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  • Video compatibility in wechat


    1. In line properties of video tag SRC: URL of video Poster: Video cover, no picture displayed when playing Preload: preload Autoplay: autoplay Loop: loop playback Controls: browser’s own control bar Width: video width Height: video height style=”object-fit:fill” /Adding this style will make the Android / Web video full screen in wechat. If it is […]

  • My blog development (010)


    Through the background to operate on the text: such as bold, line feed, the method is as follows: Modify blog_ detail.html …… <ul class=”blog-info-description”>     <li>Author:{{ blog.author }}</li>     <li>Classification: < a http://www.url.com/blogs_ with_ type’ blog.blog_ type.pk %}”>{{ blog.blog_ type }}</a></li>     <li>Date of publication:{{ blog.created_ time|date:”Y-m-d H:n:s” }}</li> </ul> <div class=”blog-content”>{{ blog.content|safe }}</div> …… Enter admin, select […]