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  • Android uses SharedPreferences to save a small amount of data


    1 Introduction to SharedPreferences SharedPreferencesIs to useKey value pairTo store data SharedPreferences share = getSharedPreferences(“my_file”, Context.MODE_PRIVATE); SharedPreferences.Editor editor = share.edit(); //4 save data to file editor.putString(“account”, input_account.getText().toString()); editor.putString(“password”, input_password.getText().toString()); editor.putBoolean(“pass_remem”, pass_remem.isChecked()); // Returns true when the radio box is selected When saving a piece of data, you need to provide a corresponding key for the […]

  • Example of SQL Server dynamic stored procedure saving data by date


    In the project, a large amount of data information is often saved to the database. If only one table is used to save the data, it is certainly not realistic. The preferred solution is to establish a dynamic table by date to save the data. Without changing the code of saving method, dynamic stored procedure […]