• Golang grpc and protobuf quick start


    gPRC Grpc introduction Grpc is an RPC framework open source by Google How grpc works In grpc, the client application can directly call the method of the server application on another different machine like calling the method of the local object, which makes it easier for us to create distributed applications and services. Grpc is […]

  • Grpc (III) Python calls go language grpc client and server


    catalogue Protobuf configuration and introduction for grpc Go language grpc server and client Python grpc server and client Protobuf for compiling Python When Python calls grpc, it also needs to compile the corresponding proto file. Before compiling, it needs to install the necessary modules #Installation module pip install grpcio #Install compiler tool pip install grpcio-tools […]

  • [go] grpc + protobuf learning notes


    Write the catalog title here RPC What is RPC Principle of RPC IDL Common RPC frameworks Protobuf introduce install Protobuf compiler Protobuf compiler plug-in: Protocol Gen go Protobuf runtime library Protobuf file syntax data type Protocol command line gRPC introduce Grpc Architecture Overview Multilingual support characteristic install Four communication modes of grpc Unary unary mode […]

  • Installation, configuration and use of protobuf and grpc in golang environment


    Installation, configuration and use of protobuf and grpc in golang environment Introduction to protobuf [protobuf3 syntax]( https://blog.csdn.net/Mr_XiMu/article/details/123106077 ) Protobuf download and installation You need to download the protocol actuator first Installation of go and grpc plug-ins under protobuf Use of protobuf in combination with grpc Project structure 1. Edit helloword proto 2. Set helloword Proto […]

  • [go micro service] – RPC


    catalogue 1. RPC 1.1.1. Introduction to RPC 1.1.2. Comparison of popular RPC frameworks 1.1.3. How to implement RPC in golang 1.1.4. RPC call process 1.1.5. Network transmission data format 1.1.6. Implement RPC server 1.1.7. Implement RPC client 1.1.8. Implement RPC communication test 1. RPC 1.1.1. Introduction to RPC Remote procedure call (RPC) is a computer […]

  • Cross language RPC framework thrift


    RPC full name: remote procedure call — remote procedure call. RPC technology is simply a technology to solve the remote invocation of services, making the caller as convenient and transparent as invoking local services Definition of thrift Thrift is a lightweight, cross language RPC framework, which is mainly used for RPC communication between various services. […]

  • RPC (remote procedure call protocol)


    RPC (remote procedure call protocol) – remote procedure call protocol is a protocol that requests services from remote computer programs through the network without understanding the underlying network technology. It assumes the existence of some transmission protocols, such as TCP or UDP, in order to carry information data between communication programs. Through it, the function […]

  • Three methods of RPC remote call of go language net package HTTP, JSON RPC and TCP


    catalogue 1、 Server 2、 HTTP client 3、 TCP client 4、 JSON client 5、 Operation results RPC can be called in many ways, such as HTTP, JSON RPC and TCP   1、 Server In the code, three services are started package main   2、 HTTP client package main   3、 TCP client package main   4、 […]

  • RPC remote calling method in openstack


    As we all know, openstack has two communication modes, one is restful API mode based on HTTP protocol, and the other is RPC call. The application scenarios of the two communication methods are different. In openstack, the former is mainly used for the communication between components (such as the communication between Nova and grace), while […]

  • Turn off RPC. On Linux systems Method of statd service


    In order to make the Linux host less hidden dangers, we should cancel or delete some unnecessary services as much as possible.We can first see which ports are open Copy code The code is as follows: [[email protected] linsc]# nmap nmap 3.70 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2007-12-05 21:28 CSTInteresting ports on localhost.localdomain ( 1652 ports […]

  • Explain the solution of the unavailable WMI RPC server


    This paper introduces the solution of the unavailable WMI RPC server, and shares it with you. The details are as follows: ConnectionOptions connectionOptions = new ConnectionOptions(); connectionOptions.Username = userName; connectionOptions.Password = password; ManagementScope managementScope = new ManagementScope(“\\\\” + host + “\\root\\cimv2”, connectionOptions); try { managementScope.Connect(); } catch { } Solution in case of “RPC server […]

  • Protobuf Language Guide


    What is protobuf Protobuffer is the abbreviation of protocol buffers. It is a data description language developed by Google, which is used to describe a lightweight and efficient structured data storage format, and it was opened to the public in 2008. Protobuf can be used to serialize or serialize structured data. Its design is very […]