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  • Vue3 + vite + TS + element plus construction project (III)


    Continue to build the previous project. This phase mainly focuses on configuring environment variables, element plus references, cross domain settings, overall layout, etc1、 Environmental variablesIn the actual development, the domain names used in the development environment, test environment and production environment are different, and it is troublesome to modify the URL every time. Configuring different […]

  • Construction and one-step analysis of SAP ui5 application in business application studio


    Open an SAP ui5 application in SAP Business Application studio and select MTA Yaml file to build:Build MTA Project: This article describes what happened behind the selection of this menu. Executing task: mbt build -s ‘/home/user/projects/project1’; sleep 2; < The command line to execute ismbt build -s, execute the file in the root directory of […]

  • Hyperledger fabric is deployed on multiple hosts


    preface In the experiment, hyperledger fabric unordered organization starts multiple orderer services with raft protocol and TLS organization runs and maintains orderer services, we have completed the operation and maintenance of three orderer nodes of raft protocol with Council organization providing tls-ca service. However, at present, we all start the fabric network on a single […]

  • Use laradock to quickly build a PHP development environment under docker


    Laradock is an integrated multi version PHP development environment under docker. It is easy to use and can quickly build a development environment Install docker Mode 1:brew install –cask docker Mode 2:Manually download docker desktop for Mac Download laradock //Development environment root directory (any definition, such as creating a new folder WWW) git clone https://github.com/Laradock/laradock.git […]

  • Build typescript + react + DVA development environment with vscode


    [ As the front-end technology in 2018, we should learn the most ], TypescriptIt’s really hot. I’ve taught myself these two daystsBased on and configured a simpleDva+React+Typescript+TslintBecause other Baidu tutorials are 17 years or earlier, many of them are outdated, so think about sharing experience with self-taught friends! First step installtypescript(Global installation is recommended) npm […]

  • NPM custom global command


    NPM custom global commandInstall node global command 1、 Create package JSON file, and the creation command is hello { “name”: “demo”, “version”: “1.0.0”, “dependencies”: { }, “bin”: { “hello”: “./index.js” } } 2、 Set the result of file run index js #!/usr/bin/env node console.log(‘hello world’) 3、 In the global installation (to be installed under the […]

  • Paying for knowledge online and subscribing to WeChat official account


    Subscription notification is a notification capability that users actively subscribe and service numbers are issued on demand. Please observe the wechat public platform service agreement and wechat public platform operation specification during the use process. After the user actively subscribes in the above scenario, the service number can send subscription notices to the user through […]

  • Call Baidu, face + + and Tencent Youtu AI API gracefully like querying the database


    explain We have developed an extension that calls the AI API of the mainstream platform like laraval and Yii query database. I hope it can help you. Project address:https://github.com/huanghe/ai Provide a Baidu API test account: ‘baidu’ => [ ‘app_id’ => ‘10542071’, ‘app_key’ => ‘8s6SsRRSqSEBGbHET5yQWWgT’, ‘secret_key’ => ‘AYBUKYByCBDdaSWijinZl24WZnbCpAtt’, ], characteristic Unified calling method of AI Platform […]

  • Nginx cannot load CSS / JS pictures and other files 404 Not fund


    Nginx cannot load CSS / JS pictures and other files 404 Not fund, because files with different suffixes must be accessed in nginx Declare rules in conf //The notes here are only for explanation. Notes cannot be interspersed during normal configuration in nginx location ~ .*. (js|css|png|jpg) $// this is the regular filter that needs […]

  • Webpack installation


    In this section, let’s learnwebpack4.0Installation of,webpackThe operation of depends on node JS running environment, in the installationwebpackIt also needs to be usednpm, so we need to install it firstNode.js,Node.jsComes with package managernpm。 webpackneedNode.js v0.6The above versions are supported, so it is recommended to use the latest version. The installation address is:https://nodejs.org/en/download/, if you are not […]

  • Implementation of PHP plug-in system (II): obtain all plug-in information


    Series articles: Implementation of PHP plug-in system (I): why implement plug-in system Implementation of PHP plug-in system (II): obtain all plug-in information Implementation of PHP plug-in system (3): implementation of detector Implementation of PHP plug-in system (IV): implementation of registration action Implementation of PHP plug-in system (V): trigger plug-in Implementation of PHP plug-in system (6): […]