• Vue 3 Introduction basics to actual combat series


    Vue 3.0 introduction to advanced series of tutorials Introduction to the experiment Since February this year, I began to be busy with the company’s projects. I still remember that in February, the company started working early. I worked at home every day. I got up early in the morning to study for an hour and […]

  • How to share the experience of running and exec of wscript.shell object in VBScript


    Set exeRs = objws.Exec(“pscp -r -scp -pw ” & password & ” ” & loginid & “@” & host & “:” & data_path & fileName & ” ” & windows_path)But intestOfTimeWait, be torturedshellfishFile ratio ofrelativelyBig, copyLong shellfish timeOfTimeJust waitpresentcmdThe window is dead nomoveYes, directlycmdRun in windowpscpTortureshellfishThe same file will workjunctionBundle. I can’t find what it […]

  • IOS drop-down Jiugongge, baisiyiejie project, wechat dialog and other source codes


    IOS selected source Customize the tabbar of the center button. Click the protruding part of the button to set the height at will Wechat like reminder dialog box Privacy rights API for more friendly rights access For a simpler push message, read this article Implementation of JS interactive JS OC WebView with wkwebview Refined drop-down […]

  • Develop a simple running app with weex 300 lines of code


    Weex, as it aims, A set of cross platform development scheme for building high-performance and scalable native applications What weex brings to you is undoubtedly the improvement of client development efficiency. We can run on three platforms of web, Android and IOS through a set of code. Recently, I tried to develop lbs related applications […]

  • The method of installing and uninstalling. Run file in Linux


    The installation of the. Run file is very simple. You only need to add executable properties to the file to perform the installation Take virtualbox-3.1.6-59338-linux-x86.run as an example, just enter the command: chmod +x virtualBox-3.1.6-59338-Linux_x86.run ./virtualbox-3.1.6-59338-Linux_x86.run Ready to install. There are two ways to uninstall online: One is to use sh virtualbox-3.1.6-59338-linux x86.run — uninstall, […]

  • The Difference between Run and Exec in VBS


    Set ws = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) ‘An object reference is created here for use in the following sample code. ‘Demon Note: Why is the variable name so trivial (WS) Grammar: (Demon Note: I like the word common sense): When used as a process, do not add brackets, otherwise compiler errors occur (brackets do not make mistakes when […]

  • Detailed description of PID files in / var / run / directory under Linux and the role of PID files


    First of all, I will introduce the PID file under Linux / var / run / directory. The details are as follows: The *. PID file in the / var / run / directory of Linux system is a text file with only one line of content, that is, the PID of a process. The […]