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  • C# IO.Path


    Path class 1. The path class is a static class 2. The path class does not actually change the file, it only operates on strings. Member function explain example Path.ChangeExtension() Change string path suffix Path.Combine() Path splicing (save the pain of string + + +) Path.GetDirectoryName() Path.GetExtension() Return suffix Path.GetFileName() Returns the file name + […]

  • Create react projects manually


    reactAll developers know how to usecreate-react-appCreating a project is very simple, but not the purpose of this article. This article will show you how to build it step by stepreactProject. 1. Initialize the project and write the components Execute the following command to initialize the project npm init -y installreact、react-dom npm -i -D react react-dom […]

  • Summary of the most detailed practice method in the history of introducing local jar package into Maven project


    date author edition remarks 2020-09-27 Ding bin V1.0 The introduction of local jar package into Maven project can be considered from three aspects 1. Ide tools such as JetBrains idea consider: Open the file – project structure – project settings – modules –In the dependencies tab area, click the + icon in the upper right […]

  • C# IO.IO.Directory


    Directory 1. Static class 2. Used to manipulate folders Member function explain example Directory.CreateDirectory() create folder Directory.Delete() remove folders Directory.Exists() Does the path exist Directory.GetCreationTime() Get directory creation time Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() Gets the current program path irectory.GetDirectories() Traverse the subfolders under the directory Directory.GetFiles() Traverse the files in the directory Directory.GetFileSystemEntries() Traversing subfolders and files Directory.GetLogicalDrives() […]

  • Establishment of docker etcd environment


    Etcd is a distributed and highly reliable kV storage system written by golang and implemented by raft protocol. It is often used as configuration sharing and service registration discovery. Kubernetes uses etcd to save the state of the whole cluster Etcd focuses on the following four points: Simple: well defined, user oriented API (using grpc) […]

  • Nginx access PHP file not found


    Nginx access PHP file error file not found reason This error is very common. There are two kinds of errors PHP FPM cannot find script_ PHP file executed in filename PHP FPM cannot access the executed PHP, which is a permission problem solve Is your PHP project file in your nginx default root directory, so […]

  • Local development and debugging of NPM package


    preface NextThe ast function is used to automatically add errorsWe have developed a Babel plugin (NPM package). In this article, we will continue to explore how to develop and debug NPM package locally. When the NPM package is still in the development stage, it is impossible to debug while releasing, otherwise it will be too […]

  • Debugging in VS Code Vue.js


    step Open vscode and install debugger for chrome Creating Vue application with Vue cli3 Add project root path“ vue.config.js “Documents module.exports = { configureWebpack: { devtool: ‘source-map’ } } In the. Vscode file launch.json add to: “version”: “0.2.0”, “configurations”: [ { “type”: “chrome”, “request”: “launch”, “name”: “vuejs: chrome”, “url”: “http://localhost:8080”, “webRoot”: “${workspaceFolder}/src”, “breakOnLoad”: true, “sourceMapPathOverrides”: […]

  • Some problems in learning Tomcat


    Tomcat installation configuration First, you need to configure Java_ Home and JRE_ The environment variable of home, the address is the Java root directory path, such as F: \ Download the installation free compressed package from Tomcat website. After decompression, the DOS window enters the bin file, and then runs to the service startup, such […]

  • Share a plug-in that converts the AC title in leetcode into markdown table


    Background: when writing a blog, every time you add a new leetcode solution, you need to check theLeetCode/READMEIt’s very hard to update the table manually. So it was conceivedcrd-leetcode-cliThe plug-in realizes automatic synchronous update of leetcode AC, and the solution is markdown table. crd-leetcode-cli CRD leetcode cli providesleetcodeThe ability to convert AC topics into markdown […]

  • Converting java project into Tomcat project


    The first step Download eclipse and install the Tomcat plug-in. Step two In the top menu bar, selectFile->New->Java Project, create a new Java project. Step three After the project is established, select the projectRight click > Properties > Tomcat: Is a Tomcat ProjectTick it Context nameIf you do not fill in the access path, it […]

  • Get requests using Axios in Vue cannot deliver objects – problems and Solutions


    Get request Problem description Using get to pass the object, it will be automatically converted to string form terms of settlement Download QS from project root npm i qs introduce import qs from “qs” use axios({ URL: “interface,”, method: “get”, params: { data: this.data , // object passed }, paramsSerializer: function (params) { return qs.stringify(params, […]