• MemCache


    1、 Introduction of Memcache 1. Basic concepts of memcached (1) Memcached is a project of danga. It was originally developed by livejournal service to accelerate the access speed of livejournal. Later, it was adopted by many large websites. Official website: www.danga.com And http://memcached.org (2) Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system, It is […]

  • 30 minutes to understand the core concepts of graphql


    Write in front In the last article RPC vs rest vs graphql, we made a macro comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the three. Moreover, we will find that generally simple projects do not need graphql, but we still need to have a certain understanding and mastery of the new technology, so we will […]

  • Tikv source code analysis series article (15) expression calculation framework


    By Luo Dean In the previous “tikv source code analysis series article (XIV) coprocessor Overview”, it was mentioned that in order to maximize the use of distributed computing capacity, tidb will try to push down the selection operator, aggregation operator and other operators to the tikv node. This article will continue to introduce the source […]

  • Machine learning notes (1)


      1、 Supervised learning and unsupervised learning   1. In supervised learning, data set is composed of feature group and tag, which aims to train the machine to accurately predict tag value. Such as: house price prediction, tumor determination, spam determination. 2. In unsupervised learning, no manual explanation, no answer and no label are given […]

  • Graphql zero basics tutorial


    Graphql is an API query language, and also a runtime used to implement data query. It is different from the traditional restful mode. The data to be returned by the back end can be controlled by the front end. History of graphql Graphql core knowledge Graphql small actual combat Original address, welcome to star and […]

  • Some Knowledge Introduction of Perl Scalar and Operator


    1. Perl transforms a general variable into a scalar, which can refer to two kinds of direct quantities: digital direct quantities and string direct quantities. A) Representation of strings:Single quotation marks, single quotation marks in the string meaning is intuitive, do not need to evaluate variables and escape characters;Double quotation marks require variable values and […]