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  • Phpstudy + phpstorm browser does not parse PHP files, and directly displays the source code


    After editing the project with phpstorm, an error is reported on the page when right clicking the browser to preview: 502 Bad Gateway PhpStorm 2019.1 The default open address is: localhost:63339/ A long string at the beginning Check the data and say it’s necessaryConfigure PHP interpreter   It was found that the problem was not […]

  • Invalid phpstorm CTR + Alt + left|right key


    Phpstorm is a very important key combination when I recently switched to windows for development Ctrl+Alt+Left|Rright It is not only invalid to use, but also causes abnormal screen display. Through search, it is found that the combination key and the shortcut key driven by Intel graphics card can easily switch the display between horizontal screen […]

  • How to build docker on Windows 10 home edition


    How to build docker on Windows 10 home edition It is recommended to jump to the last item first, and then decide whether to install it. 0x00 construction reason First of allDocker’s idea is that when I recreate the loopholes, I find that the environment of the big guys is based onDocker’s,Docker is a shuttle, […]

  • How can Mac OS turn on the touch angle function?


    In order to further extend the usability of the screen edge, the Mac OS X system provides a feature that allows users to turn four corners of the screen into targets for activated features. After setting, users can move the mouse to any corner at will to call up different functions, such as mission control, […]

  • Sublimetext3 added to the right-click menu, “open with sublimetext3”


    Create a new file sublime? Addright.inf in the sublime Text3 installation directory Document content: [Version] Signature=”$Windows NT$” [DefaultInstall] AddReg=SublimeText3 [SublimeText3] HKCR, “* \ \ shell \ \ sublimetext3”,,, “open with sublimetext3″ hkcr,”*\\shell\\SublimeText3\\command”,,,”””%1%\sublime_text.exe”” “”%%1″” %%*” HKCR, “directory \ shell \ sublimetext3”,,, “open with sublimetext3″ hkcr,”*\\shell\\SublimeText3″,”Icon”,0x20000,”%1%\sublime_text.exe, 0″ hkcr,”Directory\shell\SublimeText3\command”,,,”””%1%\sublime_text.exe”” “”%%1″”” Then right click the file and select Install. […]

  • Mac package app as dmg


    In the simplest way of packaging, theAppPack asDMG, realize shared distribution and fast installation 1. New dmg Open the disk tool and create a new dmg File->New Image->Blank Image Create dmg   2. Add documents Right click on the diskman to open Right click – > show in finder Create shortcut key ln -s /Applications […]

  • Implementation of custom add right-click menu item of ZedGraph in winforn (with source code download)


    scene In WinForm, the curve in ZedGraph can be displayed in Chinese by right clicking: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/100115292 In the above implementation, the right-click of ZedGraph is displayed as Chinese, and then the custom menu is added. Effect     Source download https://download.csdn.net/download/badao_liumang_qizhi/11636420 Realization You have bound the right mouse button event to the method this.zedGraphControl1.ContextMenuBuilder += […]

  • Addeventlistener custom event in JavaScript


    Addeventlistener custom event in JavaScript In JS events, we first think of the common events such as click, dblclick, mouseover, mouseout, mouseenter, mouseleave, MouseDown, mouseup, MouseMove, wheel, context menu (when we click the right mouse button). Sometimes these predefined events can not meet our needs when we provide SDK for the third party.Because the third-party […]

  • Idea Maven configuration notes


    The following are configuration notes related to idea maven 1. Maven download installation and environment variable configuration 1. Download downloading Apache maven 3.3.9, extract it and store it in a directory of the system. 2. Executionvim ~/.bash_profile, add the following two lines: export M2_HOME=/path/to/apache-maven-3.3.9 export PATH=$PATH:$M2_HOME/bin 3. Executionsource ~/.bash_profileMake the parsing file effective immediately. 4. […]

  • [Python tutorial] 01. Python environment installation


    outline Install Python Test Python environment Installing pycharm Create a new project HelloWorld Install Python Download Python: https://www.python.org/downlo Double click Install Test Python environment Enter command line interface inputpython, enter the python interface Enter exit() to exit the interface Installing pycharm Download at http://www.jetbrains.com/pych The Community Edition is free, enough for us to use.Double click […]

  • Sublime text 3 novice toss


    Sublime version selection Select sublime text 3. If it’s right, you can jump to the function definition, which is convenient for searching. At least it’s very attractive to users Sublime plug-in management 1. Install plug-in management package controllCtrl + ~Call up the console, copy the code and press enter (some of the items provided on […]

  • C ා implementation – browser UA parsing to obtain mobile phone, system, browser and other information


    Click to enter GitHub project Nuget package name: toolbox.useragentparse Use the tutorial: 1.     Open project → select dependency (Reference) → right click to manage nuget package 2.     Search the package toolbox.useragentparse → find the package in the figure → click the installation on the right to install successfully 3. Call Var […]