• How does the router in the MVC framework work?


    This article was first published inHow does the router in the MVC framework work?,Please indicate the source. illustrate:It seems that there is a bug in the SF translation category, so this article is given in the original category. The MVC router (Router) or distributor (Dispatcher) will detect the URL of the HTTP request and try […]

  • TheRouter page jump source code analysis


    What is TheRouter TheRouter is a middleware that integrates and develops pages and services modularly and provides routing functions in the open-source Android platform. It advocates simplicity and sufficient use. Github: https://github.com/HuolalaTech/hll-wp-therouter-android Official website:https://therouter.cn Simple usage example Activtiy jump TheRouter. Build (” http://therouter.cn/test/activity “). WithString (” name “, “name”), navigation (); Get dependent services // […]