• Fiddler Plug-in Development Guide (VII. Host mapping)


    1、 Initialization 1. Delete the test code in the previous main class2. Datatool class adds private static method readconfigfromfile //Read profile data private static JObject readConfigFromFile() { if (!File.Exists(configPath)) { //Null if file does not exist return null; } try { //Read the data of the corresponding file StreamReader file = new StreamReader(configPath); String content […]

  • React native build basic page 3 – route configuration


    Install route functionyarn add react-native-router-flux Route official website Routing related configuration Simple routing demo //Main is the root component of the project import React, { Component } from ‘react’ import { View, Image, Text, ActivityIndicator } from ‘react-native’ //Import route related components //Router: it’s equivalent to the hashrouter we learned //Stack: This is a packet […]

  • Vue form verification 100 lines


    Vue form verification 100 lines Code first Two files, one write logic and one write verification rule;Features: simple logic, less code, enough;Do not want to see the code directly create these two files to copy the code, see the bottom use method;Sample picture //validator.js //Import verification rules var valitatorRules = require(‘./valitator-rules.js’); export const Validator=function(formName,rules,errors){ // […]

  • Use of custom font icon in vue3.0


    Previous methods: Search icoont official website for required icons Add stock in Add to project Download material to local Import font file into page usage method: <i class=”iconfont user-icon”></i> Disadvantages: if you want to add a new icon to the project, you need to repeat the above operations and download the overlay file again Manual […]

  • Tidb source reading series (6) overview of select statement


    In the previous tidb source reading series (4), we introduced the insert statement. You must have known how tidb writes data. This article introduces how the select statement is executed. Compared with insert, the execution process of select statement will be more complex. This article will introduce the optimizer and coprocessor module for the first […]

  • Vue-cli3 using svg


    (only make a record according to the online tutorial) Execute command to install plug-innpm install svg-sprite-loader –save-dev stayvue.config.js, add configuration module.exports = { … chainWebpack: config => { //Basic loader in a rule //SVG is a basic loader const svgRule = config.module.rule(“svg”); //Clear all existing loaders. //If you do not, the next loader will be […]

  • Good article warning: how to build a distributed detection system that can meet their own needs?


    1、 Overview Intrusion detection system (IDS), which monitors the system and network in real time, will give a warning once it finds any abnormal situation. According to the information source, it can be divided into host based IDS and network-based IDS. This paper mainly introduces the host based intrusion detection system System (abbreviated as HIDS) […]

  • Design and optimization of uninstall of conntrack based on the new features of Linux kernel in ucloud


    Recently, Netfilter and mellanox jointly developed the flowtable hardware offload function, making flowtable a standard conntrack offload scheme, and realized the Linux standard Netfilter hardware offload interface. As a new function, there are still some defects and imperfections. In this regard, we have done a lot of hardware uninstallation and development work, carried out problem […]

  • The foundation that JS must know “use strict”


    Strict mode of JS’use strict’It should be the knowledge that everyone is familiar with. To explain it literally means to write code in strict behavior mode. But what are the rules that constrain us to use strict patterns to standardize our code in the development process? So the purpose of this article is only to […]

  • “No more confusion – regular expression” JS regular key points combed and continuously updated


    [TOC] It’s on the front. – lionad I’m looking at the source code of vuejs and see the HTML parser. I feel that the basic knowledge of regular expression I’ve seen before is not enough. Now I’m going to browse the blog materials and summarize some parts of regular expression that are difficult to use […]

  • NPM error typeerror: this.getresolve is not a function


    Module build failed: typeerror: this.getresolve is not a function 1. The current maximum version of SASS loader is 8. X, which needs to be returned to 7.3.1 NPM uninstall sass loader (uninstall current version) NPM install sass loader @ 7.3.1 — save dev (install version 7. X) 2. Find webpack.base.config.js to configure SCSS matching rules […]

  • Architect growth series – annual review and summary of Apache Dubbo from 2019 to 2020


    By Apache Dubbo PMC This article is organized from the architect growth series February 18 live courses. Pay attention to the official account of Alibaba cloud primary, reply“218”, you can get the corresponding live playback link and PPT download link. Guide readingApache Dubbo is an open-source RPC framework, which provides simple and easy-to-use, high-performance RPC […]