• Record an incident of grpc deadlines


    After receiving the alarm from the transaction service, the memory of the server surged. After troubleshooting, it was found that the reason was that the deadline was not set in the context when the grpc client called.So why does not set deadline lead to memory exhaustion? When you use grpc, the grpc library is responsible […]

  • Xxl-rpc V1.2.2, distributed service framework


    Release Notes 1. The default communication scheme is switched to netty, and the optional scheme dependencies are all adjusted to provided type. The combination of mandatory dependency minimum reduction selection “netty + Hessian + no registration center” (recommended: xxl-rpc native Registration Center) “is provided; 2. Xxl-rpc native Registration Center: the underlying Abstract registration center module […]

  • Xxl-registry v1.0.0 release, distributed service registry


    Release Notes 1. Lightweight: Based on DB and disk files, you only need to provide a DB instance, no third-party dependency; 2. Real time: with the help of internal broadcast mechanism, new services can be launched and offline, and can be pushed to the client within 1s; 3. Data synchronization: the internal 10s of the […]

  • Xxl-rpc v1.3.0 release, distributed service framework


    Release Notes 1. The native registry is divided into an independent project “XXL Registry” (https://github.com/xuueli/xx…), which provides service registration restful service and provides response to client-side dependency to simplify access difficulty; 2. Nativeserviceregistry is renamed as xxlregistryserviceregistry; 3. POM depends on upgrade and redundant POM is cleaned up; 4. Code optimization: xxlrpcinvokerfactory removes static code […]

  • How spring cloud uses Dubbo to develop RPC services and calls


    This article mainly introduces how spring cloud uses Dubbo to develop RPC services and calls. The example code is introduced in detail in this article, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. You can refer to the following for friends who need it The microservices developed in spring cloud based […]

  • RPC remote method call through redis (supporting multiple programming languages)


    One of the things I’ve found that I’m constantly researching and excited about is extending the system. Now it means different things to different people. As part of porting monolithic to microservices architecture, how to deal with microservices architecture is the reason why I study RPC. RPC (or remote process call) is a concept that […]

  • Tikv source code analysis series article (IX) analysis of service layer processing flow


    Author: Zhou Zhenjing The previous series of articles on tikv source code analysis introduced the peripheral libraries that tikv relies on. Starting from this article, we will start to introduce the code of tikv itself. This paper focuses on the service layer, the outermost layer of tikv. The code of service layer of tikv is […]

  • Overview of net / RPC package in golang (summary)


    RPC, or remote procedure call, is to call a service on a remote computer as if it were a local service.My project is based on restful microservice architecture. With the communication between microservices becoming more and more frequent, more and more system resources are consumed. So I hope that I can use RPC for internal […]

  • Summary of swoole RPC practice


    Background introductionBasic services within the company, basically the interface that every business and every page will call. With the increase of business, before RPC service was provided, HTTP interface was called 100 million times a day. Originally, there were 4 alicloud servers (8C + 32g), 3 nginx + 1 crontab, and later increased to 5 […]

  • Rsocket — the substitute of HTTP protocol


    1. introduction Rsocket is a binary point-to-point communication protocol and a new layer 7 protocol for network communication. Designed for use in distributed applications. In this sense, rsocket is an alternative to other protocols such as HTTP. It is based on the reactive streams specification with asynchronous, back pressure bidirectional, multiplexing, disconnection reconnection, message based […]

  • Using swoole to run the thrift service


    Introduction to swoole extension Swoole: PHP asynchronous network communication engine for production environment PHP developers can write high-performance asynchronous concurrent TCP, UDP, UNIX socket, HTTP, websocket services. Swoole can be widely used in Internet, mobile communication, enterprise software, cloud computing, online games, Internet of things (IOT), Internet of vehicles, smart home and other fields Using […]

  • What is RPC framework? Java comes with RPC implementation. Introduction to RMI framework


    Please state the source of this blog Learning Series What is the RPC framework? RPC implementation in Java, introduction to RMI framework First of all, RMI (remote method invocation) is a unique RPC implementation of Java. It enables Java objects deployed on different hosts to communicate and call methods. It is a Java based remote […]