• Nginx knowledge that front-end engineers must know


    Appearance:????? Taste: tiger skin egg Cooking time: 10min This article has been included in the front-end warehouseGithub github.com/GeekhytWelcome to the canteen. If you think the food and wine are delicious, a star is a great encouragement to the canteen owner. historical background The globalization of the Internet has led to the rapid growth of the […]

  • Shao Lei: nail should build low code to accelerate business interconnection and make change happen


    Introduction: Recently, at the 2021 “online seminar on the development and application of low code technology”, Shao Lei, product director of nailing should build, brought a keynote speech on “nailing should build low code to accelerate business interconnection and make change happen”, and introduced in detail the six interconnection capabilities of nailing should build low […]

  • Powerful mock data generation tool — apipost


    <h1>Using mock in apipost</h1> Apipost allows you to truly return interface data without back-end program. You can use apipost to realize the effect demonstration of pure front-end in the early stage of the project, or use apipost to realize the data simulation in development, so as to realize the separation of front and rear ends. […]

  • AOP of SSM spring (XML + annotation)


    AOP of SSM spring (XML + annotation) AOP is the abbreviation of aspect oriented programming, which means that aspect oriented programming is a technology to realize the unified maintenance of program functions through precompiled mode and dynamic agent during operation. Main function application scenarios: logging, performance statistics, security control, transaction processing, exception handling, etc. Divide […]

  • Advantages, disadvantages and application scenarios of NoSQL such as mongodb, HBase and redis


    Four categories of NoSQL The position of NoSQL database in the whole database field is self-evident. In the era of big data, although RDBMS is excellent, RDBMS is gradually unable to cope with many database processing tasks in the face of the rapidly growing data scale and increasingly complex data model. At this time, NoSQL […]

  • Zsh Development Guide (Part 20 code style)


    Reading guide Because the shell script syntax is relatively flexible, and the programming languages familiar to the developers who write shell scripts are also quite different, it is easy for everyone to write code with different styles. It’s ok if you only use it by yourself. If you cooperate to develop the same project, different […]

  • Cache and database double write consistency | database


    preface As we all know, when optimizing and improving the performance of the project, we introduced a concept of caching, that is, a technology for caching data, a component that will be introduced in the initial architecture planning of the project. Using cache has many advantages: speeding up the response speed of requests, reducing database […]

  • Production practice | short video production and consumption monitoring based on Flink


    This paper introduces the data flow link and technical scheme of real-time monitoring indicators in detail. Most real-time monitoring indicators can be realized according to several schemes in this paper. Short video production and consumption monitoring Short video has brought a new communication field and program form. While small screen and fast rhythm have become […]

  • First acquaintance with nginx (I)


    Due to the deep mining of hardware and operating system kernel characteristics, nginx achieves high throughput while maintaining high concurrency. The excellent module design makes the ecosystem of nginx extremely rich. With a large number of third-party modules, nginx can easily realize customization requirements in various scenarios These features make nginx a standard configuration for […]

  • From the past life to the present life, why do big factories like time series databases


    Abstract: This paper will start from the basic concepts, application scenarios, requirements and capabilities of time series database, and take you to understand the past and present life of time series database. The timing database suddenly caught fire. Facebook has open source beringei time series database, and timescaledb, a time series database based on PostgreSQL, […]

  • The choice of component and service in the era of microservice


    With the increasing complexity of business systems, there are more and more calls between systems. In the process of micro service splitting and iteration, we often need to face the problem of whether to continuously split new independent services or package independent components to provide services in the way of jar package dependency. This paper […]

  • Introduction to big data and classification of technical system


    Introduction:Big data refers to a data set that cannot be captured, managed and processed by conventional software tools within a certain time range. It is a massive, high growth rate and diversified information asset that requires a new processing mode to have stronger decision-making power, insight and discovery power and process optimization ability. Big data […]