• Detailed explanation of the steps of installing and configuring Samba server in Linux system


    1、 Get the source code package and decompress itThe latest Samba source code package can be downloaded from Samba’s official website. Let’s use samba-3.5.9 tar.gz The source code package is analyzed as a case. In this case, we put the source code package in the directory / home / samba, and then execute the following […]

  • How to compile and install Samba server in Linux and how to write configured macro


    Compile and installQuery whether Samba is installed on the system Copy code The code is as follows: # rpm -aq | grep samba yast2-samba-client-2.13.36-0.8samba-client-3.0.24-2.23yast2-samba-server-2.13.22-0.8samba-3.0.24-2.23 Uninstall the original Samba  Copy code The code is as follows: # rpm -e samba-3.0.24-2.23 Get Samba source codehttp://samba.org/samba/ftp/Get the samba source file package (samba-3.0.24 tar.gz Do experiments, path / home […]

  • Using Samba to build shared file service on Linux server


    Recently, our small team needs to allocate a shared folder on the server for storing public resource documents. You think, it must be very simple. Under windows, as long as you create a relevant Windows account, share a folder, and give the read / write permission to the account we created, you can complete the […]

  • How to solve the problem that Samba service can not be accessed in centos?


    Samba services in CentOS are not accessible Common situations are as follows: At this time, I found that many times this problem, each time I have to go to Baidu, and then solve it. Record it for yourself this time. [[email protected] ~]# service smb status Smbd has stopped. So it’s obvious that the server stopped […]

  • Play WSL – Replace Win10’s native file sharing with Samba services


    Play WSL – Replace Win10’s native file sharing with Samba services People who are used to Linux systems must feel that Samba services are more flexible and convenient. How to build efficient Samba services on Windows systems? This paper introduces how to build Samba file sharing service on Win10 system through WSL. The background is […]

  • Ubuntu Installs Samba File Sharing Server (NAS)


    Finally, there’s time to address the NAS needs at home. In general, NAS is self-made, only Samba is chosen. Faster than FTP, more convenient than Windows folder sharing, more settings and so on. _Reference: Introduction to Samba Install Samba $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin Core steps: Configuring Samba Samba’s only […]