• C language Tetris demo


    This is my first essay, of course, the first game I wrote! Freshman (I am now a sophomore) winter vacation over the new year, stay at home, think of before the holiday plan to write a game, because I am determined to take the road of game development, plus freshman Volume I learned C language, […]

  • Making Tetris game with electron


    background In tossing ES6, I suddenly remembered that I wrote Tetris in C language when I was in college. In this project, I mainly used the class feature of ES6 for object-oriented programming. Project adoption node.js V6.2.0 + electronic V1.1.0 can run across all platforms. thinking Full application of the object-oriented design idea makes the […]

  • If you want to use artificial intelligence, you must know these (1)


    Sometimes I talk to my friends about AI. I find that many people overestimate or underestimate AI. Some problems don’t need AI at all, and some problems can’t be solved even with AI. So I’m going to write a series to evaluate a question from various angles: “do you want to use AI? Can AI […]

  • C: realize Tetris


    summary Tetris is a leisure game invented by Russian Alexei Pajitnov. Pajitnov likes to play puzzles and gets inspiration from them to design Tetris. Because it’s easy to start, it’s suitable for all ages, so it’s widely known and popular all over the world. This paper briefly describes how to realize Tetris through C ා, […]