• Give me a clean Mac OS


    I bought a MacBook Air specially chose the high configuration version. The hard disk space was 128G (Antique machine in 2011). It was used well in the first 1-2 years. Later, it was found that it was more and more incompetent. In order to make space as much as possible, almost all the photos, videos […]

  • How to open the sandbox function of win10 system — win7w.com


    How to open the sandbox function of win10 system? In the windows 10 system, there is a sandbox function. Sandbox is a virtual running program software, which can make the specified program run in the virtual environment created and completely isolated from the current win10 system. Then how to open the win10 sandbox and how […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS development framework tutorial 8: hard disk cache stfile


    preface: This article introduces stfile, hard disk related read and write operations. 1. Introduction to stfile hard disk cache:   IOS hard disk access, internal is a sandbox, so the file directory is more, the application is more. Different catalogues have different uses. The basic definitions are as follows: //! used to archive data to […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] managing docker image


    1、 What is the image of docker Docker is an open source application container engine, which allows developers to package their applications and dependent packages into a portable container, and then publish them to any popular Linux machine. It can also realize virtualization. The container fully uses sandbox mechanism, and there is no interface between […]

  • Automatic analysis of professional sandbox and malicious samples


    Guide to Yun Mei:Sandbox, also translated as sandbox, is usually used to provide an isolated running environment for programs with untrusted sources, destructive power or unable to determine their intentions. Even many professional sandboxes are essentially an enhanced virtual machine. Sandbox usually can strictly control all kinds of resources that can be accessed by programs […]

  • IOS sandbox image saving and reading instance


    Examples are as follows: //Save picture -(void)saveImageDocuments:(UIImage *)image{ //Get the picture UIImage *imagesave = image; NSString *path_sandox = NSHomeDirectory(); //Set the storage path of an image NSString *imagePath = [path_sandox stringByAppendingString:@”/Documents/test.png”]; //Save the image directly to the specified path (at the same time, the image path should be saved, which can be used to retrieve […]

  • How to get sandbox path and save pictures to album


    Several ways to obtain directory in iPhone sandbox: //Get sandbox home directory path NSString *homeDir = NSHomeDirectory(); //Get documents directory path NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES); NSString *docDir = [paths objectAtIndex:0]; //Get caches directory path NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSCachesDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES); NSString *cachesDir = [paths objectAtIndex:0]; //Get TMP directory path NSString *tmpDir = NSTemporaryDirectory(); […]

  • JS advanced — sandbox


    sandbox   Sandbox: environment, black box, simulate the real world in a virtual environment, do experiments, the experimental results are the same as the real world, but will not affect the real world     global variable var num=10; console.log(num+10);   //Sandbox — small environment (function () { var num = 10; console.log(num); })();   […]

  • JS advanced – sandbox case


    Sandbox case   Substr intercepts from the specified field (function () { Var STR: “Xiaobai likes Xiaohei”; str=str.substr(2); console.log(str); }());   Substr intercepts from the specified field //Sandbox (function () { Var STR: “Xiao Ming likes Xiaohong”; str=str.substr(2); console.log(str); }());   Sandbox case, operation page elements This is Div This is Div This is Div […]

  • Arrangement of knowledge points


    1. Why does TCP shake hands three times? Not twice, four? “Two handshakes”: it is impossible to avoid the initialization of historical wrong connections and waste the resources of the receiver;“Four times handshake”: the design of TCP protocol allows us to transmit ACK and syn control information at the same time, reducing the number of […]

  • Moocnet_ Learning summary of “IOS basic course – file operation”


    Time: Tuesday, June 6, 2017Note: part of this article is from moocnet. @Moocnet: http://www.imooc.comTeaching example source code: NonePersonal learning source code: https://github.com/zccodere/s… Chapter 1: Learning Guide 1-1 Learning Guide Application requirements Learning objectives 1. Application scenarios of file reading and writing 2. Understand the file storage mechanism of IOS 3. Use basic file reading and […]

  • Win10 may reconfirmed new problem: sandbox sandbox of some users still can’t start


    Windows 10 version 1903 includes a new feature called Windows sandbox, a secure environment for testing unknown applications and files. Unfortunately, some users’ windows sandbox is still corrupted, and Microsoft says it plans to fix the problem in an upcoming release. On June 27, Microsoft released a large number of cumulative updates for windows 10 […]