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  • Article applet full stack development, from entry to online, section 3 – applet login


    1. Add user table Add a new one namedbiduAnd add a user tableusers, whereidIs auto increment. Please pay attention to the data type of the field and do not select it wrong. 2. Configure constants (1).env stayserverRoot directory, create a new fileserver/.envAnd configure the key and expiration time of JWT, database information, and relevant information […]

  • Parallel debugging and release of a component library from zero package


    This period of time is very idle, “leadership” put forward some requirements for our front end, hoping that we can have our own component library, which is famous for its development efficiency, unified style and burden reduction. Holding the idea that this is the command of the leader and a chicken to make progress, I […]

  • How to quickly compile and run oneos lite?


    summary Always asked, how can I get started when I get the source code? I want to use so and so component. How can I use it quickly? I don’t have a board. I want to get familiar with the code first. What should I do? I want to run the system on a board. […]

  • Less, sass installation


    1.less 1. Installation 1. If less is not installed, please install less firstnpm i less-loader less –save-dev2. If you need to define global variables, please installnpm i style-resources-loader –save-dev3. Create Vue in the project root directory (SRC peer) config. JS and configure const path = require(‘path’) function resolve (dir) { return path.join(__dirname, dir) } module.exports […]

  • Disk space cleanup case


    In a normal day, there are two disk alarms. The space of two different mount points is full. Record the processing process. Spark temporary directory problem Space under root directorydu -h –max-depth=1 /The directory with the most space was found to be / tmpdu –max-depth=1 /tmp | sort -rn Check the files in this directoryThe […]

  • Rapid integration of Huawei AGC cloud storage service nodejs


    Huawei appgallery connect provides a cloud storage service, which claims to provide a convenient cloud storage service. When application developers use it, they can use it directly without paying attention to the deployment of the server. This service has recently launched the SDK of server nodejs. I tried it first. You can also be interestedDownload […]

  • IOS xcodegen usage reference


    data XcodeGen–Github Better iOS projects: Getting (nearly) rid of Xcodeproject – A (not so) short Introduction to Xcodegen Xcodegen build Xcode project Pain point Xcode uses project files Xcodeproj file to bundle the source code and resources of the IDE. It works normally in most cases, but it has the following disadvantages: After adding source […]

  • Develop cocoapods private library


    preface As a digression, I was curious about the private database of pod according to the online data, but I didn’t understand it deeply, so I didn’t make any impression. But I saw it yesterday afternoonUsing cocoapods private library to improve the overall efficiency of the teamWhen this article, specifically, it should be the title, […]

  • Vue related collection


    https://www.cnblogs.com/dupd/p/7735450.htm…Make up the original record https://quasar.dev/vue-components/time https://muse-ui.org/#/zh-CN/time-picker Follow up port New Vue cli 3.0 Only two items are recommended. I ask who else is in addition to material design, depending on the obvious gap between time choices? JS vue mobile move vue-cli This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to […]

  • LNMP deployment website accesses PHP file 404


    Today, when you deploy a website on a new server and access PHP files, 404 appearsThe server is a free server of Tencent cloudCentos 7.2 + php7.1.7 + nginx1.12.1The LNMP one click installation package is installed without compiling.After installation, add the configuration file in / usr / local / nginx / conf / VhostThe configuration […]

  • My Vue learning record 1: front end cross domain proxy configuration


    Series articles: My Vue learning record 1: front end cross domain proxy configuration My Vue learning record 2: child component calls parent component’s method Cross domain configuration In the vue.config.js file under the root directory of the project directory, add the following code module.exports = { publicPath: “/”, devServer: { proxy: { “/api”: { target: […]

  • NVM installation and management multi version node tutorial


    Install NVM, node, NPM Download the NVM installation package. It is recommended to use 1.1.7. If I use 1.1.8, I will report errors in Chinese Click the EXE file and pay attention to modifying the installation root directory of NVM and the installation root directory of node, which is the storage address of source files […]