroundDegree of completion: 100% a) Dealing with […]

  • Use postman’s runner to undertake some pressure measurement functions


    Reading time |0.16 minutes word count |257.6 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background “Use postman’s runner to undertake some pressure measurement functions” Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2022/2/6 AM11:19 Article type |Series Degree of completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & backgroundDegree of completion: 100% a) Dealing […]

  • Introduction to quantexa CDI syneo platform


    Quantexa Big data service providers use entity analysis, relationship analysis and artificial intelligence technology to help customers process data and prevent financial crimes Enterprise overview It was established in 2016 and currently has 500 employees The service feature is scene decision intelligence (CDI) The landing scenarios are mainly anti money laundering, anti financial fraud monitoring, […]

  • [getting the interviewer] series: redis Foundation


    introduction Under the background of the vigorous development of Internet e-commerce, the traditional relational databases (mysql, Oracle) can no longer meet the complex scenarios such as high concurrency and limited time spike. At this time, NoSQL (non relational database) came into being, and redis is a bright star in the army of NoSQL, which is […]