• An example of using rocketmq gracefully in spring boot


    preface MQ, a cross process communication mechanism, is used to deliver messages upstream and downstream. In traditional Internet architecture, MQ is usually used to decouple upstream and downstream. For example: when system a communicates with system B, such as system a publishes a system announcement, system B can subscribe to the channel for system announcement […]

  • Using kotlin + rocketmq to achieve delay message example code


    1、 Delay message Delayed message means that after the message is sent, consumers do not want to get the message immediately, but wait for a specified time before they get the message for consumption. Typical scenarios using delayed messages, such as: In the e-commerce system, if the user fails to pay within 30 minutes after […]

  • Rocketmq master-slave read-write separation mechanism


    The WeChat public is “back-end”, focusing on the sharing of back-end technologies: Java, Golang, WEB framework, distributed middleware, service governance, and so on. Generally speaking, in the architecture of selecting master-slave backup to achieve high availability, there will be a read-write separation mechanism, such as MySQL read-write separation. The client can read data from the […]

  • Open source Kafka enhancement: okmq-1.0.0


    The core idea of this tool is: gambling. Only when two basic components die at the same time will they receiveserious influence。 Oh, except for power failure. MQ is a good thing, we are all using it. This also determines that MQ should be highly available. Because of this component, a group has had several […]

  • Rocketmq message trace – Design


    Rocketmq message trace mainly includes two articles: design and source code analysis. This section will introduce rocketmq message trace design in detail. Rocketmq message trace mainly tracks the trace of message sending and message consumption, i.e. records the log of each processing link of the message in detail. In terms of design, at least the […]

  • Design and Implementation of API Resource Isolation System


    (Horsehoneycomb technology original content, public ID: mfwtech) Part 1 Background Large transport business needs external supply chain to dock air ticket, train ticket, car rental, shuttle and other business. Most of the supplier’s data interface communicates through HTTP, HTTPS and other protocols. In order to ensure development progress and support multi-scenario support for integration testing, […]

  • Basic knowledge of Java RocketMQ Quick Start


    How to use it 1. Introducing Rocketmq-client <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.rocketmq</groupId> <artifactId>rocketmq-client</artifactId> <version>4.1.0-incubating</version> </dependency> 2. Writing Producer DefaultMQProducer producer = new DefaultMQProducer(“producer_demo”); // Specify NameServer address Producer.setNamesrvAddr (“;”); and // revised to its own /** * The Producer object must be initialized by calling start before it is used. It can be initialized once. * Note: […]

  • Installation and Use of RocketMQ in Docker


    Searching for RocketMQ images can be done through docker hub.docker.com or through docker search command under Linux. However, after the recent firewall upgrade, the opening of foreign websites is very slow. Searching by command is more convenient. Docker commands must be root users or users. Users with root privileges. The query operation is as follows: […]

  • Detailed steps to build and deploy RocketMQ on Windows


    order ActiveMQ has been used in the past, but RocketMQ is used in company projects, so I am prepared to spend more time on it and understand the configuration and use of the project. After reading a lot of information, let me start with my own simple understanding of RocketMQ. Whether we write consumers or […]

  • Java rocketmq — Generation of messages (ordinary messages)


    Preface Several lines of code closely related to message sending: 1. DefaultMQProducer producer = new DefaultMQProducer(“ProducerGroupName”); 2. producer.start(); 3. Message msg = new Message(…) 4. SendResult sendResult = producer.send(msg); 5. producer.shutdown(); So what’s behind these lines of code when they’re executed? First, DefaultMQ Producer.start @Override public void start() throws MQClientException { this.defaultMQProducerImpl.start(); } Called the […]

  • Rocketmq Consumption Load Balance–Push Consumption Details


    Preface This paper introduces DefaultMQPushConsumerImpl consumer, client load balancing related knowledge points. From the start-up process of DefaultMQPushConsumerImpl to the realization of load balancing, the source code is analyzed step by step, which is divided into six parts. The sixth part is rebalanceByTopic, which is the core logic module of load balancing. The specific process […]

  • What did we learn from RocketMQ: Name Server


    Wechat Public Number:IT quarter hourLarge-scale realistic non-seriousness sceneShare with you in a quarter of an hour the high-quality technical architecture and experience, and be a programmer with plot.Pay attention to more exciting content. For questions or suggestions, please leave a message with the public number. order Long, long ago, the way people communicated with each […]