• Eslint first experience


    start //Install eslint //Local installation npm i –save-dev eslint //Or global installation npm i -g eslint use eslint –init After that, several options will appear. You can know what they mean by looking at the options. Here, focus on the first and second options Popular configuration The first option is to select some popular specifications, […]

  • Powerful mock data generation tool — apipost


    <h1>Using mock in apipost</h1> Apipost allows you to truly return interface data without back-end program. You can use apipost to realize the effect demonstration of pure front-end in the early stage of the project, or use apipost to realize the data simulation in development, so as to realize the separation of front and rear ends. […]

  • SELinux details


    SELinux(security enhanced Linux) is a mandatory access control mechanism developed by the National Security Agency (NSA). It is mainly integrated into the Linux kernel. It is a system for permission control for specific processes and specified file resources. It is mainly to enhance the security of the traditional Linux operating system and solve various permission […]

  • Detailed explanation of Linux iptables command


    Iptables is an important part of Linux firewall system. The main function of iptables is to control the access and forwarding of network packets. Iptables can be used to control when data packets need to enter the device, flow out of the device, or be forwarded and routed by the device. The following Liangxu Xiaobian […]

  • Explain Mysql to create scheduled tasks with event scheduler event scheduler


    The event scheduler is in MySQLv5.1.6A new function in, which is equivalent to a timer. It can execute an SQL statement or a statement block at a specified time point, or it can be used to execute repeatedly at fixed intervals. The event scheduler is equivalent to scheduled tasks in the operating system (such as […]

  • Network Protocol HTTP protocol (I)


    HTTP protocol  It’s a kind ofStateless、Application layer, toRequest / replyIt uses extensible semantics and self describing message format, and network-basedHypertext informationThe system interacts flexibly. 1. Schematic diagram of HTTP request scenario 2. Flow chart of HTTP request initiated by browser 3. Schematic diagram of DNS resolution process DNS resolutionThe purpose of domain name string is […]

  • Old man, this code, look kneeling!


    This is why’s 99th original article Hello, I’m brother why. No, this photo is not me. The title says that the old man is this buddy. It had to be mentioned a few days ago. A few days ago, I found that in a technology group gathered by big guys, big guys had a heated […]

  • Question 44: what are the differences between judgment conditions = = and = = =?


    Mainly, their judgment rules are different ==Judgment rule: if the values or reference addresses are the same, they are equal ===Judgment rule: if the values or reference addresses are the same and the data types are the same, they are equal How do I determine if their values are the same? For variables of the […]

  • 8.3 automatic build of docker cloud


    https://cloud.docker.com/ Create a new organization on GitHub to avoid authorizing all projects and clear responsibilities Create an organization on docker cloud, associate the organization of GitHub, and then create a new repository In the buildings configuration column of repositories, select Configure automated builds, then select the corresponding Repositories on GitHub, and cancel on build rulesBuild […]

  • Nginx location matching rule


    Syntax: location [=|~|~*|^~] /uri/ { # … } Rules: /The beginning indicates a general match (any request will match) =The beginning indicates an exact match ^~The beginning indicates that the URI starts with a regular string (such as a URL path) ~The beginning indicates case sensitivity ~*The beginning indicates that it is not case sensitive […]

  • Vue + elementui dynamically switches validation rules and user-defined validation will cause form validation failure. Use callback() to solve this problem


        Vue + elementui dynamic switching validation rules https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_43810973/article/details/106040451   PS:  When user-defined validation exists, it will cause form validation failure. Use callback() to solve it. However, when modifying, the button is disabled, which still triggers validation and cannot submit modifications. Therefore, two sets of validation rules are made to switch //When user-defined validation […]

  • Is logical programming still useful– Design of “three dimensional” logic programming language (2)


    1. What can logic programming language do    These two days, I’m thinking about how to write the next article in the design series of “three-dimensional” logic programming language, which happens to be the last one《Writing programs by writing articles — the design of “three-dimensional” logic programming language (1)》There’s a man called   Dwcz’s friend replied: […]