• ActionCable: WebSocket Connection


    Every HTTP request is a process from request to response, so the HTTP server does not need to maintain any state, While websocket requires the server to maintain all connection states, ruby is not very good at dealing with concurrency. Actioncable uses many interesting technologies for performance and ease of use. For example, message’s Pub […]

  • Solution to the problem of webpack dev server wrong version under rails 6.0 on Mac OS


    error message Yesterday, I installed Ruby on rails 6.0. I am very happy to initialize the project and install webpacker according to the instructions. After that, I will execute the familiarrails cThe order, however, gives an error: #Error message fragment yarn check v1.7.0 success Folder in sync. Done in 0.15s. yarn check v1.7.0 error “webpack-dev-server#yargs#cliui” […]

  • Research on air networking based on wireless broadband in the context of Internet of things


    In the information age, the operation and management of an enterprise can not be separated from the support of the network, but it is not so easy to have a network of its own. It requires professionals, who need to write schemes, buy equipment, build computer rooms, rent bandwidth, configure on top, and do debugging. […]

  • Solution to bootstrap installation failure of rails in Windows Environment


    Under Windows environment, rails always fails to install bootstrap, indicating that therubyracer cannot be installed. This is because the less file used by bootstrap relies on the real-time execution of JS by therubyracer to convert less to CSS, while therubyracer gem has no corresponding Windows version. Hiran Peiris provides a solution on GitHub, and compiles […]

  • Let Angular 1.x keep pace with the times


    This technology blog comes from Xu Haifeng, director of Worktile technology, Web, who has the decaying and miraculous ability. Worktile’s Front-end Construction Road In 2013, when Angular.js was just emerging, we boldly chose the technology that seemed relatively new at the time. After 3 years of technology accumulation, the Worktile team basically trampled Angular 1.x […]

  • Problems and Solutions in Rails 3 Upgrading Rails 4


    Some of the problems that arise actually do not understand the correct process, are trial and error, but still learned a lot of things, wrote down, I hope to help me and everyone. Homebrew’s problem When I go to runbrew updateSometimes something goes wronguntracked working tree filesBecause homebrew is usedGitTo update, so if untracked files […]

  • Rails 4 Installation Configuration PostgreSQL


    First, install PostgreSQL Source: http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2013/12/get_start_with_postgresql.htmlI. InstallationFirst, install the PostgreSQL client. sudo apt-get install postgresql-client Then, install the PostgreSQL server. sudo apt-get install postgresql Normally, after installation, the PostgreSQL server will automatically open on port 5432 of this machine.If you want to install the graphics management interface, you can run the following commands, but this article […]

  • [Kails] An open source project of nodejs similar to Rails based on Koa2


    This article was first published in Blog of Embbnux. For reprinting, please indicate the source of the original text and keep the link of the original text.https://www.embbnux.com/2016/09/04/kails_with_koa2_like_ruby_on_rails Recently, we have studied the next Koa2 framework and loved the idea of middleware. But found that it is too concise, only basic functions, although it can easily […]

  • Recommend 7 Best Ruby on Rails Integrated Development Environment


    Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented, general purpose programming language. It supports a variety of programming paradigms, including function-oriented and object-oriented. It also includes a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. Editors are somewhat different from integrated development environments (IDEs), which are tools for adding, editing, and viewing file content, while IDEs are a series […]