• Docker_ 02 core concepts


    What is sandbox mechanism Sandbox is a virtual system program. The environment provided by sandbox is independent of each running program and will not affect the existing system. Sandbox has very good independence and isolation, so it can build some high-risk software for testing. Running a virus in a sandbox is also a safe operation. […]

  • How to open 1909 sandbox in win10 system


    If the win101909 version of the system is installed on our computer, there are still many users who don’t know how to open the win101909 sandbox. So Xiaobian thinks that we can find in the windows function to enable or disable the windows function, and then confirm the hardware configuration of our computer to enter. […]

  • Chrome source code top level directory


    Chrome source code top level directory android_webview:Provide Src / content appearance suitable for integration into Android platform. Not for a single Android application (APK).ofAndroid WebView source code organizationMore information。 apps:Chrome packaged applications。 base: common code shared among all subprojects. It includes such as string operation, general utility and so on. Add content here only if […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba: Framework and services


    By Chen Xi   Member of spring cloud Alibaba project, head of start.aliyun.com. Reading guideThis paper summarizes the author’s share of “spring cloud Alibaba: Framework and services” in the 2020 cloud native microservice conference, and mainly expounds how spring cloud Alibaba can help developers realize microservices in the cloud native environment; Based on the SCA […]

  • Node.js+vue to achieve Alipay payment (sandbox) full version, pro test available


    Write down, record Alipay payment demo   Please poke here  ¥https://download.lllomh.com/cliect/#/product/J302659722615829 Sandbox environment (beta) is an auxiliary environment to assist developers in interface function development and main function joint debugging, which simulates the main functions and main logic of some products of open platform. It can be used to understand the environment, combine and debug […]

  • PHP Alipay payment interface development (tutorial notes)


    1. Enter the open platform of ant financial services Select Developer Center > Web & mobile app > app list   2. Check the required function in the basic information     3. Generate RSA2 key Enter the open platform document center, search: generate RSA   Download build tool     Open the tool and […]

  • Why do I think DeNO is a JavaScript runtime going in the wrong direction?


    Original address:Why I Believe Deno is a Step in the Wrong Direction for JavaScript Runtime Environments Author: Mehul Mohan Original release time: May 14, 2020 translator:hylerrix Note: This article followsFreecodecamp translation normsAnd this article will be included inDeNO’s art of studyIn the translation of. Translator’s Preface In for《DeNO’s research skills》When the first translation article was […]

  • Adapt to Android 10 to take photos, album, cut and upload pictures


    This article mainly introduces the problems of calling the system to take photos, system album, system clipping and uploading after adapting Android 10 (q). This is a very common function. However, the implementation of Android 6.0, Android 7.0 and Android 10.0 are different. This article adapts from Android 4 to Android 10. When I finished […]

  • Case analysis of class conflict in Java multi class loader


    As we all know, the loading mechanism of JVM class adopts the parental delegation mechanism. However, in some frameworks, in order to provide some form of “isolation and sandbox”, a custom framework calledChildFirstIn short, it destroys the parental delegation. The self-defined child class loader loads the class first instead of delegating it to the parent […]

  • Datawale clock in, docker record


    Why use docker? In a word, docker can provide a unified environmental management solution. As long as you have docker, you can share code with each other and run successfully, because docker can package your dependent environment together and then distribute it to other people, so you don’t need to waste time on environment configuration. […]

  • Webassembly weekly 0805


    To join the webassembly Chinese group, please add a QR code at the end of the article Editor’s note: this week, webassembly is further integrating into browsers. Developers like webassembly because of its security and portability. PS, developers really like to rewrite famous projects with rust. WebAssembly Firefox 79 supports webassembly threads and reference types […]

  • Webassembly starts from web, not just web


    With the development of web, web applications become more and more complex, and JavaScript problems are gradually exposed Too flexible syntax makes it difficult to develop large web projects; Performance can not meet the needs of some scenarios. Webassembly came into being. There is a problem in the technology circle: looking through the history of […]