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  • Hello IDEA


    Scala-SBT First, install the scala plug-in. SBT plug-in is available by default in version 13 + Create a new project and select the scala project mode based on SBT Next, choose JDK and SBT, Scala version Click Finish to generate the following code structure diagram: whereThe build. SBT file is similar to Maven’s POM. XMLIn […]

  • Windows uses profier global agent configuration is available; Configuring global proxy in Windows 10 with SOCKS 5


    Recently, we need to configure the global agent to walk Socks5 on windows. We found that the same type of solution has cow pcap and so on. We found that it is better to use the profiler by trying! Download:https://www.proxifier.com/download/legacy/ProxifierSetup331.exe  Registration: How to activate the key Jczbx-a3n3f-9dwy5-327v5-dkuxx (tested, available) LPZLA-FW4R4-NV52E-Q9RYW-PH3ZY User name customization Reference connection […]

  • Svn usage


    Access Send mail to request SVN permission Code acquisition New folder in personal directory Fill in the URL url: http://svnedge.ebaotech.com/svn/aica Right click checkout in the code directory to download Download complete

  • Azure Data Studio cross platform database management tool trial


    Recently, when struggling with azure SQL database, we found a new Microsoft database management tool: azure Data Studio. From the name, azure Data Studio seems to be specially developed for azure, but it is not. It also supports the query and management of traditional SQL server.Azure Data Studio is a cross platform database management tool, […]

  • Installing redis in Windows


      1、 Download address https://github.com/MicrosoftArchive/redis/releases   2、 Install redis 1. Open the download address, you can see that there are installation packages and compressed packages to choose from. I download the installation package here   2. Open the installation package, install and click next   3. Check the consent agreement and proceed to the next […]

  • Windows terminal sharp tool cmder


    In the field of it, it is recommended to use in most casesLinuxOr classUnixOperating system programming,LinuxAs a generation of excellent operating system, it has become the core of IT industry. Conditional big guys have chosen to use MAC programming, the best is the terminal experience, andLinuxCompletely consistent command line, brings a lot of convenience, but […]

  • SVN


    SVN primary coverage Svn introduction brief introduction Svn, full name of subversion, is an open source version control system. Subversion was developed by CollabNet Inc in 2000, and now it has become a project of Apache Software Foundation. It is also a part of a rich developer and user community. Svn is an open sourceVersion […]

  • Add Windows terminal to right click menu


    install Install in Windows store. quick start Win + R, enter “wt” to start quickly. Add to right click menu Win + R, enter “regedit” and create a new registry key “computer / HKEY”_ CURRENT_ Open “Windows terminal command” here, and edit the input in the right default itemwt -d “%V” test

  • Detailed steps for configuring opencv-4.2.0 with vs2017


    Detailed steps for configuring opencv-4.2.0 with vs2017   1. Download the opencv installation package and unzip it. Download website https://sourceforge.net/projects/opencvlibrary/ Figure 1 2. Open the opencv file and the directory is as follows:   Figure 2 open file directory 3. Right click “this computer”, click “properties”, advanced system configuration > environment variables, as shown in […]

  • Running Flink task on idea


    Welcome to my GitHub https://github.com/zq2599/blog_demos Content: all the original articles and supporting source code, including Java, docker, kubernetes, Devops, etc; Idea is a common ide. If we can run the Flink task code directly in the idea, it will bring great convenience for learning and development. For example, after changing the code, we can run […]

  • [git tutorial] 04. Rollback


    outline recovery RollBACK practice recovery recoveryIt was we who made the changes, and in theBefore committing, restore the file toLast commitThe state of the system.First of all, our files are kept in the state of full check after the latest commit.Then we make the changesWe encountered some situations, such as:1. There’s something importantDeletedAnd it can’t […]

  • Browse SAP cap database with visual studio code SQLite extension


    In SAP cloud application programming model, we can use the following command line to store entity data with persistent database. cds deploy –to sqlite:my.db cds deploy –to sqlite:my.dbfilling sap.capire.bookshop.Authors from db\data\sap.capire.bookshop-Authors.csvfilling sap.capire.bookshop.Books from db\data\sap.capire.bookshop-Books.csv/> successfully deployed to ./my.db /> updated ./package.json This command will generate a file under the project folder my.db Documents. . The […]