• Mobile debugging


    In the development of daily projects, the partners who contact the mobile development inevitably have to deal with the mobile debugging. In this paper, we summarize the commonly used mobile debugging, and welcome the partners to add. Google browser Google browser is an essential tool in our front-end development, such as jump style, break point, […]

  • Taking photos through getusermedia of HTML5


    Refer to this article on html5rocks for a simple example of implementation. The ideas are as follows:1. Open the refrigerator door2. Put the elephant in the refrigerator3. Close the refrigerator door Well, don’t be kidding. In fact, the idea is:1. Call the camera of the device through getusermedia (computer, mobile phone, depending on the browser’s […]

  • The importance of wechat domain name detection in promotion


    WeChat is an indispensable social tool in our life, and the user community is also quite large. So there are lots of individuals or teams using WeChat to promote it. The way to promote it is simply to forward and share links to individuals or groups, to make friends circles, or to use WeChat public […]

  • How browsers work


    The working principle of the browser reproduced here: behind the scenes disclosure of the new web browser The initial reason for summarizing this article is that many interviewers recently asked about the working mechanism of the browser when they were looking for an internship. For example, when I was interviewed by Ali, the interviewers asked […]

  • Chrome console utility Guide


    Preface I think Chrome browser is one of the necessary tools for every front-end er. Part of the reason is that it’s fast and small, and it supports more new features than other browsers. Part of the reason is that its console function is powerful. It’s not too much, and it’s very convenient. But in […]

  • Five solutions to cross browser problems


    Brief comment:Browser compatibility problems are often a headache. Here are five tips to avoid these problems. 1. Prefix CSS3 style If you are using any type of modern CSS fragment, such as box sizing or background clip, make sure you use the appropriate prefix. -moz- /* Firefox and other browsers using Mozilla’s browser engine */ […]

  • WebKit essay (I)


    Based on Mr. Zhu Yongsheng’s “WebKit technology insider” as a reference, combined with the network sharing resources, this paper records the history and technical points of WebKit, or skips some incomprehensible ones. I. brief history of browser In 1993, Netscape was born and the first generation browser was announced. In 1995, Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) […]

  • Use custom mouse icon — cursor URL


    Met in the project some time agoCustom mouse iconThis demand. Because we usually use a few fixed mouse styles, andCustom mouse iconIt is not commonly used, so summarize this little knowledge point to prevent forgetting. Custom mouse icon The custom mouse icon iscss cursor urlUse. Usage format of CSS cursor URL: CSS: {cursor: URL (“icon […]

  • FireFox and Safari are compatible with event.path


    All elements that need to be fetched to trigger the bubbling process of event elements are available in Chrome via event.path. element.onClick(event) { const ev = window.event || event; const path = ev.path; } This property works fine in Chrome and Opera, but in Firefox and Safari it is found that event does not have […]

  • How to turn on Safari developer mode on MAC?


    How do you open developer mode in the MAC browser how do you open developer mode in Safari 1. First open my browser (Safari), which is not in developer mode by default 2. Click on the top left cornerSafarichoosepreferences 3, check theDisplay the development menu in the menu bar, 4. When checked, you will see”The […]

  • Play around the console and see what Console uses you don’t know


    Preface As front-end engineers, we have to debug code with console every day.console.logIt has become our most common command, except for the use ofconsole.logThere are many console methods that can be used and mastered skillfully, which can make the information we see in the console more beautiful and accurate, and also greatly improve our development […]

  • Starting with the browser kernel 01


    What is the browser kernel? The core part of the browser should be the “Rendering Engine” of the browser core, also known as the “rendering engine”, whose main role is to interpret the page grammar and render the page. Therefore, the “rendering engine” determines how browsers display the content and format information of web pages. […]