• Have you learned how to upload and download PHP files?


    Chapter 1 file upload 1.1 client upload settings File upload has become a common function in B / s program. The purpose is that customers can upload files to the specified directory on the server through the browser. Common websites supporting file upload on the network: Various network disks Head portrait Online photo album Real […]

  • A small function similar to JD plus equity introduction


    Recently, the company is going to develop a set of online paid member app, which is a hybrid development with the original. There is a member equity module that is all developed using H5. I want to show you the cases that need to be made: In fact, there is no difficulty. The main functions […]

  • Learn the basics of cookies


    Knowledge reserveFirst of all, you need to understand what a session is. A session is when a user opens a browser, clicks on multiple links, then accesses multiple web services, and then closes the browser.There are two ways to save session data. You can save user data, such as data in your shopping cart. The […]

  • Practical summary of Vue + vuerouter + nginx + CDN project optimization


    Usage scenario: at present, this project needs to be embedded in app for use, including router, vuex, Axios, etcCurrent situation: the first load is very slow, waiting time is more than 8 seconds Our purpose: reduce package size, reduce HTTP requests, and ensure code availability, maintainability and no change of business code Route load on […]

  • Hadoop series (I) Hadoop installation configuration and problem solving


    The version of Hadoop is2.7.5, MAC system. 1、 Configuration: 1) SSH environment configuration:First checkssh localhostWhether it can be connected normally. If there is an error, firstSystem Preferences – > ShareMiddle hookRemote login, enter againssh localhostVerify 2) SSH password free login configuration:Execute command:ssh-keygen -t dsa -P ” -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa,ssh-keygen -t rsa -P ” -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa,Theid_dsa.pubandid_rsa.pubAppend toauthorized_keysChina:cat […]

  • Express Middleware


    Loading static resources — review the previous Express How to use express? How to get the request? How do I handle responses? How to expose static resources to the outside world? Express core: middleware: how to understand? Middleware: a specific link used to process HTTP requests (a specific processing function may be executed)Middleware usually provides […]

  • [ASP. Net core] to realize dynamic web API


    Preface: It’s been a month since I worked remotely. I’ve been relatively idle recently. I get up every morning and punch in a card. After I quickly finish the work I have to do that day, I’ll go fishing happily. Before I used the ABP framework (old version), I thought it was really cool to […]

  • Spring 5 source code analysis series (9): annotation based dependency injection


    From the version after spring 2.0, spring has introduced annotation based configuration. Annotation is a new feature introduced in JDK 1.5, which is used to simplify the configuration of bean. In some cases, it can replace XML configuration file. Annotation can greatly simplify configuration and improve development speed, but it can’t completely replace XML configuration. […]

  • How does Axios cancel duplicate requests


    In development, we often encounter various problems caused by repeated interface requests. For repeatedgetThe request will lead to multiple page updates, page jitter and user experience. For repeatedpostThe request will cause two records to be generated on the server (for example, two order records to be generated). If the current page requests are switched to […]

  • ASP.NET Core3.X terminal middleware converted to endpoint routing


    Introduction A few days ago. Net core 3.1 was released, so I upgraded a basic general system of the company, and deleted several basic modules. Of course, these basic modules have nothing to do with. Net core 3.1, including the payment module. After the upgrade, Jing Wen (colleagues) asked me if you deleted the payment? […]

  • Gray publishing based on ingress nginx


    This article comes from my official account.Program simian Tianxuan: realize gray-scale publishing based on ingress nginx, please keep the link for reprint;) Gray level publishing refers to a publishing method that can smooth the transition between black and white. Generally speaking, the product iteration can test the online environment of the new version according to […]

  • Handwritten react router DOM


    Functions to be implemented Routing mode:hash,browser Components:HashRouter,BrowserRouter,Route,Switch,Redirect,Link Current route information: Pathpathname, parametersquery Route jump:push,replace,go,goBack How to use react router DOM //Routing configuration import React from ‘react’ // react-router-dom import { HashRouter as Router, Route, Redirect, Switch } from ‘react-router-dom’ //Handwritten react router DOM // import { HashRouter as Router, Route, Redirect, Switch } from ‘@/plugins/my-router-dom’ […]