• HTML + sass to implement hamburgermun (hamburger menu)


    The other day, I saw a foreign big guy using html+css to realize hamburgermun video, and then recently saw sass, so I used sass to implement it. The final effect is as follows: The file structure in vs Code (easy sass is used to compile SCSS file) Page structure( index.html ): _config.scss: /*Set color and […]

  • Analysis of five aspects of data security


    Revision of the official website of Yezi E-sports https://www.xxe.io/ Brand newFor database security, we usually think that the lack of technical means is not the lack of more norms and security awareness. If users can strictly follow the safety rules and apply the existing security technology, the security of the database can be greatly enhanced, […]

  • Thinking about multi line text truncation with “show more” button


    I just met this small demand recently. I remember it was used a long time agoJSAfter all, I was young and ignorant at that time.Switching class operationsCan useCheckedPseudo class implementation, the cost will be a little lower, so let’s list the following function points first: Multiline text truncation with Ellipsis Show moreButton to expand all […]

  • Simple implementation of maze problem solving with JavaScript


    maze-problem Preface When I think of the University, the teacher asked me to use Java GUI to solve the maze problem. At that time, I did it, but the code was gone preview maze-problem introduce Use JavaScript to solve the maze problem (use vue-cli @ 3 to build the environment), use depth first search algorithm […]

  • A set of high-quality UI framework based on vue2.0, in the early development


    Written in the front In my spare time, I developed a set of UI framework based on Vue. The original intention is to find that in the normal development process, many businesses are difficult to realize by using the existing UI framework. In addition, I also hope to write a set that can meet the […]

  • Compiling sass and SCSS with nginx


    The front-end partners should be familiar with sass or SCSS (hereinafter referred to as SASS), which is a CSS preprocessing language. Using sass can greatly simplify the writing and maintenance of CSS code. Usually, we aredevelopment environmentUnder the environment of webpack dev server or gulp, sass is compiled in real time by listening for file […]

  • How to use the default value of variables in sass


    The variable defined in sass, the value set after will overwrite the old value. $color: red; $color: blue; .btn { color: $color; } Compiled as: .btn { color: blue; } If you write a UI library to provide sass files, you may provide some parameters for users to customize when using. Within the sass component, […]

  • Pain points of cross terminal development? Send you the most popular cross terminal framework of Vue — uni app


    Preface Let’s talk about the necessary skills of the front end today——Applet development。 From the earliest release of WeChat applet to later Alipay applet, byte pulsation applet, Baidu applet, QQ applet, and recently released 360 small programs, how to develop developers in the face of so many sets of code? When business requirements are presented […]

  • Front end basics CSS


    CSS writing syntax Interior and exterior styles Selector { Style 1; // property: value; width: 300px Style 2; } inline style < div style = “style 1; style 2” > CSS basic selector ID Selector #id{ } Class selector .cls{ } element selector div{ } div.cls{ } The above three basic selectors can be spliced […]

  • Solution to node sass installation failure


    For the anxious students Anxious students, look directly at the last section, operation steps. Solve the urgent problem first, and then come back to have a good taste when you have time. Written in front First of all, one of the students on the segment fault has summarized a lot of situations, and the documents […]

  • Front end technology log | top 10 CSS frameworks in 2019


    This journal focuses on the front-end technology of the web, and the collected content comes from the foreign front-end technology weekly. Here, the content that I am interested in and worth sharing is sorted out. Some links may not open directly. You need toScientific Internet accessThe way to solve. Hot text of this issue Top […]

  • Linux server cluster management platform in China


    For the stationmaster or operation and maintenance personnel who use server cluster to manage operations, everyone has opinions on manual deployment environment and one click deployment environmentFor server cluster management, here I recommend two platforms to facilitate the use of the most simple and convenient way for the station master or operation and maintenance personnel […]