• Android mobile sandbox


    1. What is a sandbox? English name of sand tablesandbox, also known assandbox, as the name suggests, it can be regarded as a kind ofcontainer, everything done in it can be done over and over again. In military, sandbox is often used to simulate the terrain of some war areas. Have you seen this? No, […]

  • Chrome rce 1day vulnerability recurrence


    Vulnerability description Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google. Browsers that use a large number of chrome kernel will also be affected by this vulnerability. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to construct a malicious web page, which will cause remote code execution when the user visits the page. Since the Chrome […]

  • Newton. Use of jsonconverter in JSON


    1、 Usage scenario: Two classes inherit the same abstract class: /// ///Sandbox base class /// abstract class SandBoxGanmeBase { /// ///Name /// public string Name { get; set; } /// ///Version /// public string Version { get; set; } /// ///Can drive /// public bool CanDrive { get { return true; } } } /// […]

  • Sandboxed container: container or virtual machine


    With the development of IT technology, AI, blockchain, big data and other technologies have increased the demand for millisecond expansion of applications, and developers are also facing the pressure of rapid launch of new functions. Hybrid cloud is the new normal, digital transformation is a necessary condition to maintain competitiveness, and virtualization has become the […]

  • Web assembly — a sharp weapon for the scalability of cloud native projects


    Although at the beginning of its birth, web assembly (wasm) was designed to bring advanced programming functions to browsers – it provides a way for code written in various languages to run in the web at a near native speed. In this case, any client software that could not be run in this way before […]

  • Run node locally in the browser js


    Everything starts with receiving an email Early in the morning, I received an email, stackblitz said he was talking to next JS and Google team work together to develop a new technology A few years ago,StackBlitzRealize that the network is moving towards a critical inflection point. The emergence of web assembly and new function API […]

  • 2021.04.02 study notes


    1. The value stored in nsuserdefault will be stored in the package name in / Library under the app sandbox file according to key and value Plist 2. When un0cover escapes, you need to open the export tfp0 setting item before you have permission to use the subsystem hook method (mshookfunction) 3. The method of […]

  • Android system adaptation 6.0-10.0


    6.0 Marshmallow 23 6.0 dynamic application permission private void checkAppPermission() { if(Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.M)// { //Pseudo code /*ArrayList permissons =new ArrayList(); permissons.add(Manifest.permission.RECORD_AUDIO); permissons.add(Manifest.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE); permissons.add(Manifest.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE); permissons.add(Manifest.permission.CAMERA);*/ //Via contextcompat checkSelfPermission(context, permission) == PackageManager. PERMISSION_ Grant determines whether relevant permissions are allowed //If not already allowed, activitycompat requestPermissions(activity, permissions.toArray(new String[permissions.size()]), permissionRequestCode); //int requestCode=0x00000001; } } 6.0 location permissions […]

  • Datawale clocks in and docker steps on the pit


    Why use docker? In a word, docker can provide a unified environmental management scheme. As long as you have docker, you can share code with each other and run successfully, because docker can package your dependent environment and distribute it to others without wasting time on environment configuration. Docker uses the sandbox mechanism to isolate […]

  • Interpretation of Vue server renderer source code and its implementation in react


    preface In the process of blog development, there is a need to be solved in the SSR development environment, The code of the server is directly packaged into a file through webpack (because it contains isomorphic code, that is, the component code of the front end shared by the server and the client), write it […]

  • Docker foundation – Image & Container & Network & Storage


    Nuggets brochure – a necessary docker guide for developers Docker foundation – Image & Container & Network & Storage Knowledge Vein Install docker Mirror & Container network storage Dockerfile docker compose docker hub 1. Install docker Official website installation tutorial:https://docs.docker.com/install/ 2. Image & Container 2.1 concept Mirror image: we can understand it asA base file […]

  • Antitrust complaint against Google: Chrome browser’s cancellation of cookies affects industry revenue, and the plan has been postponed


    Recently, movement for a open web, an industry organization represented by advertisers, publishers and technology companies, submitted a complaint against Google to the EU, claiming that Google Chrome’s plan to cancel cookies is an antitrust act that will seriously affect the revenue of advertisers and publishers. It is understood that at the beginning of last […]