• Node.js Building foundation projects with KOA


    catalog 1、 Create project2、 Configure routing3、 Static resources4、 Template engine5、 Conclusion Koa is an ultra lightweight server framework built by the original express teamCompared with express, in addition to having a higher degree of freedom and being able to introduce middleware, ES6 + async is more important to avoid callback hellHowever, it is also because […]

  • The official account of WeChat public development — 1. access to WeChat server


    describe As soon as we need to do a public official account, we will first investigate and connect the basic servers. WeChat official account server has to do some irritable things when accessing the server. When it changes configuration, it needs to shake hands. API calls must do some reliable encryption and decryption checking, and […]

  • Front end Engineering Notes


    1、 Talk about your preliminary understanding of engineering, combined with the problems you have encountered before, and say the value that more than three engineering can solve problems or bring. All means aimed at improving efficiency, reducing cost and ensuring quality belong to “Engineering”. The main problems to be solved are as follows: Disadvantages of […]

  • Go microservice Architecture Series — gin framework (Part one)


    Hi, everyone, Feihu. This time, we bring the golang micro service series. DeNO mentioned microservices from zero to architecture level. In the latest project reconstruction, go micro service architecture is adopted. It also coincides with the official release of DeNO 1.0, so the node business layer is also rewritten with DeNO. The business modules of […]

  • [write a scaffold for work] integrate template and configuration with scaffold


    The learning effect is measured by whether a wheel can be built or not. This article mainly introduces a recently used cli tool The problem of scaffold cli With the business of each end of the company, the front-end will precipitate some common solutions and templates. At this point, unified maintenance and management is very […]

  • Original dry goods: introduction to zero basis of jest in front end unit test


    Write at the beginning: For many people, unit testing is a way to promote development or improve product quality, If I draw a picture, you can understand In fact, unit test is to write unit test code first, then use the unit test framework to simulate the environment (such as browser), and then run your […]

  • Vue + electron project simple quick build tutorial


    Vue + electron project building tutorial This is to record the latest integration process using Vue Common building methods of Vue + electron Before, we usually useelectron-vueScaffolding to quickly build, but the electron version of this scaffolding is too old. At present, GitHub has not submitted an update for a year, so we need to […]

  • Learning notes of v-router


    Using v-router in modularization mechanism 1、 Building projects with scaffolding (v-cli version 2. X) vue init webpack myvuejsproject //Myvuejsproject is the name of the project Details of information to be entered when creating a project: What it looks like after initializing the project 2、 Using v-router in a project (after the initial project is completed, […]

  • Angular environment construction


    1. View the NPM image sourcenpm config get registry 2. Configure the image source as Taobao resource Set cnpm image sourcenpm install -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org Or modify the global mirror source npm config set registry https://registry.npm.taobao.org  3. Install angular scaffold toolscnpm install -g @angular/cli 4. Check the angular cli versionng version 5. New projectsng new […]

  • Vue Development — scaffold construction


    1. Install it Node.js 2. Version – node command   3. Global installation of Taobao image npm install -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org   4. Command desk cnpm – V   5. Cnpm I – G @ Vue / cli scaffold installation   6. Install routing NPM I Vue router — save 7. Configure routing   8. […]

  • Solution: error in XX from uglifyjs keyword ~ const


    ERROR UglifyJs keyword «const» When the scaffold compiler configuration was used in another project, I reported this error. When I solved it, I took a detour. Record it. 1. The most easily found solution (not recommended) { test: /\.js$/, loader: ‘babel-loader’, //exclude: /node_ After the modules /, // annotation, the Es5 conversion is performed first, […]

  • React installation tutorial


    React installation tutorial development environment React.js Computer system Windows 10 professional edition In the development process, we will make different frameworks according to the requirements. This time I use react Let me briefly describe the installation tutorial of react install React.js I we need to have it first node.js Environmental Science, *Global installation npm install […]