• Data control DCL


    1、 Data security 1. User representation and identification 2. Access control 3. Define view 4. Audit 5. Data encryption   2、 Server level security: Login name (Windows account login, account password login) Default login account: 1. Builtin / administrators 2. SA (administrator account, disabled by default, needs to be enabled)   Create SQLSEVER login account […]

  • Function introduction of Vue + element front end application development framework


    In the front, I introduced many ABP series articles “ABP framework use”, which step by step introduced the web services involved in our daily development API service construction, login log and operation audit log, dictionary management module, information maintenance of provinces and cities, organization, user, role, permission, menu and other contents in permission management module, […]

  • Windows Server 2019 ad Active Directory deployment (1) basic installation


    The experimental environment was as follows cn_windows_server_2019_x64_dvd_4de40f33 The first step is to install DNS service and provide domain name resolution in domain environment; Part 2: install active directory services, build domain services. 1. Install DNS Service To install DNS service, the server must be set to a fixed IP address. Server management template click Manage […]

  • The back-end project skeleton, which separates the front-end and back-end views, is implemented based on Vue element admin


    A series of articles: Background skeleton system based on hyperf architecture The back-end project skeleton, which separates the front-end and back-end views, is implemented based on Vue element admin brief introduction This projectskeleton-adminbe based onvue-element-adminThe front end and back end of the project are separated. Back end projectskeletonHyperf is a basic background skeleton system with […]

  • Spring security framework — integration of JWT (server side)


    Create a new user table — users, and complete the database addition, deletion, query and modification 1、 New table 2、 Persistent mapping, building model class, adding primary key generator //Specify the generator name @GeneratedValue(generator = “uuid2” ) @GenericGenerator(name = “uuid2”, strategy = “org.hibernate.id.UUIDGenerator” ) 3、 Build Dao layer package edu.ynmd.cms.dao; import edu.ynmd.cms.model.Users; import org.springframework.data.jpa.repository.JpaRepository; import […]

  • (8) The way to take off


    Interested friends can go to understand the first few articles, your praise is the greatest support for me, thank you! (1) Springboot take off HelloWorld (2) Springboot take off road – Introduction principle analysis (3) Spring boot take off road yaml configuration summary (4) Springboot take off – static resource processing (5) Springboot take off […]

  • Spring boot + Shiro + mybatis + thymeleaf


    Spring boot + Shiro + mybatis + thymeleaf To record, learn a little demo of Shiro: 1. The first is the underlying database — —————————- — Table structure for role — —————————- CREATE TABLE `role` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_ Increment comment ‘role table primary key’, `role_ Name ` varchar (32) default null comment […]

  • Larravel authorization: using casbin (PHP rights management framework) in larravel


    PHP-CasbinPHP is a lightweight framework for access control(https://github.com/php-casbin…), currently open source in GitHub. PHP caspin adopts the design idea of meta model and supports many classic access control schemes, such as RBAC and ABAC. Laraval-AuthorizationIt’s a customized one for laravelCasbinExpansion pack for(https://github.com/php-casbin… )。 install useComposerInstallation: composer require casbin/laravel-authz Lauthz\LauthzServiceProvideryesauto-discoveredAnd is registered by default, but if […]

  • AutoTrace switch of sqlplus


    Official documentshttps://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e16604/ch_eight.htm#i1037226 Set AutoTrace off means close, which is the default (set AutoTrace off) Set AutoTrace on means display result, execution plan and statistics information (set AutoTrace on) Set AutoTrace on explain means display result and execution plan (set AutoTrace on exp) Set AutoTrace on statistics means display results and statistical information (set AutoTrace ON […]

  • Java security framework


    The article is mainly divided into three parts1. The architecture and core components of spring security are as follows: (1) authentication; (2) authority interception; (3) database management; (4) authority caching; (5) custom decision making; and;2. To build and use the environment, the current popular spring boot is used to build the environment, and the actual […]

  • How to design a privilege authorization service in microservices


    Role based access control (RBAC) RBAC is a method of restricting system access to authorized users. It is a policy independent access control mechanism defined around roles and privileges. The components of RBAC make it easy to perform user assignment. Within the organization,Will be created for various jobsrole。Permission to perform some operations has been assigned […]