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  • Without installing tools, a Linux command can upload and download files!


    Author: youyousource: http://uusama.com/817.html Yes, generally, there are RZ and LZ commands on Linux servers. When logging in with SSH, you can use these two commands to interact with the server files. Installation method If these two commands are not available on the server, you can use the following commands for installation: #For uubuntusudo apt get […]

  • Functions of ES6 +: discrimination of VaR, let and const keywords


    Discrimination of VaR, let and const keywordsvar Variables with the same name can be defined repeatedly var name=’Bob’; var name=’Tom’; console.log(name) //Tom Variable promotion exists //JavaScript can promote variables a = 2 console.log(a); //2 var a //However, initialized variables cannot be promoted console.log(b); //undefined var b=3; No block level scope let arr=[]; for(var i=0;i<2;i++){ arr[i]=function(){ […]

  • Rust fully qualified syntax and disambiguation: calling methods with the same name


    Rust can’t avoid onetraitWith anothertraitA method with the same name cannot prevent both methods from being implemented for the same typetrait。 You can even directly implement the methods with the same name that you already have on the type! Of course, when calling these methods with the same name, you must tell rust which one […]

  • Three ways of PHP recursion


      1、 Using references as parameters PHP references allow two variables to point to the same content, such as $a = & $B; That means  $ a   and  $ b   Points to the same variable. In the following example, because $data uses reference passing, the data will always accumulate. function recursion(&$data = [], […]

  • Talk about Flink’s csvtablesink


    order This paper mainly studies the csvtablesink of Flink TableSink flink-table_2.11-1.7.1-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/table/sinks/TableSink.scala trait TableSink[T] { /** * Returns the type expected by this [[TableSink]]. * * This type should depend on the types returned by [[getFieldNames]]. * * @return The type expected by this [[TableSink]]. */ def getOutputType: TypeInformation[T] /** Returns the names of the table […]

  • Two overloaded methods with the same name in mapper report errors


    Error in mybatisMapped Statements collection already contains value for Error reason: 1. Duplicate ID value in mapper 2. Parametertype or resulttype in mapper is empty. For example:<update id=”deleteSchool” parameterType=” “> </update> 3.When @ select and other annotations are used, the method name is the ID of the mapper. Overloaded methods will report this error. 4. […]

  • The way to learn spring 2 – dependency injection and bean related knowledge


    Dependency injection Injection mode of different data types public class Student { private String name; private Address address; private String[] stationeries; private List hobbies; private Map book; private Set games; private String wife; private Properties info; … ruler eraser pencil LOL COD CS sing dance rap basketball zhangsan 12345678 In addition to setter injection and […]

  • [Linux] common commands


    1. Batch kill the process with the same namepgrep test | xargs kill -9N methods of killing processes in Linux