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  • Window shortcut


    Lock screen 1. Many times, you need to leave your seat temporarily to do other things. If you pay great attention to your computer security, you might as well press and hold the windows key and then press the L key, so that the computer will lock the screen directly, so you don’t have to […]

  • CSS text style


    In this section, we will talk about text styles, such as setting text color, indenting the first line, horizontal alignment, and so on. You can set the page layout and so on. The text properties to be learned are as follows: attribute describe color Set text color text-index Set the indent of the first line […]

  • Example of changing the line spacing of HTML table


    Sometimes we need to change the line spacing when using HTML table, but the effect of changing margin, padding, collapse and other methods is not very good. Here I found a practical tip. Use display attribute + margin to implement.example: tr{margin-top:0px;padding:0px;display:block;} Let’s look at the comparison tr{margin-top:-10px;padding:0px;display:block;}   You can clearly see that the line […]

  • The source code of automatically generating software copyright by Python


    A small demand: When applying for software copyright, you need to submit a page of 50 lines, a total of 60 pages of source code. However, the designed project is saved in a multi-level directory and does not want to be copied one by one, so we get all the files in the directory through […]

  • Easy realization of Label omni-directional alignment in iOS development


    Preface This article mainly introduces the realization method of iOS Label omni-directional alignment, and shares it for your reference and study. Let’s see the detailed introduction together. ARUILabelTextAlign 1. Realize UILabel text display in 9 directions: left (top-middle-bottom), middle (top-middle-bottom), right (top-middle-bottom); 2. Provide solutions to the uneven bottom of rich text; Demonstration Core code: […]