• Correctly modify the system time of Linux


    —- We generally use the “date -s” command to modifysystemtime. such as thesystemThe order to set the time to June 10, 1996 is as follows. #date -s 06/10/96 WillsystemThe command to set the time to 1:12:00 PM is as follows. #date -s 13:12:00 —- Note that it is said heresystemtime, is linux byoperatesystemmaintained.—- existsystemAt startup, […]

  • Linux modify system date and time


    1、 Modify in text mode Command and parameter options: date -s Examples are as follows: \date -s 04/11/2008 —– willsystemThe time is set to April 11th, 2008 \date -s 22:24:30 —– willsystemThe time is set to 22:24:30 #Clock -w —— ensure the modification takes effect 2、 Modify in the graphical interface Log in to the […]

  • Powerful examples of Perl regular expressions


    I. Introduction Regular expression languages have their own specifications, but almost all of them are matched by the combination of meta-characters. Because Nmap embedded services and version detection are Perl regular specifications, this blog records the relevant content of Perl regular for later reference. 2. Perl Regular Example The following examples may be inadequate, some […]