• Android 8.1 security mechanism — seoandroid & SELinux


    1. SELinux background knowledge 1.1 DAC and MAC Before SELinux appeared, the security model on Linux was called DAC, whose full name was discrete access control, translated as autonomous access control. The core idea of DAC is very simple, that is: the process theoretically has the same permissions as the user who executes it. For […]

  • Configuration of cloud server port and firewall port


    Port configuration of cloud server (Tencent cloud) It’s easy to set the port of the cloud server. Take Tencent cloud as an example, enter “cloud server” > “security group”, and click “add rule“. For example, I opened port 9501-9510 for learning. Remember to associate instances: If you don’t want to open all IP addresses, only […]

  • Change the name of network card in Linux system


    1、 Rename the name of network card configuration file to eth0 (you can also change it to another name) [[email protected]ing11 ~]# ifconfigens33: flags=4163 mtu 1500 inet netmask broadcast inet6 fe80::250:56ff:fe29:eae prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x20 ether 00:50:56:29:0e:ae txqueuelen 1000 (Ethernet) RX packets 132 bytes 14492 (14.1 KiB) RX errors 0 dropped 0 overruns […]

  • The difference between break and last in nginx


    Let’s start with the difference Last, the rewritten rule will continue to match the following location with the rewritten value. Break, the rewritten rule, will not match the following location. Using the new rules, an HTTP request is initiated directly. Nginx configuration file server { listen 88; server_name _; location /break { # location 1 […]

  • Spring cloud plug in principle


    The article was first published inCSDN personal blog 1、 Plug in overview Plug in positioning The spring cloud plug-in is a forward proxy plug-in for spring cloud. All spring cloud requests are processed by the plug-in for load balancing. Effective time When the request header’s rpctype = springcloud and the plug-in is enabled, it will […]

  • Learning typescript for beginners


    Definition: ts can create a data type by itself and define the rules in the data type. All the places that need to use this data type must be consistent with the rules you define Significance: prompt is very cool, maintenance is super convenient, to avoid the late bug to find a problem waste of […]

  • Using stylelint to standardize Vue project


    preface Stylelint is a powerful and modern CSS review tool, which helps developers to implement a unified code specification and avoid style errors. It supports preprocessors such as less and sass. At present, stylelint has more than 100 verification rules, and they are gradually increasing. 1、 What is the function of stylelint Stylelint hasMore than […]

  • MySQL learning notes (8): character set


    This article is updated on June 16, 2019, using MySQL 5.7 and operating system deepin 15.4. catalog Common character set MySQL character set Common character set character set Fixed length Code width explain ASCII or iso-646 yes 1 byte 7 bits English letters, numbers, punctuation marks and 33 control characters ISO-8859 series yes 1 byte […]

  • An example of R language association mining (shopping basket analysis)


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=16297 Association mining is usually used to recommend products by identifying products that are often purchased together. However, if you are not careful, rules can produce misleading results in some cases. Association mining is usually based on the transaction data of retail market or online e-commerce store. Since most of the […]

  • Content Security Policy


    Content security policy (CSP) is used to detect and prevent web pages from loading illegal resources. It can reduce the harm of XSS attacks and data injection attacks. This paper describes how to use CSP and service access CSP process. brief introduction The main work of CSP is to define a set of white list […]

  • Notes on regular expressions (5)


    Template In the back-end language, there will be corresponding template language support smarty, blade // php velocity, freemarker // jsp However, in the front end, if you want to use the template, you have to do it yourself. At this time, we have to ask outString.replaceThere’s no way. thinking Constructing regular expressions Define matching rules […]

  • Istio: implementing AB testing and path cutting in VS


    The content of this article The main purpose is to summarize the relevant rules of match in VS and how to realize path cutting in istio (current version 1.8.2) Experiment demo main.go package main import ( “github.com/gin-gonic/gin” “net/http” ) func main() { //1. Create route r := gin.Default() //2. Binding routing rules and executing functions […]