• node.js +Express4 write your own blog website [1]


    Wei node.js +Express4 write your own blog website [1] Preface 1. Demand 2. Technology selection 3. Text, hands on 3.1 Hello, Express 3.2 routing in Express 3.3 meet Middleware Preface This series of articles can be seen as a personal blog node record, but also as an advanced version of nodejs Hello world example. I […]

  • AC automata


    brief introduction AC automata is a multi pattern string matching algorithmO(n)The time complexity is only related to the length of the search string, but not to the number of pattern strings. It is an efficient string matching algorithm. Algorithm process AC automata algorithm mainly includes preprocessing process and searching process. Pretreatment The preprocessing process is […]

  • . net cross platform framework Avalonia UI: fill the hole and point north (2): run on Linux


    Review of the previous chapter: Avalonia UI, a cross platform framework of. Net: filling the hole and pointing to the North (1): familiar with UI operation This article will describe some considerations including but not limited to Avalonia and all windows to Linux cross platform development:   1、 Path problem 1. In normal WPF (and […]

  • React project framework based on webpack4


    introduce The framework introduces the react single page application built by WebPAC and integrates antd. Use webpack dev server to start local service and add hot update to facilitate development and debugging. Code cutting lazy loading using bundle loaderManual build, no use of CLI, a large number of comments for beginners to understand the webpack […]

  • DRF — database user information query interface


    One models.py –>Execute data migration command PS: other words can be added to the model layer. As long as they are not field words, they will not be treated as fields from django.db import models class Student(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=32) sex = models.SmallIntegerField (choices = ((1, ‘male’), (2, ‘female’), (3, ‘unknown’)), default = 1) # […]

  • Only use the rest client plug-in of vs code to make API calls


    Why leave the IDE to test the new API? Now you don’t have to. How do we get data If you have been doing web development for a long time, you may know that a lot of our work is focused on data: reading data, writing data, manipulating data, and displaying it in the browser […]

  • Bash tip: introduce a shell script for bulk copying files to the specified directory


    This article introduces a shell script that can batch copy files to the specified directory. Suppose the name of the shell script iscpfiles.sh。 In the actual development work, it may be necessary to save some changed files according to the directory structure for backup. These directory structures may contain multiple subdirectories, or multiple files need […]

  • Spring cloud 2. X version spring cloud stream message driven components basic tutorial (kafaka)


    Spring cloud is used in this paper. This paper is 2.1.8 release, version= Greenwich.SR3 This paper is based on the implementation of Eureka server, Eureka client, Eureka ribbon and spring gateway.reference resources eureka-server eureka-client eureka-ribbon spring-cloud-stream summary Spring cloud stream is a framework for building message driven microservices. It uses spring integration to connect message […]

  • Vue routing with parameters


    URL: /AAA/id Chuan Shen: this$ router.push (“/AAA/” + id); Route: Path: ‘/ AAA /: ID’, obtain: this.id = this.$ route.params.id ; URL: /BBB?id=id Chuan Shen: this$ router.push ({ path: “/BBB”, query: { id: id } }); Route: Path: ‘/ BBB’, obtain: this.id = this.$ route.query.id ;

  • Python – M and sys.path repair


    Introduction to sys module DESCRIPTION:This module provides access to some objects used or maintained by the interpreter and to functions that interact strongly with the interpreter. It is easy to understand that the sys module provides interfaces to objects related to interpreter, rather than the operating system. Here, we need to distinguish the OS modules […]

  • Vue high imitation wechat instant IM chat | imitation of wechat Vue + H5 version | imitation of wechat interface


    1. Project introduction:Using Vue family barrel Technology (Vue + Vue cli + vuex + Vue router + webpack + node…) to realize the high imitation wechat app chat systemVue wechat chat room, realizes drop-down refresh, message expression sending, large picture preview, video playback, custom long press menu…2. Technical realization: MVVM framework: Vue.js Two State management: […]

  • It is very suitable for Xiaobai’s Python learning route


    Series articles: It is very suitable for Xiaobai’s Python learning route Self taught Python by Xiaobai (1) Python tutorial Xiaobai self taught python (2) construction of Python development environment Xiaobai taught himself python (3) basic syntax of Python Self taught Python by Xiaobai (4) Python data type Self taught Python by Xiaobai (5) Python operator […]