• Image segmentation with aggregation


    Dense Prediction with Attentive Feature Aggregation Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… The paper accidentally turned over from arXiv can be regarded as an extension of the previous work Read the paper from the abstract Aggregating information from features across different layers is an essential operation for dense prediction models. This paper focuses on the integration with cross – […]

  • I open source a lightweight web editor ruler plug-in!


    preface Front end colleagues who have done web-based editors will more or less contact ruler plug-ins, similar to those in PS or PPT software. Older web plug-ins, such as JQury, produce a lot of DOM, so they write a ruler drawn with pure ts and canvas without relying on any third-party library. The usage of […]

  • (Python drawing) Seaborn drawing common functions and skills


    Keywords: correlation analysis, font adjustment, Seaborn, PythonIt involves Seaborn’s commonly used drawing functions, as well as common skills such as adjusting fonts, setting coordinate axis labels, setting scales, and saving pictures without leaving white edges. The example uses New York City taxi data. Note that I preprocessed the data. (New York City. tlc-trip-record-data. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/tlc/about/tlc-trip-record-data.page)When using […]

  • Why is the quantitative industry more and more popular with engineers?


    Quantifying the rise of talents in the industry, the opportunity of the times? In 2021, the scale of domestic quantitative private equity asset management increased rapidly, approaching 1.5 trillion yuan, realizing leapfrog development. The technology competition in the quantitative industry tends to be white hot, and the requirements for transaction performance continue to improve. At […]

  • Customize view from scratch – (I)


    I believe that every Android Developer has been in contact with the custom view, but I can’t figure out the details, so I decided to do a series of articles to introduce how to make cool effects with the custom view step by step. 1、 API reserve When starting to customize the view, we should […]

  • Industry Outlook – China’s SaaS market will grow rapidly, or form a “small and beautiful” pattern


    Tools and Resource CenterHelp developers work more efficiently and provide tools and resources around the whole life cycle of developershttps://developer.aliyun.com/… Introduction: compared with five years ago, what is the difference between this boom in China‘s SaaS market? Is it appropriate to take the United States as the “anchor” for the development space of China’s SaaS […]

  • Analysis of large-scale implementation of enterprise cicd


    The topic of this sharing is “large-scale implementation of enterprise cicd”, so we won’t focus on what cicd is and how to do cicd, but you already know how to “play” cicd and how to implement it in a large enterprise. This article is compiled from the sharing of enterprise cicd large-scale landing by Cui […]

  • In order to get her started with canvas in 10 minutes, I stayed up late and wrote three small projects and this article


    (https://juejin.cn/post/697868… “https://juejin.cn/post/6978685539985653767”)」 preface Hello, everyone. I’m Lin Sanxin. I think back to my school recruitment, ah, I was asked by the interviewer many timescanvasBut I didn’t. later, I always wanted to find a chance to learncanvas, but I haven’t had time.canvasThe position in the front end is becoming more and more important. Therefore, I specially […]

  • The algorithm uses master theorem to estimate the time complexity


    When encountering recursive algorithms, there are usually two problems: Analyze recursive behavior Estimating the time complexity of recursive behavior Using tree analysis can help us analyze recursive behavior.Using master theorem and its inference (also known as master theorem) can easily estimate the time complexity of some recursion.This is mainly for the second question,How to use […]

  • Echarts histogram horizontal layout color gradient effect


    Using the eckarts version: “eckarts”: “^ 4.3.0” Installation method: cnpm install seals — save or cnpm install seals – S In main Global import in JS entry file: import* Vue *from* ‘vue’ Import * ecarts * from *’ecarts’ * // import ecarts* Vue.prototype.$echarts = Echarts Ecarts configuration file (file name: ecartsmould. JS) 1. My processing […]

  • Fluent – draw custom dashboards


    The effect drawing of instrument panel is as follows: Effect drawing of instrument panel Basic parameters of instrument panelMin – minMax – MaximumProgress – progress valueIf the instrument panel is 300 degrees in total, the scale of each point is 300 / (max min) The renderings are mainly as follows:,Canvas: 1. Arc plotting, 2 Paragraph […]

  • Crazy games is a magical website


    The development of crazygames is amazing. It has developed to a considerable scale since its establishment in 2014.CrazyGames is a free online games website with more than 10 million active users monthly. The company was founded in 2014 by Tomas and Raf Mertens and has grown to 9 people. The platform features games ranging from […]