• word replacement of leetcode


    sequence This article mainly records the word replacement of leetcode topic In English, we have a concept called a root, which can be followed by some other words to form another longer word – we call this word successor. For example, the root an, followed by the word other, can form the new word another. […]

  • Data warehouse development specification


    00 background Specification constraints are the reference for the entire process of data warehouse construction, as well as subsequent iterations and operation and maintenance. In fact, the data warehouse specification document should be distributed to all relevant personnel along with the architecture design document before the start of data warehouse development, and it is an […]

  • Linux operating system security configuration steps


    Brief description of Linux security configuration steps 1、 Disk partition 1. If newinstallsystem, consider the security of disk partition:1) the root directory (/), user directory (/home), temporary directory (/tmp) and /var directory should be separated into different disk partitions;2) the disk space size of the partition where the above directories are located should be fully […]

  • Solve the problem that the TS cannot be loaded when creating an app under typescript+webpack in electronic Forge


    Version electron: 18.2.0electron-forge: 6.0.0-beta.63 Description When using preload TS, the following code can be packaged normally but cannot be loaded into preload TS file. // index.ts declare const MAIN_WINDOW_WEBPACK_ENTRY: string; const mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({ height: 600, width: 800, webPreferences: { preload: MAIN_WINDOW_WEBPACK_ENTRY } }) //package.json “plugins”: [ [ “@electron-forge/plugin-webpack”, { “mainConfig”: “./webpack.main.config.js”, “renderer”: { […]

  • Solution of forgetting MySQL root password


    I MySQL password recoverymethodone ofIf you forget the root password of MySQL, you can use the followingmethodagainset up: 1. KillsystemMySQL process in; killall -TERM mysqld 2. Start MySQL with the following command and start it without checking permissions; safe_mysqld –skip-grant-tables & 3. Then log in to MySQL by using the root user with an empty […]

  • SSH cannot start on Linux system


    Log in directly on the machine, and the problem is shown as follows:   /var/empty/sshd must be owned by root and not group or world-writable.   Question:   SSH on Linux cannot start Report / var / empty / sshd must be owned by root and not group or world writable   solveway:   First, […]

  • Security management under Linux system


    1. Bootstrap securityThe root password of Linux system is easy to crack, of course, if you don’tset upThe boot program password, such as grub or Lilo, is strongly recommended to prevent the root password from being broken through the boot programset upThe boot password of grub or Lilo. You can edit its configuration file / […]

  • How to use touch command under Linux system


    1. Command format: Touch [options] File 2. Command parameters: -A) or — time = atime or — time = access or — time = use only change the access time.-C # or — no create does not create any documents.-D use the specified date and time instead of the current time.-F this parameter will be […]

  • Solution of forgetting root user password under Linux


    Grub: on the boot loader menu, type [e] to enter edit mode. You will face a list of boot items. Find a sentence line similar to the following output: kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.18-0.4 ro root=/dev/hda2 Press the arrow keys until the line is highlighted, and then press [e]. You can now leave a space at the end […]

  • How to change the forgotten Linux root password


    Previously, I forgot the administrator password of windows. Because I can’t clear the password with the CD, I can only reinstall the system. Now think about how stupid it was. Similarly, in Linux system, you will forget the root password. What if you encounter such a situation? Reinstall the system? Of course not! Enter the […]

  • Remedy method using Linux system CD when forgetting root password


    The rescue mode is rescue, which is mainly used when the system cannot enter. For example, grub is damaged or a configuration file is modified incorrectly. How to use the rescue mode? When the disc starts, press F5 to enter the rescue mode Enter Linux rescue and press enter Choose a language, I suggest you […]