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  • C#/ VB.NET Compare the differences between two word documents


    In this paper, C ා and VB.NET Code as an example to introduce how to compare the differences between two word documents. Use the latest version of Spire.Doc For. Net version8.8.2。 Before editing the code, add a reference to the vs program Spire.Doc.dll Documents, as follows:     C# using Spire.Doc; namespace CompareFiles_Doc { class […]

  • Vs Code save code automatically according to eslint format fix


    The code is formatted manually according to the format of vslint + stlinx, so the code is automatically saved according to the format of ALT + estt. Most of the methods on the Internet were modified earlier, which are not applicable now. Therefore, I write this essay to avoid pitfalls. How to use the current […]

  • Java modifying and deleting excel hyperlinks


    In the previous article, I described how to add text links and picture links to EXCEL documents. This tutorial demonstrates how toModify and delete existing hyperlinks in Excel。 The tools used in this code demonstration are stillFree Spire.XLS for Java。 The product package can be downloaded from the official website. After decompressing, the Spire.Xls.jar Import […]