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  • IOS interview questions, performance optimization!


    1. What are the reasons for the formation of tableview Caton? 1. The most frequently used is the reuse of cells, registering reuse identifiers If the cell is not reused, a new cell HTML will be created whenever a cell is displayed on the screen If there is a lot of data, many cells will […]

  • Multi group data tableview setting, adding right group index, multi-layer data model setting and valueforkeypath


    First look at the effect: The data model here has two layers: each group of cars is a layer model, and each line of car brands in each group is also a layer model. (1) Let’s create a wscars model first. stayWSCars.hMedium: #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> @interface WSCars : NSObject @property(nonatomic,copy) NSString *icon; @property(nonatomic,copy) NSString *name; +(WSCars […]

  • What’s wrong with your vertical center? I can’t refute it ♂️


    preface Is the vertical center we usually achieve not the real vertical center? Why are you say that? Most of the time, you often realize the vertical centring correctly, but UI / UX still says that there is something wrong with your vertical centring. When you look at it carefully, it seems that there is […]

  • How to understand using row height to center?


    Introduction of Xinggao (W3C) definition and usage The line height property sets the distance (row height) between rows.Note: negative values are not allowed. explain This property affects the layout of the row box. When applied to a block level element, it defines that elementMinimum distance between baselinesNot the maximum distance.The difference between the calculated value […]

  • Practice of canvas long microblog generation function


    Overview of 0x00 Recently, the development of mobile terminal H5 meets the demand of text to image, which is similar to the long microblog generation tool. Because of the simple requirement, it is not adoptedrasterizeHTML.jsorhtml2canvasThis kind of slightly huge HTML image conversion tool uses canvas native API to generate images directly on the canvas. Think […]

  • Explain phpspredsheet setting cell


    Phpspredsheet provides rich API interface, which can set many cell and document properties, including style, picture, date, function and many other applications. In a word, phpspredsheet can do whatever excel form you want. When debugging settings, make sure that the correct file is introduced and instantiated. use PhpOfficePhpSpreadsheetSpreadsheet; $spreadsheet = new Spreadsheet(); $worksheet = $spreadsheet->getActiveSheet(); […]

  • How does JavaScript calculate the number of lines of text


    Requirement: decide whether to limit expansion and collapse according to the number of rows.Idea: two blocks are used to count the row height, one is used to count the number of rows without height restriction (CSS hidden), and the other is used to display (height restriction will lead to inaccurate number of statistical lines) To […]

  • What’s wrong with your vertical center? I can’t argue with you


    preface Isn’t the vertical center we usually achieve? Why are you say that? Most of the time, I often realize the vertical center clearly and correctly, but UI / UX still says that there is a problem with your vertical center, and then I look at it carefully, it does seem that there is some […]

  • CSS supplement


    1. Unit of length (1) Pixels: A pixel is equivalent to a small dot in the screen. Our screen is actually made up of these pixels. The size of a pixel varies from monitor to monitor. The clearer the display, the smaller the pixels. (2) Percentage Set the unit to a percentage so that the […]

  • Some operation and use of Excel under. Net core


    In the last chapter, the configuration under. Net core, database access and other operations are mainly introduced, such as read configuration, some examples of database operations. This chapter mainly introduces the related operations of. Net core to excel. For the background related management system, excel export is the basic function. Let’s briefly talk about the […]

  • Some discussion on the smooth scheme of list scrolling in IOS


    In recent years, app is more and more advocating experience first. It’s hard for users to buy if they scribble casually. Smooth list is one of the most important points. If a App page is rolled up, it is always carton carton, and it is used as a negative material to Tucao or make complaints […]

  • PyQt QListWidget Modifying the Line Height of List Item


    Baidu and Google later said that they would use setHintSize (self, QCore. QSize (width, height), and then combine eggs, then modify it with qss, the specific usage is as follows. The above PyQt QListWidget modifies the line height of item in the list by sharing all the contents of the editor. I hope to give […]