• Summary of multi person blog management project


    giteeBaidu network diskExtraction code: b2et Blog — source code directory └ — config — configuration file ├── development. JSON — development environment configuration ├── default. JSON — default configuration ├── production. JSON — production environment configuration └── custom-environment-variables. JSON — private environment variable └ – Middleware └──loginGuard. JS login interception └ — Model — database […]

  • Vue route management and parameter transmission


    objective To build a WebGIS System Based on Vue, you need more nested routing and vuex state management. Therefore, after learning the online tutorial, you should supplement some of your own views for learning and consolidation PS: the whole process of routing will not be repeated here. Please refer to the following two excellent bloggers’ […]

  • Configuring opencv c++ development environment for Android


    Most of the opencv configuration environments on the Internet can not be configured successfully. Either so cannot be found in the compilation times or so cannot be found in the operation This article is the configuration method I found after trying many pits The principle is to let androidstudio automatically configure itself according to the […]

  • Resolve HTTP error 500.19 in ASP website: absolute physical path is not allowed in httperrors section


    Work needs, need to maintain an ASP website, the website has been more than ten years, the code has been difficult to sort out. Needless to say, ASP technology has not supported this type of project since it was developed more than 20 years ago. Maintenance is a headache. I will write something to replace […]

  • Error: failed to execute’h:\keil\keil c51\c51\bin\c51 EXE’


    C language difficulties — Error: failed to execute ‘H:\keil\keil C51\C51\BIN\C51.EXE’ It is such an error that ‘c51 EXE’ So what should we do in this situation???Let’s start with Kangkang, my code #include void main() { P2=0xfe; }It is obvious that this is a very common LED lighting program, and there is nothing wrong with it.Cough, […]

  • IOS routing summary


    Introduction to IOS routing There are two popular categories of IOS routing in the industry: 1. Registered scheduling routing based on URL or protocol 2. Runtime scheduling routing Currently, only one mgjrouter is found in the data of protocol type routing query, that is, mushroom Street routing. However, the main database has been deleted, so […]

  • The use of vue3 routing ensures that you get something!


    Routing variables Some friends may hear the word “routing variable” for the first time. What is a routing variable? As the name suggests, this routing address is dynamic, not fixed. Where is its application scenario? For example: 1 The address of the details page, we can use the routing variable. For example, the article details […]

  • API routing pit of laravel8


    1. How to write the laravel8 route according to the previous version will cause the problem that the referenced file cannot be found. The following three writing methods are confirmed to be valid: The entire controller file is under the controller 2. In routes\api PHP:Official recommended method 1:quote use App\Http\Controllers\UserController; In practice, the domain name […]

  • A static file server with permission verification based on nginx+php. For example, some scenarios need to verify parameters before returning resources, or thumbnail generation.


    A static file server with permission verification based on nginx+php. For example, some scenarios need to verify parameters before returning resources, or thumbnail generation. 1. Nginx configuration 1. The static file is stored in the download and will be set to internal, that is, it can only be accessed internally and no direct external access […]

  • Implementation of lvs-nat working mode


    Implementation principle: vs changes the target IP according to the scheduling algorithm to realize the flow of user access control.realization:1) Configure the network environment:A machine: do vs VIP: DIP: Clear firewall: iptables – NVLMachine B performs RS1: RIP: Add routes to vs: route add default gw C performs RS2: RIP: Add routes […]

  • Multicast technology PIM-SM RP of HCNP routing&switching


    Previously, we learned about the sparse mode of multicast routing protocol PIM in multicast technology. Please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/16142795.html; Today, let’s talk about RP related topics in PIM sparse mode; We know that in RPT, all multicast data streams will be forwarded to the receiver through RP; For an RP, it can serve multiple multicast groups […]

  • Give your egg a dozen swaggerui (testable interface documents, ask if you are interested)


    <img width=”100″https://link.segmentfault.com/?enc=nMO6Cxc31Z3IdSEgmmwqJA%3D%3D.%2BI3j7yWSZrmzOkNmh90a1qCXi44QlnkEtSZxUlwEzJaqUbIbT9fhYfRQfLTzqHM6Kjy3yHOcwGdDlioJVzZ%2FUSLNAOd3Zh3pToUAYV4d7ic%3D” rel=”nofollow”>https://user-gold-cdn.xitu.io…;h=128&f=png&s=7630″/> Egg. JS route decorator, making your development more agile~Lady and gentleman, let’s celebrateEggshell v1.0.4Release of version~ Please check the specific usagefile This new version mainly integrates the swagger UI. Let’s show the wave: import { Controller } from ‘egg’; import { Post, IgnoreJwtAll, Description, TagsAll, Parameters, Responses } from ‘egg-shell-decorators’; const USER_SCHEMA […]