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  • JavaScript uses functions to invert arrays


    requirement: Given an array, its elements are arranged in reverse order and output. Code implementation: //Using function to flip arbitrary array function reverse(arr) { var newArr = []; for (var i = arr.length – 1; i >= 0; i–) { newArr[newArr.length] = arr[i]; } return newArr; } var arr1 = reverse([1, 3, 4, 6, 9]); […]

  • A batch that lists each line of text in reverse order


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off : lists each line of text in reverse order:: cannot handle double quotes:: code by jm 2006-10-5 Modified on 2007-3-13 [email protected] for /f “delims=” %%i in (test.txt) do ( set “str=%%i” set var= call :intercept ) pause goto :eof :intercept if not “%str%”==”” ( set “var=%str:~0,1%%var%” set […]

  • Reverse order display input content batch processing


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off : reverse order display input, can handle mixed input of number + letter (case sensitive) + symbol format:: case sensitive: with a little modification, the enumeration of passwords can be realized?:: characters that cannot be processed::: pipe symbol:|:: redirection symbol: <, >:: connection symbol:&:: caret or escape […]

  • [SQL] data De duplication partition or group by?


    For the use of distinct and group by:1. When the performance of the system is high and the amount of data is large, group by is used2. When the performance of the system is not high and the amount of data used is small, both can be used3. Try to use group by Simple example: […]

  • “Reverse order positive look” of regular expressions


    Many times, we need to match the image address in an HTML character. In this case, we can use regular expressions to achieve this. However, due to the existence of other tags in HTML and Src attribute, in order to distinguish img tags from others, such as script, we generally need to match the content […]

  • Disaster caused by mongodb composite index of “production accident”


    previously on End of NovemberOur products and servicesOfMongodb main libraryThere have been serious jitter, frequent locking and so on. Due to many business problemsMongoDB, and then query immediately, so the read-write separation is not enabled for the project. The final location problem is due to: the server’s own disk + a large number of disksSlow […]

  • How to get rid of the tail in SQL statements, I use C to think about five ways


    1: Background 1. Tell a story I’m really busy fixing bugs these days. I also encountered an interesting bug. I’d like to share with you that it’s a very complicated report related business of SQL. I don’t know which boss is working on the complicated businessNesting + parallelThe SQL splicing in if judgment has problems […]

  • [series] functions – record 1


    1,intdiv() to be divisible byintdiv ( int $dividend , int $divisor ) : int var_dump(29/3); //float(9.6666666666667) var_dump(intdiv(29,3)); //int(9) 2,sort() Sort the array Val in ascending order without retaining the original keysort ( array &$array [, int $sort_flags = SORT_REGULAR ] ) : boolParameter 1 is the array to be sorted, and it is a reference […]

  • Record a small function – comprehensive sort / 2D array sort / sort 2D array according to a field


    Comprehensive sorting describe: comprehensively sort the returned store details arrayweightField, is the comprehensive score calculated by multiple factors, such as evaluation, preferential strength, advertising and other dynamic data Array structure php array_multisortYou can sort two-dimensional arrays grammar array_multisort(_array1,sorting order,sorting type,array2,array3…_) array_multisortSort the first parameter keyarrayThat is, the array to sortSORT_ASC / SORT_ASCPositive or reverse, third […]

  • Leetcode-2. Adding two numbers


    Leetcode-2. Add two numbers. Two nonnull linked lists are given to represent two nonnegative integers.Their respective bits are stored in reverse order, and each node can only store one digit.If we add these two numbers together, we will return a new linked list to represent their sum.You can assume that neither of these numbers begins […]

  • MySQL parallel ranking and sequential ranking query


    get ready. Create a table called scores with the following contents. Because of the test ranking, the simplest structure is used. id score 1 99 2 80 3 87 4 60 5 80 6 99 Demand. Get score ranking, and ask for parallel ranking. If the two scores are the same, the two scores rank […]

  • How to optimize EF paging


    public static class QueryableExtension { public static IQueryable Paged(this IQueryable query, Expression> expression, OrderByType orderByType = OrderByType.Desc,int currentPage = 1, int pageSize = 5,int pageCount = 0) { if (currentPage < 1) { currentPage = 1; } var Skip = (currentPage – 1) * pageSize; var Take = pageSize; OrderByType byType = orderByType; var MaxPageIndex […]