• Which do you prefer, SDK or API?


    I haven’t understood the relationship between SDK and API before, and the official explanation is not clear. In Baidu Encyclopedia, SDK is defined as a software development kit (foreign language acronym: SDK, foreign language full name: software development kit). It is generally a collection of development tools used by some software engineers to build application […]

  • How does the new azure communication service (ACS) implement webrtc?


    This article is from Gustavo Garcia, a software engineer of housepat. He has made a comprehensive evaluation of azure communication service (ACS), including browser compatibility, codec and bandwidth estimation algorithm. Compared with his main competitors, there is still a gap in maturity. By Gustavo Garcia Translated by Helen Lyu Original link/https://webrtchacks.com/how-d… We have a long […]

  • Developed an open source project of listening to songs and chatting together


    Project brief Bbbug is an online chat room for listening to songs. It supports multiple rooms and creating private rooms. It also supports room encryption and room mode switchingwww.bbbug.com Project warehouse address:https://github.com/HammCn/ | https://gitee.com/bbbug_com Realized function 1. Ordinary text and picture expression message chat function 2. Song search, song request, song cut, top song, song […]

  • Vscode successfully transformed into a social platform? See how I can expand a chat room for vscode!


    As we all know, visual studio code (vs Code) is a lightweight and open source code editor provided by Microsoft family, which attracts many developers to invest in daily production under vscode, and the usual coding work is extremely boring, so the author tosses around here and installs a plug-in for vs code to chat […]

  • AtCoder Context ABC 168- D – .. (Double Dots)


    Operational requirements Run time limit: 2sec Memory limit: 1024MB Reprint is not allowed without permissionLink to original questionsubjectThere’s a place, there’s a caveThere are n rooms and M roads in the cave. The number of rooms is 1 to N, and the number of roads is 1 to M. Road I connects the rooms AI […]

  • Mutual exclusion and cooperation mechanism of threads in Java Concurrent Programming


    Maybe in the implementation principle of synchronized keyword, you already know that its underlying is implemented by using the relevant instructions of monitor, but you still don’t know the specific details of monitor. This article will give you a thorough understanding of the underlying implementation principles of monitor. Guancheng A pipe can be considered as […]

  • How to use alink for Chinese sentiment analysis?


    Affective analysis is to analyze the subjective text with emotional color (positive or negative) to determine the views, preferences and emotional tendencies of the text. In this paper, we will model the data of customers’ comments on the hotel, and predict it through the model. Demonstrate the common operations in sentiment analysis, including word segmentation, […]

  • SQL Apply query application


    Related blogs: Row in SQL_ A comparison between number and apple in dealing with top n and other similar problems SQL Server – focus on apply operator (27) Do you really know how to play SQL? Top and apply in the cold There are the following application scenarios When we use row_ When doing group […]

  • Leetcode 174. Dungeon game | Python


    174. Underground city games Title Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/dungeon-game subject Some demons catch the princess (P) and lock her in the lower right corner of the dungeon. The underground city is a two-dimensional grid composed of m x n rooms. Our brave knight (k) was originally placed in the room in the upper left corner. He […]

  • C + + Programming: hotel room management system


    1、 Function description This project is “hotel room management system”, which realizes the management of hotel room information Hotel initialization (1) Initialize administrator account password (2) Initialize operator account password (3) Initialize hotel room information Administrator management (1) Administrator login (2) View, add, delete and modify operator information (3) Operator information written to file (4) […]

  • Front end programmer learn algorithm series (x) dynamic programming


    The overall idea of dynamic programming is to solve recursive problems, and then optimize a large number of overlapping subproblems in the recursive process. The top-down solution is memory search, and the bottom-up solution is dynamic programming. The top-down solution is usually better understood. After we understand it, we change it to bottom-up dynamic programming; […]

  • Think tools


    Official website document Thinkphpp6 documentationhttps://www.kancloud.cn/manua… Swote documenthttps://wiki.swoole.com/#/ Think tool documenthttps://www.kancloud.cn/manua… install composer require topthink/think-swoole command line php think swoole [start|stop|reload|restart] Service startup When you’re on the command linephp think swooleAfter the next execution, an HTTP server will be started, which can directly access the current application ‘server’ => [ ‘host’ => env(‘SWOOLE_ Host ‘,’’), // […]