• Dynamic effect of roulette on IOS


    This example for you to share the IOS wheel dynamic effect of the specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows A common drawing, mainly used to score such animation, the effect is as follows. It’s mainly about IOS drawing and animation. Originally, I wanted to use the system’s own animation to […]

  • CSS + JS to achieve a roulette clock


    0x00 Preface /*Before the recruitment of the school computer club, I was asked to collect the technical works of the directors to show them. As a result, only one director handed in a piece of work. I happened to see an Android “red clock dynamic wallpaper” on the Internet, so I tried to hand in […]

  • Unity realizes the rolling effect of the button in the wheel mode


    Recently, in the project, the plan gives a requirement that the button slide according to the trajectory of a wheel. After some testing, the preliminary effect is achieved. I distinguish the horizontal sliding from the vertical sliding. Here we take the vertical sliding as an example to demonstrate the sliding effect of the button. First, […]