• The e-commerce project is open source, with source code and teaching collection


    recent situation There is a Java Topic ranking list on Github. The mall project is currently ranked 9th. Many friends have discovered it a long time ago. Here is the address:https://github.com/topics/java development path Initial 20K+Star Why write a mall project? Create a practical project that combines business and technology! At the beginning of 2018, I […]

  • Sass (Dart) knowledge required for Vue component library


    foreword There are three versions of SassDart Sass、libsassandRuby Sass: Dart Sass:useDartwritten in languagesassImplementation, the alpha version was released on November 1, 2016, and the modular mechanism is fully supported after version 1.23.0. libSassalso known asnode-sass, implemented in c/c++sassversion, widely used, wherenode-sassis boundlibsassofnodejslibrary, which can be very quickly.scssfile compiled as.cssfile, the installation process is very slow, […]

  • Yonyou BIP upgrades the digital intelligence base, can iuap represent the highest strength of China’s PaaS platform?


    In recent years, PaaS has become an increasingly important variable in the field of cloud computing.IaaS giants are doing PaaS. Alibaba Cloud’s DingTalk and industrial intelligence OpenTrek include a complete set of operating system, development tools, business analysis and other PaaS platform capabilities; Tencent Cloud also pointed out in its 2021 financial report that Tencent’s […]

  • Open bank construction, how to build the operation side?


    With the development of the modern banking industry, the underlying technologies of financial technology represented by artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing have profoundly affected the internal structure and external environment of banks. Starting from the two levels of technology and business, more and more banks are beginning to pay attention to open cooperation […]

  • Svelte3-Admin: Based on the background management system framework in svelte-ui | svelte-admin background system


    1. Introduction The new front-end framework of svelte.js exploded, but there are relatively few component libraries and back-end systems for svelte.js development on the Internet. So I developed a svelte-ui component library and svelte-admin background management system by myself. Svelte Ui Admina based onsvelte3.x+svelteKit+svelte-ui+sass+mockjsMiddle and background management built with other technologies. 2. Technical realization Development […]

  • Completed 50 web projects with vue3 in 50 days, what have I learned?


    Through the 50 web examples in this article you will learn: Vue3 core basic grammar and advanced grammar less core basic grammar and advanced grammar scss core basic grammar and advanced grammar 1.Expanding Cards The effect is shown in the figure: source code online example what have you learned Javascript The Vue ref method defines […]

  • NutUI invites you to build together, Contributor hello


    foreword NutUISince its birth, NutUI has been keeping up with the development of technology and constantly introducing new ones. NutUI has experienced three technological innovations and transformations: v1.0, v2.0, and v3.0. It has always maintained a steady development trend, from a single basic component library to a multi-terminal UI component library serving thousands of developers. […]

  • How to choose a browser, Xiangtian browser user experience report


    The topic of browsers has always been paid attention to, and almost every year there is such a question: What kind of browser are you using? The browser software has been in the development stage, and many new browsers are released every year, and many common browsers are being optimized and upgraded. Now people have […]

  • Found an API management tool apipost that is so fragrant that it can replace postman


    Friends who are doing development believe that they are no strangers to api testing tools. With testing tools, you can directly test projects without waiting for the front-end to write the pressure surface to test. Like before, many people used Postman abroad, and that software accompanied many programmers. But he is not very friendly for […]

  • Sass notes


    Sass The full name of Sass is “Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets”, which is an extension language of CSS. Variable Variable Sass allows the use of variables (the latest CSS also supports variables). You can declare variables in Sass and assign values ​​to them. In Sass, variables start with$beginning with the variable name. $text-color: red; use color: […]

  • Commonly used less function


    1. Limit the number of lines of text .add-text-row-limit(@row) { overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; .create(); .create() when (@row > 1) { display: -webkit-box; -webkit-line-clamp: @row; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; } .create() when (@row = 1) { white-space: nowrap; } } 1.1, using p { .add-text-row-limit(1); } 2. Triangular arrow .add-triangle-arrow(@position, @size, @bk-color, @arrow-direction: @position) { position: absolute; […]

  • Java multithreaded programming uses the thread class to create threads


    There are two ways to create threads in Java: using the Thread class and using the Runnable interface. When using the Runnable interface, a Thread instance needs to be established. Therefore, whether a thread is created through the Thread class or the Runnable interface, an instance of the Thread class or its subclasses must be […]