• How to use spring boot project’s built-in Tomcat elegantly


    problem: before, when using the SSM framework, we used to deploy through the external Tomcat. If you want to access the file, you can drag it directly to the root directory of the project. If we need to put an APK file and let others download it, just put the APK under the root directory […]

  • Nodejs from entry to advanced 2 (network part)


    I. network server 1. HTTP status code 1XX: indicates a normal request without special meaning 2XX: request succeeded 200: request succeeded 3xx: indicates redirection 301 permanent redirection 302 temporary redirection 303 use cache (server not updated) 4xx: cannot access 403: cannot access 404: resource not found 5xx: server error 500: wrong server code 502: gateway […]

  • IOS system installs IPA files in Safari


    Configure the address for click to download ITMS services: / /? Action = download manifest & url = “plist file path”Plist file configuration   IIS website configurationTo add website MIME type extension: MIME type: application / XML And to configure the website as HTTPS, you can download the IPA file in IOS browser items assets […]

  • Go language development environment construction


    If there is anything wrong with the writing, please correct it 1. Download and install Download official website of golang: 1. Https://golang.google.cn/dl/ Then here I download the latest version of go1.13 After downloading, double-click the installation directly, and then install it to the C: \ go directory of Disk C by default. Of course, you […]

  • Laravel documentation tool


    laravel-doc ⛵laravel-docIs a project used to generate documents, write documents through markdown, and provide web access to documents Installation requirements PHP >= 7.0.0 Laravel >= 5 install composer require foryoufeng/laravel-doc       If you are running laravel under 5.5, you need toconfig/app.phpAdd: Foryoufeng\Doc\DocServiceProvider::class       Run the following command to publish the resource […]

  • [series] go gin API routing middleware Jaeger link tracing (6)


    Catalog Summary Jaeger deployment Prepare test service Application example Function Effect API source address Service source address Go in API series Summary First, synchronize the following project overview: In the previous article, we shared the routing middleware Jaeger link tracking (Theory). In this article, we will continue to share: routing middleware Jaeger link tracking (practice). […]

  • ThinkPHP 6.0 swoole extended websocket tutorial


    Preface ThinkPHP is about to usher in the latest version 6.0. For the current more and more popular swoole, ThinkPHP also launched the latest extension think swoole 3.0. introduce Tp6.0, which is about to be launched, has been adapted to swoole. It has also launched think swoole 3.0, and is adapted to socketio by default. […]

  • OS module: a built-in module for getting started with Python


    OS module: a built-in module for getting started with Python 1. OS OS is to interact with the operating system and give instructions to the operation OS module is an interface that interacts with the operating system. Its functions are mostly related to working directory, path, file, etc (1) working path Print (OS. Getcwd()) ා […]

  • Configure ASP + MySQL + PHP + isapi_rewrite + Zend + Xcache under Windows 2003 iis6.0


    Windows 2003, buy it yourself Install iis6.0:After installing the system, in “control panel” – > “add or remove programs” – > “add / remove windows components” – > “double-click” application server “- >, and then select” Internet information services (IIS) “- > OK – > installation completed Download PHP: http://cn2.php.net/get/php-5.2.5-win32.zip/from/this/mirror Download MySQL: http://dev.mysql.com/get/download… P / […]

  • The ultimate solution to the problem of IIS error reporting of Web site publisher


          4This error occurs after WebService publishes a new server. resolvent:   DMP file found What is a DMP file? Own Baidu. In short, it’s the black box. It records the operation before the program crashes. How to find the black box? 1. Start the windows error reporting service   2. Execute the […]

  • Virtual box copy virtual machine


    Accustomed toVMchangeBOXIt’s a little different, like copying I used it.2A network card, so it looks like it’s been a hassle AnnotatedUUID There should be a better way to operate it. The following seems a little wordy. First, we can make do with it like this…   1Turn off 2Copy       3, change name, […]

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 modify the default remote port


    Due to the complexity of the customer’s on-site network, the default remote port 3389 of the windows system is included in the security policy, so the server needs to modify this port, and the configuration is as follows: First: log in to the operating system, win + R calls up the Run menu, and then […]