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  • Record of scan command in redis


    1、Originally I thought I was quite familiar with the redis command. Various data models and various operations based on redis. But recently, when I used the command mode of redis scan, I suddenly found that my original understanding of the cursor of redis was very limited. So record the process of stepping on the pit, […]

  • Explain the principle of redis scan command to realize Limited Guarantee in detail


    The scan command can guarantee that all elements in the dataset will be returned by full traversal from the beginning of full traversal to the end of full traversal, but the same element may be returned multiple times. If an element is added to or removed from a dataset during an iteration, it may or […]

  • Basic Use of Scan Commands in Redis


    Preface There’s a classic problem in Redis. In the case of huge amounts of data, there are two ways to do something similar to find information about Key that conforms to certain rules.One is keys command, which is simple and rough. Because of Redis single thread, keys command is executed in blocking mode. The complexity […]

  • An in-depth explanation of scan command in Redis


    Preface As anyone familiar with Redis knows, it’s single-threaded. So be very cautious when using commands with O (N) time complexity. The process may be blocked by carelessness, leading to Redis getting stuck. Sometimes, we need to operate on a part of the command that meets the criteria, such as deleting the key that begins […]