• IIS logs lead to the continuous reduction of Disk C space. Handling measures [knock on the blackboard and highlight]


    1. Modify the storage location of log files: open IIS log   2. Of course, we can delete the log file manually. The more convenient way is to create a batch file (for example, deletelog. Bat), which contains the following contents: Create a new text document – copy the following code – save and modify […]

  • Several routing algorithms for distributed dB / redis are illustrated


    background As the application becomes larger and larger, the amount of data becomes more and more. Neither the single database, single table nor single redis of MySQL database can meet the high concurrent read-write operations and the storage function of large amount of data. Therefore, we are familiar with itSub database and sub table。 Vertical […]

  • Build a vue-cli4 + webpack mobile terminal framework (out of the box)


    brief introduction This is a mobile terminal framework based on vue-cli4, which includes common project configuration, component packaging and webpack optimization methods, which can be used for rapid development. Technology stack: vue-cli4 + webpack4 + vant + Axios + less + postcss-px2rem Source codegithub.com/Michael-lzg… //Installation dependency npm install //Local startup npm run dev //Production packaging […]

  • 36-Endpoint Slices


    Endpoint Slices FEATURE STATE: Kubernetes v1.16 alpha Endpoint Slices provide a simple way to track network endpoints within a Kubernetes cluster. They offer a more scalable and extensible alternative to Endpoints. Endpoint sliceProvides a simple way to track network endpoints in a kubernetes cluster. They provide a more scalable and scalable endpoint alternative. Endpoint Slice […]

  • How to use disk multipath under Linux


    Multipath configuration under Linux 1、 Basic configuration of multipath in Linux: Pass the command: lsmod | grep DM_ Multipath checks whether the installation is normal and successful. If there is no output indicating that it is not installed, install the software package through the yum function: Yum – y install device mapper device mapper multipath […]

  • [Vue] Vue router routing management


    Vue router routing management Basic use Advanced 1 Foundation Installation and basic use Dynamic routing Nested Route Programming navigation Named route Named view Redirection and alias Routing component parameters History mode Modules 1.1 installation and basic use //Installation npm install vue-router –save //Introduced in main.js import VueRouter from ‘vue-router’ Vue.use(VueRouter) //At this time, there will […]

  • CentOS 7 regularly executes Python scripts


    CentOS 7 regularly executes Python scripts In CentOS, crontab can be used to process scheduled tasks. 1、 Installation of crontab By default, crontab is already installed in CentOS 7. If it is not installed, you can install it through Yum or up2date. yum install crontabs 2、 Timing syntax description of crontab In corntab, a line […]

  • Restart remote request menu after antd Pro V5 login


    Because routing existsinitialStatethisHooksIn, as follows: const { initialState, setInitialState } = useModel(‘@@initialState’); Therefore, you only need to use this code in the login logic: //Write your own remote request interface import { R_Menu } from ‘@/services/builder’; //Import system default menu import SystemRoutes from ‘@/../config/routes’; //Rewrite the logic of the login page const fetchUserInfo = async […]

  • Source code interpretation of Dubbo layered design idea


    1、 Overview of Dubbo layered overall design Let’s start with the following figure to briefly introduce the Dubbo layered design concept: (quoted from duboo Development Guide – framework design document) As shown in the figure, the RPC implemented by Dubbo is divided into 10 layers: service, config, proxy, registry, cluster, monitor, protocol, exchange, transport and […]

  • Fluent news client – 03 static routing, component extraction, login and registration interface


    Station B video https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Objectives of this section Static routing Shaded oval Icon Input validity verification Component extraction method General components, business components Program directory organization Extract transparent navigation bar Toast prompt component 1 static routing 1.1 define static routing Landing page lib / pages / sign_ in/sign_ in.dart Registration page lib / pages / […]

  • A glance at Django static files


    to configure 1. InINSTALLED_APPSConfirm that the setting item containsdjango.contrib.staticfiles2. IncreaseSTATIC_URLSetting item. The value is a string (path) and must end with ‘/’3. Reference in the template: python{% load staticfiles %} <img/> 4. On the appstaticDirectory to store static files NOTE Used during developmentExtremely inefficientDeployingThere are other ways to do itbe carefulnamespacing STATICFILE_DIRS Default to[], a […]

  • Centos7 installation mongodb record


    In order to demonstrate the remote installation of mongodb, Tencent cloud recently bought a campus cloud 1-core 2G server at a real price, so it bought one. The activity address is very suitable for students. It seems that not students can experience it for a year, so Xiaobian will experience it with a trumpet. Cloud […]