• RBAC role based rights management


    RBAC role based rights management RBAC authority management RBAC(role-based access control) refers to the association between users and permissions through roles. In short, a user has several roles, and each role has several permissions. In this way, the authorization model of “user role permission” is constructed. In this model, the relationship between users and roles, […]

  • Keyloak quick start guide. It only takes 10 minutes to access spring boot / Vue front-end and back-end separate applications to realize SSO single sign on


    Login and identity authentication is one of the most basic functions of modern web applications. For the internal systems of enterprises, multiple systems often want to have a set of SSO service to uniformly manage the login and identity authentication of enterprise users, so as to improve the experience of users using multiple systems at […]

  • Shiro combat tutorial (Part 2)


    Note: the Shiro tutorial comes from a tutorial on site B. since the source code is paid, I won’t share it. The next article will explain the use of springboot with Shiro. My personal blog: Tianya Zhi My official account: rookie thanks. 6. Integrate springboot project practice 6.0 integration ideas 6.1 creating a springboot project […]

  • Setting user and password in mongodb under Windows


    By default, mongod also has no administrator account. Therefore, unless you add an administrator account in the admin database with the DB. Createuser() command and start mongod with the – auth parameter, anyone in the database can execute all commands without authentication. 1、 Create all database administrator users: 1. Run cmd.exe as an administrator and […]

  • Actor: life is like a play, all depends on acting skills — the design of “three-dimensional” logic programming language (3)


    stayLastThis paper introduces the function of logic programming and some concepts in logic programming, including the structure of logic program: facts, rules and problems; The expression of knowledge: predicate calculus, production rules, and the fit relationship between these concepts and three-dimensional (role + scene + time) theory, formally put forward the concept of “three-dimensional logic […]

  • Learn the workflow of GIT, a front-line Internet company, so that your interview is no longer embarrassing!


    This article is reproduced from: wind towerAlthough Git is a good tool, it is not easy to use it well. There are many tutorials on how to use git commands on the Internet, but few people teach you how to manage the branches of your project (GIT workflow). Suppose you are given a large project, […]

  • MySQL role function introduction


    preface: In the last article, we introduced the knowledge of MySQL permission management. When there are a large number of databases or users in the database instance, permission management will become more and more cumbersome, and permission changes may be made frequently. MySQL 8.0 adds a role function to make permission management more convenient. In […]

  • React series — division of react + Redux project directory structure


    Organize by role If you have developed applications with MVC framework, you should knowMVCUnder the framework, there is usually such a code organization: controllers/ todoController.js filterController.js models/ todoModel.js filterModel.js views/ todo.js todoItem.js filter.js Controller、Model、ViewThey represent three module roles. This method of organizing code is called “organizing by role”. becauseMVCSome styles still affect the thinking mode […]

  • Spring boot + CAS single sign on, how to connect to the database?


    In the previous two articles, SongGe shared with you the construction of CAS server and how to use spring security to build CAS client. However, there is a problem in the previous case, that is, the login user is written dead in the CAS server configuration file and does not connect to the database. In […]

  • MongoDB Built-in Roles


    Built-in Roles Role classification Specific roles Database User Roles read,read-write(every database have) Database Administration Roles¶ dbAdmin, dbOwner , userAdmin (every database have) Cluster Administration Roles clusterAdmin,clusterManager,hostManager (admin database have) Backup and Restoration Roles backup,restore (admin database hava) All-Database Roles The following roles are available on the admin database and provide privileges which apply to all […]

  • DRF — RBAC role based access control


    1、 Introduction to RBAC RBAC: role-based access control. RBAC has nothing to do with language In RBAC, permissions are associated with roles, and users get the permissions of these roles by becoming members of the appropriate roles. This greatly simplifies the management of permissions. In this way, the management is hierarchical and interdependent. Permissions are […]