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  • How to do a perfect abtest?


    This article starts with WeChat official account of vivo Internet technology.Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/mO5MdwG7apD6RzDhFwZhogAuthor: duzhimin More and more companies are trying abtest, either building their own systems or relying on third-party systems. So what are the necessary basic knowledge when we conduct abtest? How to carry out AB experiment step by step? In this paper, we will […]

  • Machine learning technologies (October 20)


    Linear regression   SVM(support vector machines) Advantages: ·Effective in high dimensional spaces. ·Still effective in cases where number of dimensions is greater than the number of samples. ·Uses a subset of training points in the decision function (called support vectors), so it is also memory efficient. ·Versatile: different Kernel functions can be specified for the decision function. […]