• Drawing clock with canvas (simulating clock effect)


    Original origin position After translation, translate (300, 300), the position of the origin is the center of the circle It should be noted that this position is used as the starting point for drawing whether the hour hand, minute hand or second hand. The idea of 24 hours is to turn the hour hand twice […]

  • SEPC: using 3D convolution to extract scale invariant features from FPN, the rising point artifact | CVPR 2020


    This paper proposes that Pconv can effectively integrate the internal relationship between scales by 3D convolution of feature pyramid and regularization with specific Ibn. In addition, this paper proposes SEPC, which uses deformable convolution to adapt to the irregularity of the correspondence between actual features and maintain scale equilibrium. Pconv and SEPC significantly improve the […]

  • Tcallusdb Jun · industry news collection (July 12)


    Tcallusdb has been paying close attention to the dynamics of the game industry and database industry. The following is a compilation of recent news about the game industry and database industry collected by tcallusdb Jun, which is dedicated to you.(part of this article comes from the Internet) According to the development analysis of China’s database […]

  • Polynomial time complexity and comparison of different time complexity


    Polynomial time complexityIt refers to the polynomial relationship between the time needed to solve the problem and the scale of the problem. For example, K is a constant and N is the input scale of the problem (for example, n unknowns). For example, the time complexity of $o (NLog (n)), O (n ^ 3) $arePolynomial […]

  • Canvas animation clock


    Recently I’m learning canvas, and then I make an animation clock according to the example on MDNWhy build a wheel? It’s ugly This is an example of MDN, how to say, more retro. First of all, find a picture of the clock, which is the one below. ——From bigger than biggerdribbbleWebsite,picture source(deleted) Then start to […]

  • Canvas imitation sesame credit meter dial


    Hi, this is a canvas imitation Alipay sesame credit score, in fact, is an animation dashboard. First of all, the original picture: This is a screenshot of the next Alipay. Then look at the effect of my canvas implementation: <canvas id=”canvas” width=”400″ height=”700″ data-score=’724′></canvas> <!– Set data score, score range [400, 900] — > Well, […]

  • Drawing charts in wechat applet (Part2)


    Outline of this issue 1. Determine the range of ordinate and draw 2. Draw broken line according to real data Related reading:Drawing chart in wechat applet (Part1)Drawing charts in wechat applet (Part3) Follow megithubProject view full code. Determine the range of ordinate and draw In order to avoid decimals in the scale of the ordinate, […]

  • Ecarts Foundation (pink teacher)


    Visual panel introduction In response to the current trend of data visualization, more and more enterprises need to use visualization charts in many scenarios (marketing data, production data, user data) to show and reflect the data, so that the data is more intuitive and the data characteristics are more prominent. 01 – use technology The […]

  • Facebook: high precision CPU real time face detector


    Paper title: Facebook: a CPU real time factor detector with high accuracy Link to the paper:https://arxiv.org/pdf/1708.05234.pdf Year: 2017 Zhang et al Author setting: Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc The official account number CVpython is released simultaneously. 1. What problems should the paper solve? In order to maintain high accuracy, it is necessary […]

  • Faceboxes: high precision CPU real time face detector


    Paper with factor A Paper links: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1708.05… Year: 2017 Authors: Shifeng Zhang et al Author’s unit: Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc The official account number CVpython is released simultaneously. 1. What problems should the paper solve? In order to maintain high precision, it is necessary to achieve real-time on CPU? It’s a […]

  • The best way | how to implement container in large scale in four steps?


    With the development of the cloud native era, the traditional IT infrastructure accelerates the cloud transformation, and the cloud original biochemistry has become an inevitable trend on the cloud. As one of the representative cloud native technologies,Container technology can help enterprises improve the agility of IT architecture, accelerate application innovation, and help enterprises deal with […]

  • Large scale agility and core competence evolution of securities industry


    Abstract:Taking the key products of a head enterprise in the securities industry as an example, this paper discusses the practical summary of large-scale agile implementation based on industry characteristics and breaking away from the ready-made framework. When it comes to scale agility, you usually think of all the mainstream frameworks in the market right away. […]