• How to delete Safari browsing records in MAC


    How to delete the browsing records of safari in Mac? Sometimes we don’t want to leave a trace when we use the browser to browse the web. What should we do? In fact, it is very simple. You can set the deletion on the browser. The following Mac version of safari browsing record deletion tutorial, […]

  • In Apple Mac system, Safari always jumps out of the prompt whether to trust the plug-in or not?


    When we use the SARAFi browser in Apple computers, we sometimes jump out of the prompt to ask whether we trust the XX plug-in, and we will prompt when we open any new website, which makes people crazy. This is because some software that does not meet Apple’s security standards will be restricted to give […]

  • Disable the pop-up box when H5 page in IOS system long presses a label


    Use scenario <a href=”javascript:void(0)” >Link</a> In the process of web page development, this method is often used to prevent the jump behavior of a tag link,But in IOS system, long press a label and a prompt box “JavaScript” will pop up. At this time, add CSS to a tag to solve the problem -webkit-touch-callout:none; -webkit-touch-callout […]

  • Where are the files downloaded by Safari? The location of the files downloaded by Safari


    After so many years of using Windows system, the sudden switch to Mac OS will be somewhat uncomfortable, and some people will be helpless. Recently, some fans asked us about the download of safari, a Mac OS browser. Xiaobian plans to share with you. Because Xiaobian thinks that the entry threshold of MacBook is getting […]

  • 00. Bui development and playing Android App syllabus


    This set of video teaching is an advanced course of bui. We use the bui framework to develop an android app, and use Wan Android to develop the real API exposed to us Bui development and playing Android App directory 00. Syllabus 01. Course Introduction 02. Construction of project framework 03. Use GitHub to manage […]

  • How to turn on traceless browsing mode in Apple Mac Safari


    How can Apple Mac Safari open traceless browsing mode? The traceless browsing mode has this function in many browsers. The safari browser on MAC also has this function. Turning on the traceless browsing mode on the public computer helps to protect your personal privacy. The following PC6 editor brings you relevant operation tutorials: Step 1: […]

  • How does the MAC use the one button mute function of Safari and the fixed function of webpage label?


    Safari in El Capitan 10.11, the new Mac OS system, has also got important updates. Although these updates have already appeared on Firefox, Safari is a native application after all, saving more power. Think of chrome, the first big power consumer of MAC, and you will know the importance of Apple’s native. Let’s not say […]

  • Mobile debugging


    In the development of daily projects, the partners who contact the mobile development inevitably have to deal with the mobile debugging. In this paper, we summarize the commonly used mobile debugging, and welcome the partners to add. Google browser Google browser is an essential tool in our front-end development, such as jump style, break point, […]

  • Taking photos through getusermedia of HTML5


    Refer to this article on html5rocks for a simple example of implementation. The ideas are as follows:1. Open the refrigerator door2. Put the elephant in the refrigerator3. Close the refrigerator door Well, don’t be kidding. In fact, the idea is:1. Call the camera of the device through getusermedia (computer, mobile phone, depending on the browser’s […]

  • The importance of wechat domain name detection in promotion


    WeChat is an indispensable social tool in our life, and the user community is also quite large. So there are lots of individuals or teams using WeChat to promote it. The way to promote it is simply to forward and share links to individuals or groups, to make friends circles, or to use WeChat public […]

  • How browsers work


    The working principle of the browser reproduced here: behind the scenes disclosure of the new web browser The initial reason for summarizing this article is that many interviewers recently asked about the working mechanism of the browser when they were looking for an internship. For example, when I was interviewed by Ali, the interviewers asked […]

  • Chrome console utility Guide


    Preface I think Chrome browser is one of the necessary tools for every front-end er. Part of the reason is that it’s fast and small, and it supports more new features than other browsers. Part of the reason is that its console function is powerful. It’s not too much, and it’s very convenient. But in […]