• circle_ Implementation of arc clock with clock simple canvas


    Slag product drawing:http://codepen.io/thewindswor… Recently, I have a special feeling about the circle… Because I wrote a cricle_ process_ Bar is like to be used to make a clock. It’s probably more interesting, so I wrote a thing like this. Maybe there are quite a lot of errors and omissions in the code. Next, let’s share […]

  • [small case of chart development] code a sexy and enchanting “circle” of high grid


    In daily life, we often read or use various types of charts. Circle (ARC) is a common type, which is used to intuitively show the proportion of a certain data index in the whole. This paper focuses on the implementation of HTML canvas (of course, SVG party can implement it on its own after understanding […]

  • Canvas draw dotted circle


    In this paper, we want to realize the graphics A simple percentage statistic.. The implementation scheme is HTML JS synthesis The first is a simple HTML layout <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <title>statistics</title> <script></script> </head> <body> <style> .zh-chart { width: 100px; height: 100px; background: #142838; } </style> <div class=”zh-chart” data-b=”40/50″ data-c=”20/30″ data-d=”10/50″ data-e=”30/30″ data-f=”20/70″></div> […]

  • Colorpicker of mobile terminal made by canvas


    Color picker of mobile terminal made by canvas I’m in another roomdemoI need to use the color picker in Android, but I can’t find the color picker I need on the mobile terminal. Many of them are PC’s, and then I find that the input [type =’color ‘] exists. I find that Android is OK, […]

  • How to draw charts with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas


    Original text:https://code.tutsplus.com/zh-…Original: John negoitaTranslation:Stypstive In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use JavaScript and canvas to display digital information on pie and doughnut charts. There are actually easier ways to create a chart than from zero to one, such as using theThis chart Library But if you want to know what’s behind the library, […]

  • How to tell a good story


    I recently applied for the EHF – New Zealand entrepreneurial immigration project. In the process of writing the application materials, I realized the importance of storytelling! Let’s share my example with you. Thank you very much to my good friend Daniel bar. The second version below is an example of how my good friend Daniel […]

  • IOS animation window view (2)


    This article is the second in a series of articles. Students who have read the last article already know that “view” in the title refers to view and “window” refers to it view.mask Window view is to sort out mask and mask animation. If you are not familiar with IOS mask, we suggest you take […]

  • Android custom view and its practical application in the project (continuous update)


    Preface Android custom controls are widely used in the project. Many cool looking special effects or the desired effects of the product are not directly provided in the native system controls. At this time, we need custom controls. But the difficulty of custom control is different. When we meet the desired control, we first want […]

  • Using HTML5 canvas to draw torus dynamic effect


    Recently, the author has a demand. The content of the demand is: a group of text is displayed around the circle. Users can add text. The text is around the circle. Each word corresponds to the small blue dot around the circle. When the user places the mouse on the small blue dot above the […]

  • Example code of the rotation effect of the shrink ring made by CSS


    The effect is as follows:   Shrink the rotating ring CSS code: <style> body { background: #372940; } .demo { position: relative; margin: 120px auto; width: 150px; } .loader { position: absolute; opacity: .7; } .loader circle { -webkit-animation: draw 4s infinite ease-in-out; animation: draw 4s infinite ease-in-out; -webkit-transform-origin: center; transform-origin: center; -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); transform: […]

  • Canvas Draws Dynamic Ring Progress Bar


        Because of the use of Vue development, so let’s show the drawing function, the picture above is the effect map. drawMain(drawing_elem, percent, forecolor, bgcolor) { /*@ drawing_elem: Drawing [email protected] percent: Percentage of circles drawn, range [0, 100]@ Forecolor: Draw the foreground color of the circle, color [email protected] bgcolor: Background color, color code for […]

  • Vue dynamically draws three-fourths of the rings


    Referring to a case on the internet, “Reference is to draw a dynamic circle.” Now I need to adapt it into three-quarters of the circle.Achieving results: Style display canvas drawing basic operation settings can beReference source code link: original: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_21058391/article/details/76691047 > To modify the source code cited above, several points should be noted 1. understanding […]