• JavaScript programming style (writing habits)


    The “grammar” of a programming language should be followed by every developer; The “programming style” is free to choose. Assuming that there are 100 members in the team, and then each member’s coding style is different, and there is no clear writing specification in the team, you should not fight or spit fragrance in your […]

  • Gateway flow controller: realize ingress / nginx flow control combined with AHAS


    Introduction: the stability of microservices has always been a topic of great concern to developers. With the evolution of business from single architecture to distributed architecture and the change of deployment mode, the dependency between services has become more and more complex, and the business system is also facing great high availability challenges. Author: graffiti […]

  • Python technique: implement simple recursive descent parser


    1. Arithmetic operation expression evaluation In the last blog postPython techniques: implementing simple tokenizer with re moduleIn, we introduce the use of regular expressions to match the corresponding patterns to realize a simple word segmentation. However, regular expression is not omnipotent. It is essentially a finite state machine (FSM), which cannot process text with recursive […]

  • Understanding and use of SCSS


    Understanding and use of SCSS Official documents First of all, notice the relationship between sass here and our SCSS Sass and SCSS are actuallysameCSS preprocessing language, SCSS is a new syntax introduced by sass 3, and its suffixes are respectively Sass and There are two kinds of SCSS.The suffix before sass version 3.0 is The […]

  • Introduction to Linux basic commands 15: pushing through the old and bringing forth the new


    This article introducesip、ss、journalctlandfirewall-cmd, they are designed to replace some of the original commands or services in Linux. 1、ip ip [OPTIONS] OBJECT COMMAND ipIt is a powerful network configuration tool in iproute2 software package. It can replace some traditional network management tools, such asifconfig、routeAnd so on, with the permission of super user.OPTIONSIs an option to modify […]

  • Py crawl the live broadcast collection of a website – grab and assemble to get the secondary details page URL – knock the code on site


    struggle After grabbing the page, it is found that the criteria cannot be matched.Finally, after investigation, it is found that when the website is loaded for the first time, you click the finish tab, and he has an Ajax request.There’s no request in the back!So, I found the interface!! Interface! Better request mode again ps […]

  • Alibaba cloud CentOS installation Jenkins


    Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java. Jenkins helps automate the non human part of the software development process and continuously integrate and promote the technical aspects of continuous delivery. It is a server based system that runs in a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat. It can execute scripts based on […]

  • Python online retail data association rule mining Apriori algorithm data visualization


    Original link: http://tecdat.cn/?p=23955 Association rule learningIn machine learning, it is used to find interesting relationships between variables. Apriori algorithm is a popular association rule mining and frequent itemset extraction algorithm, which is applied in association rule learning. It is designed to operate on databases containing transactions, such as purchases by store customers (basket analysis). In […]

  • 【GO】casbin


    reference material[1] Examples[2] Model syntax[3] API 1. Introduction Permission is actually to control who can operate on what resources.casbinAbstract the access control model into a perm based(Policy,Effect,Request,Matchers)In the configuration file (model file) of the metamodel. Therefore, switching or updating the authorization mechanism only requires a simple modification of the configuration file. policyIt is the definition […]

  • Rust macro_ Getting started with rules


    Rust macro_ Getting started with rules This paper expounds the related problems in rust languagemacro_rulesBasic knowledge of. If you know nothing about macros, after reading this article, you will have a basic understanding of rust’s macros, and you can also understand the writing of some macros; But if you need to write your own feature […]

  • Transformation of Sentinel’s dashboard


    preface By default, the rule information of sentinel console devices is stored in memory. Whether the sentinel client or sentinel console is restarted, the set rules will be lost. If you want to use the online environment, it must not work. There are two solutions: First, use the paid version of Alibaba cloud, that isAHAS […]

  • Kube proxy service implementation principle of kubernetes learning notes


    Overview We produce k8s external exposure services in many ways, one of which is usedexternal-ips clusterip serviceThe clusterip service mode exposes services to the public, and Kube proxy uses iptables mode. In this way, the external IPS can specify the IP addresses of several fixed worker nodes (the worker node service has been expelled and […]