• 3D Mobile


    Establishment date: May 2, 2020 Revision date: May 8, 2020 (revised for tool.py pep8) Relevant software information: Win 10 Python 3.7.6 PySimpleGUI 4.18.2 PIL/Pillow 7.1.1 Tool Note: please quote or change this article at will. Just indicate the source and author. The author does not guarantee that the content is absolutely correct. Please be responsible […]

  • Annotation case sharing: automatic driving image semantic segmentation – Manfu Technology


    At present, the mainstream algorithm model of automatic driving is mainly based on supervised deep learning. It is an algorithm model based on the derivation of functional relationship between known variables and dependent variables. It needs a large number of structured annotation data to train and optimize the model. Common annotation types in the field […]

  • Generate a random city map using JavaScript


    Zz85 inhereA random city map is generated with simple code. Generate maps andDraw a random treeVery similar. We first give the initial elements, and each element will generate new children when it meets the conditions. Finally, all the elements together form the map or tree we want. Several objects created in the program Each road […]

  • Front end knowledge system


    I have been on the road of the front end for more than three years. Because I am self-taught, I learned a lot of things, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript at the beginning. I learned them seven or eight at the first time. I really can’t remember them. Later, I learned them again a […]

  • Automatic driving high precision map – overview and analysis


    1.HD Maps: Structure, Functionalities, Accuracy And Standards In the functional system architecture of the automatic driving system, the high precision map is closely related to the positioning function, interacting with the perception module, and ultimately supporting the planning and control module. Different levels of autopilot have different requirements for map refinement. High precision map not […]

  • Google waymo 2017 automatic driving safety technology report (1)


    In October 2017, Google waymo submitted a 43 page safety report to the U.S. Department of transportation, which details how waymo equips and trains autonomous vehicles to avoid common and accidental driving situations. This report gives a detailed interpretation of waymo’s autopilot technology, hoping to bring some inspiration to the autopilot practitioners. The necessity of […]

  • Google waymo 2017 automatic driving safety technology report (2)


    Waymo’s technology has been extensively tested on open roads, closed test sites and emulators, so that every part of the automatic driving system can have strong, reliable and safe handling capability in its ODD. Waymo’s autopilot system consists of three independent and tightly tested subsystems: 1) OEM certified base vehicle system; 2) Internal hardware systems […]

  • Autopilot high precision map – overview and analysis


    Catalog 1.HD Maps: Structure, Functionalities, Accuracy And Standards 1.1 HD Map Structure 1.2 HD Map Functionalities 1.3 HD Map Accuracy 1.4 HD Map Related Standards 2.HD Map Models 2.1 Road Model 2.2 Lane Model 2.2.1 Highly accurate geometry model 2.2.2 Lane attributes 2.2.3 Traffic Regulations, Road Furniture And Parking 2.2.4. Lane connectivity 2.3 Localisation Model […]