• Build the basic configuration of single page application of Vue project from zero


    In the previous articles, we introduced the preliminary work of the construction and operation of Vue project, including the configuration of webpack and the use of environment variables. After understanding and mastering these preliminary preparations, we can go into the interior of Vue project and explore the basic composition of its internal configuration. image.png to […]

  • Complete the test of Dubbo interface based on JMeter


    JMeter does not support Dubbo interface testing by default, but we can realize this function through extended plug-ins or jar packages. JMeter plug-in extension 1.1 plug in download To test Dubbo, we need to download the Dubbo plug-in, which can be found in Apache’s Dubbo plug-in GitHub: https://github.com/thubbo/jmeter-plugins-for-apache-dubbo picture Click to enter. Here we choose […]

  • License plate recognition in Python


    2022-01-17: python:3.9\opencv:4.5.1\hyperlpr:1.21.3   Installation environment: pip3 install opencv-python -i https://pypi.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/simple pip3 install hyperlpr -i https://pypi.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/simple   Hyperlpr needs to be modified cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/lib/python3.9/site-packages/hyperlprvi hyperlpr.py   Enter “/cv2.estimateRigidTransform(org_pts, target_pts, True)”, search the secondary line code and modify it to #mat_ = cv2.estimateRigidTransform(org_pts, target_pts, True) mat_, _ = cv2.estimateAffinePartial2D(org_pts, target_pts, True) Note that the indentation is consistent […]

  • Solve the difficult and miscellaneous problems about import in Python 3


    Import and package management in Python Concept: modules and packages modularmodule: generally.pyFiles with suffixes are also included.pyo、.pyc、.pyd、.soand.dllSuffix file, which defines functions, classes and variables in the module packagepackage: package is a folder containing several modules. Using package management module in engineering project can avoid module name conflict __init__.py In a python project, if there is__init__.pyThe […]

  • Remember the hard journey of introducing typescript and composite API into the old vue2 project


    Reason An existing project was created two years ago. With the passage of time, the amount of code has soared to nearly 10000 files, but the engineering has gradually become unmaintainable. I want to give him a big change, but there are too many intrusive code configurations… Finally, typescript, combinatorial API and vueuse are introduced […]

  • Vue learning 😀


    Vue Progressive JavaScript framework 1. Introduction Official website:https://cn.vuejs.org Front end system, front and rear end separation SOC: separation of concerns Just look at the layer Network communication: Axios Page Jump: Vue router Status management: vuex Vue-UI: ICE Structure layer: HTML Presentation layer: CSS CSS preprocessor: dynamic change – > sass (Ruby), less (nodejs) Behavior layer: […]

  • Vue permission verification (full demo)


    Overall idea of Vue authority verification: 1. Login authentication to get the user‘s token 2. Get the user’s role information through the token (each role corresponds to different permissions, such as admin: Super administrator), 3. After getting the user’s role information, filter the routing information corresponding to the permission, and add the route through addroutes […]

  • Strategy mode (learning notes)


    1. Intention Define a series of algorithms, encapsulate them one by one, and make them interchangeable. This mode allows the algorithm to change independently of the customers using it 2. Motivation Suppose you plan to create a tour guide program for tourists. The core function of the program is to provide beautiful maps to help […]

  • What are the ways to speed up the first screen rendering?


    CDN distribution (reduce transmission distance) HTTP cache Dynamic loading of front-end resources Route lazy loading Component dynamic loading Lazy loading of pictures Merge request Page use skeleton screen Rendering with SSR Use HTTP compression, gzip Make good use of the defer and async attributes of the script tag

  • (5)ASP. NET Core3. 1 Ocelot service quality – fuse


    1. Quality of service For microservices, fusing is what we often call a “fuse”, which means that when certain conditions occur in the service, the service is cut off to prevent the application from continuously executing operations that may fail, resulting in system crash, or a large number of overtime waiting, resulting in system deadlock, […]

  • Automatic test series (IV) flow regression test


    background When verifying the correctness and reliability of the system, the use case scenario alone cannot cover all scenarios in the full production environment. A set of drainage tools are needed to test the system to be launched with the online request before the system is officially launched, and understand whether there is an error […]

  • How does SAP Spartacus pagelayoutcomponent know what specific content it should display


    As we mentioned before, the component attribute of the route data structure of the routes array configured by SAP Spartacus all points to the generic pagelayoutcomponent. How can the latter know which angular component data they should load? Let’s first look at which templates call the pagelayoutcomponent selector: There are only three: This is not […]