• RPA’s technology industry has a specialized section


    In traditional software development projects, business and technology are complementary and indispensable. No matter how clear the business is, the technology cannot be realized, or no matter how high the technology level is, the business is in a mess, it can’t be completed successfully. However, in traditional development projects, the division of labor between them […]

  • Building chat robot with machine learning (2) concept


    This is the second part of a series of chat robots built by machine learning, which helps us understand the related concepts of chat robots. What is a chat robot? Chat robot is a program, which will respond to human’s words. Its carrier can be a web page, a desktop application and an app.People use […]

  • Building chat robot with machine learning (3)


    This article is the third in the series of building chat robots with machine learning. By reading this article, you will have a general idea about the realization of chat robots. What features will our chat robots have? Users can express their intention in the way of human natural language. Online incremental learning can be […]

  • RPA center of excellence: what are the key roles?


    Robot process automation (RPA) can bring great changes to people’s working methods. In the past two years, RPA has developed rapidly and gradually applied to many industries, such as finance, insurance, aviation and so on. It can be said that RPA is sweeping the whole industry. Many enterprises may need to deal with thousands of […]

  • RPA helps hospital data migration, how to achieve both economic and efficiency?


    The most suitable business scenario for RPA is not only to repeat the regular workflow, but also to require the stability of the business system. The business system mentioned here is stable, actually including two parts: 1. The system performance is good and stable. 2. The system interface is stable and will not change. In […]

  • RPA helps the lawyer industry improve efficiency


    In the RPA work scenario application, what we hear more often may be the financial, banking, insurance and other industries. In fact, in addition to these, the case of legal team enhancing business processing capacity with RPA is also very typical. Legal professionals need to provide fast and effective legal advice to keep up with […]

  • [RPA plug in development] use Lua to extend the functions of uibot


    Preface: In addition to its own powerful functions, uibot also allows developers with programming experience to freely expand functions. Currently, uibot supports the following four expansion methods:Python plug-in, Lua plug-in, Lua mod plug-in, com plug-in (. Net also uses this way to extend) This tutorial will show you how to use these four expansion methods […]

  • “Digital customer service”: how to realize the transformation from cost to value


    At present, the development of Internet and new technology is gradually changing the expectations of Chinese consumers for customer service. The emergence of enterprise “intelligent customer service” makes the routine work of “customer service” transform from “cost center” to “value center”. Consumers hope that the technology enabled customer service work can benefit themselves. For example, […]

  • [RPA story] what happened between the parking lot security and RPA


    When it comes to the work of parking lot security, perhaps the most familiar scene is: watching the lift and landing poles of the parking lot all day, collecting parking fees, putting vehicles in and out, or staring at the monitoring or regular patrol. I’m such a happy little security guard. Although there is a […]

  • When FSSC meets RPA


    Financial Sharing Service Center (FSSC) is a hot financial management mode now, which adapts to the large-scale development trend of enterprises. Up to now, more than 90% of the global top 500 enterprises have built Financial Sharing Service Center. Large group enterprises, with a large number of organizations, complex business types and large amount of […]

  • How to judge the intelligence of a dialogue robot?


    Preface With the development of intelligent dialogue technology, more and more dialogue robots appear in people’s daily work and life. From the perspective of enterprises, the use of dialogue robots in appropriate business scenarios can greatly improve service efficiency and user experience. Therefore, the introduction of dialogue robots has gradually becomeImportant strategies in the digital […]

  • Building chat robot with machine learning (5) access


    This article is the fifth in the series of building chat robots with machine learning. As mentioned in the feature introduction, we use non-invasive design, and can access chat robots to other projects through a few simple APIs. Let’s see the specific steps below. Access steps Provide the txt file of the domain question answering […]