• Ubuntu install SSH


    Enable SSH on Ubuntu Ssh server is not installed on Ubuntu desktop system by default, but it can be easily installed from standard Ubuntu repository. To install and enable SSH on an Ubuntu system, complete the following steps: through the use ofCtrl+Alt+TKeyboard shortcut or click the terminal icon to open the terminal, and thenopenssh-serverInstall the […]

  • iptables tips(qbit)


    preface This article is applicable to iptables 1.6. X Iptables release of the Netfilter / iptables project Table, chain, rule Iptables has four tables Filter for filtering NAT for network address translation Mangle is used to mark packets to modify specific rules of grouped data Raw table is independent of Netfilter connection tracking subsystem When […]

  • Knowledge accumulation of IP address, subnet mask, gateway, router, etc


    (1) Problem analysis Q: what’s the difference between IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server? I know that I can’t access the Internet without IP address, and I know that I can’t access the Internet without DNS, but what are their functions and differences? What’s more, it’s really strange that my computer doesn’t […]

  • Make WinCC components for recipe management


    1. Install winccv7.4 and crack: Install winccv7.4sp1 Install license file – follow the prompts Install the dog free drive according to the prompts Install simatic.net V13 2. Connect PLC, First of all, in the same LAN, if it is a router, you can disable / enable the network to assign IP address to the router […]

  • Keepalive high availability drift


    Blog reference http://lanlian.blog.51cto.com/6790106/1303195/ http://blog.csdn.net/tantexian/article/details/50056229 http://www.yulongjun.com/linux/20170904-01-keepalived-introduction/ About keepalived Core module: as the core component of keepalived, it is responsible for the startup and maintenance of the main process, as well as the loading and parsing of the global configuration file; Check: responsible for health examination, including various common inspection methods; VRRP module: to implement VRRP protocol. […]

  • BGP evpn RD and RTS


    When FRR learns that a local VNI is configured, if the user does not display RD and RT configured for this VNI, FRR will automatically derive RD and RTS (including import and export) for this VNI. The derivation rules are as follows: Rd format is “type: routerid: VNI index” RT format is “as: VNI” RD […]

  • The simplest windows 10 soft route


    Because I believe in Millet router 3. Pandora firmware brush course years ago, I brushed my millet router 3pro, and then I have an i5256 three small host connected to the Telecom Optical cat, which can dial and barely use, but There are so many devices in the home, especially mobile notebook, all need wireless, […]

  • Vue project – family bucket (Vue + Vue router + vuex + Axios)


    Axios: it’s equivalent to Ajax. It used to use Vue resource, but now this module is not maintained. Axios is basically usedVue Router: the route of VueVuex: it is the state management of Vue to facilitate communication between components npm install vuex axios –save-dev Axios is configured as follows: //Introducing Axios import axios from ‘axios’ […]

  • Analysis of URL


    Summary: What are the parts of the URL and what are the functions of each part What is the function of DNS? How to use the NSLOOKUP command What is the function of IP and how to use ping command What are domain names? What kinds of domain names are they Part of URL (uniform […]

  • How nodejs sends Ethereum transactions


    “Note: I use web3js version 1.0 in this tutorial” Hello, I’ll explain how to send transactions from the nodejs backend. I will userinkeby testnetYou will also create a router, add some node modules, and use the information HTTP interface to complete the tutorial. We needweb3js,expressandethereumjs-txModule to execute the transaction. After that, you need to enter […]

  • How do computers set up wireless routers?


    Using mobile wifi to get online has brought great convenience and benefits to people, and computer wireless router has also been widely used. Sometimes, we want to change the password and nickname, how can we set up the computer? Let’s have a detailed introduction, let’s learn together! step 1. Turn on the computer and click […]

  • PHP operation router implementation example


    The example of this paper describes the implementation of PHP operation router. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Using PHP to operate router We often encounter the need to change IP automatically, such as analog click voting, data collection blocked IP, Alexa cheating and so on. That is to say, we can […]