• Example of Python opencv reading RGB channel graph


    I will not say much nonsense, directly on the code! #coding=utf-8 The core class in opencv is matrix, which is the abbreviation of matrix and represents matrix. This class is in the header file opencv2 / core\ core.hpp It contains a lot of basic matrix operations, C + + need to reference Python contains numpy, […]

  • Introduction to audio and video-03-rgb into bmp picture


    Audio and video introduction article directory Analysis of BMP file format BMP file consists of file header, bitmap information header, color information and graphics data. Bitmap file header (14 bytes) Bitmap header (40 bytes) Color information graphic data The file header and information header are 54 bytes in total RGB data section: RGB24 file storage […]

  • Introduction to audio and video-08-rgb & YUV


    Audio and video introduction article directory YUV & RGB conversion formula Y in YCbCr is the same as y in YUV. CB, Cr and UV also refer to color, CB refers to blue color, Cr refers to red color, which is widely used. JPEG, MPEG, DVD, camera, digital TV, etc. all adopt this format.Therefore, YUV […]