• How to quickly implement a virtual DOM system


    Virtual DOM is one of the technical cores of the mainstream front-end framework. This paper describes how to implement a simple virtual DOM system. Why do I need virtual DOM? Virtual DOM is a tree composed of virtual nodes, which shows the structure of real dom. These virtual nodes are lightweight and stateless, usually strings […]

  • Practice of qcon ocpx multi-objective and multi scene joint modeling in oppo


    1 background Since Facebook launched ocpx in 2012, the development of ocpx products and capabilities in the industry has been very mature. The commercial algorithm of oppo digital intelligence engineering system algorithm platform Department has also accumulated some practical experience in ocpx capacity construction. 2. What is ocpx From the definition of a delivery platform, […]

  • Three common methods of t-test and examples used in Python


    T-test is a statistical technique that can tell people how significant the difference between two groups of data is. It is achieved by comparing the semaphore (measured by the difference between samples or population averages) with the amount of noise (or change) in these samples. There are many useful articles that will tell you what […]

  • Omnipotent embedding5 – brothers of skip thought [trim / CNN LSTM / quick thought]


    In this chapter, we will talk about the three brothers of skip thought, who have made different attempts to solve the remaining problems of skip thought [REF1 ~ 4]. The following paper may not give the optimal solution (there is no optimal solution for different NLP tasks, but only the most appropriate), but they provide […]

  • [yibentong 1751] solution to string sorting problem


    Title Description Given a string of lowercase letters\(S\)。 have\(m\)Operations, 3 parameters are given for each operation\(l\),\(r\),\(x\)。 If\(x=1\), will\(Sl∼Sr\)Sort in ascending order; If\(x=0\), will\(Sl∼Sr\)Sort in descending order. You need to find the final sequence. input Two integers in the first line\(n\),\(m\)。 The second line is a string\(S\)。 next\(m\)Three integers per line\(x\),\(l\),\(r\)。 output One string per line […]

  • [yibentong 1700] PFS set


    Title Description There is a special set called PFS (prefix free set). A PFS set consists of several strings, and there is no one string is the prefix of another string. Empty sets are also considered PFS sets. For example{\(“hello”\)}And{\(“hello”, “goodbye”, “giant”, “hi”\)}Is a PFS set, but{\(“hello”,”hell”\)}And{\(“great”,”gig”,”g”\)}No. Now I’ll give you a set. Please find […]

  • [yibentong 1676] mobile game solution


    1676: Mobile Games Title Description There is such a game on Mingming’s mobile phone. There are $n $monsters in a row, and the blood volume of each monster is $M_ i$。 Now you can shoot $k $fireballs with damage of $p $. When a fireball hits the $I $monster, the $J $monster ($J ≤ I […]

  • Neural networks and deep learning


    @[toc] 1.1 welcome 1.2 what is neural network The simplest neural network Insert picture description here 1.3 supervised learning with neural network CNN: suitable for image data RNN: suitable for (one-dimensional) time series data Structured data structured data and unstructured data unstructured data 1.4 why does deep learning rise? data(big data) computer(CPU、GPU) algorithms The improvement […]

  • Practical application of entity link in oppo small cloth assistant and ograph


    1 problem background Accurate and direct knowledge Q & A ability is very important to create Xiaobu’s image of “understanding knowledge and understanding you better”. In the voice assistant scenario, problems such as polysemy or colloquial expression often occur. For example: Li Bai’s costume, Li Bai’s poetry, play Li Bai. The first Li Bai refers […]

  • Natural language processing — Text vectorization (2)


    1、 Abstract This sharing is based on the continuation of the previous text vector method. In the last content, we mainly shared two methods of text vectorization: the word bag model representation method and the word vector method based on deep learning. Although the word bag model can simply express words as vectors, it will […]

  • [yibentong 1681] solution to statistical scheme (combination of meet in mid and inverse element)


    Title Description Small\(B\)I wrote a program and randomly generated it\(n\)Positive integers, respectively\(a[1]…a[n]\), he took out some of the numbers and multiplied them\(p\), the remainder is obtained\(c\)。 But it didn’t take long, little\(B\)He forgot which numbers he had chosen. He wanted to find out all possible data retrieval schemes.Can you help him calculate the total number […]

  • On the strategies of integrated learning


    1、 Brief description Facing a machine learning problem, there are usually two strategies. One is that developers try various models and choose the model with the best performance to focus on parameter adjustment and optimization. This strategy is similar to the Olympic Games, through strong competition to select the best athletes and gradually improve their […]