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  • Spring study, see SongGe this article more than ten thousand words dry goods is enough!


    1. Introduction to spring We often say that spring actually refers to the spring framework, and the spring framework is just a branch of the spring family. So what does the spring family have? Spring is created to solve the complexity of enterprise application development. Before spring, there was a heavyweight tool called EJB. Using […]

  • The realization of a promise a + handwritten


    Promise Handwritten a promise a + implementation. Note that this is just simulation. In fact, the native promise belongs to microtask in the event queue. It’s not particularly appropriate to use the setTimeout simulation here. Because setTimeout is a macrotask. 1. The simplest basic function /** *Define promise *First implement the simplest one. Simulate an […]

  • Python basic learning Day12 generator and derivation


    Supplement: functions cannot change globally immutable variables, and variable variables can still be changed. l1 = [1,2] def a(l1): l1.pop(1) a(l1) print(l1) generator Generator: the python community regards generators and iterators as the same kind. The essence of generators is iterators. The only difference is: generators are data structures that we build with Python code, […]

  • Integration case of spring MVC + spring security5 (1)


    Apache Shiro has always been used for permissions, and spring security has been used in recent projects, so I write down the integration steps. First, we create a mavan project, 1. Jar package for integration <properties> <spring.version>5.2.2.RELEASE</spring.version> <spring.security.version>5.2.1.RELEASE</spring.security.version> <jstl.version>1.2</jstl.version> <servlet.version>2.5</servlet.version> </properties> <dependencies> <!– spring –> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework</groupId> <artifactId>spring-core</artifactId> <version>${spring.version}</version> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework</groupId> <artifactId>spring-web</artifactId> <version>${spring.version}</version> </dependency> […]

  • Practice of HTTP interface automation test


    background More and more applications are built based on the separation of the front end and the back end. The back end provides data interface, and the front-end calls the interface to return the JSON data to the UI. At this time, it is more and more important to ensure the correctness of the back-end […]

  • The function of lua learning


    function Function is the main mechanism to abstract statements and expressions Two usages One is that it can complete specific tasks, and a function call is regarded as a statement Second, it is only used to calculate and return a specific result as an expression print(“Hello, World”) a = math.sin(3) + math.cos(10) print(os.date()) Either way, […]

  • Review summary of lua learning


    Day 6 notes 1. Basic concepts Program block definition Any source code file in Lua or a line of code entered in interactive mode Blocks can be of any size A block can be a sequence of statements or a command It can also be composed of function definitions, which are usually written in a […]

  • Vue + ES6 async and await


    effect:asyncandawaitIs used to handle asynchronous. It needs to be executed asynchronously like synchronization. After the result is returned asynchronously, the execution will continue according to the result. awaitMust be placed inasyncThe function is to wait for the resolution of promise, which is blocked asyncUsed to declare afunctionIt’s asynchronous,andawaitUsed to wait for the execution of an […]

  • Explain the difference between RPC remote call and message queue MQ


    What is RPC RPC (remote procedure call) is a kind of remote procedure call, which mainly solves the problem of remote communication without understanding the communication mechanism of the underlying network. What are the RPC service frameworks The famous ones are thrift (FB) and Dubbo (ALI) RPC generally needs to go through four steps: 1. […]

  • Using decode elegant row to column transformation in Oracle


    Using in OracledecodeElegant row to column Recently, I finally met the application scenario of row to column conversion in my work. I took notes for myself to view and help people in need. In other relational databases, it is recommended to usecase when then endThis kind of bloated and complicated writing method has recently seen […]

  • Late night translation of owl: core Java concurrency (2)


    preface Please refer to owl’s late night translation: core Java concurrency (1) Safety release Publishing an object means that its reference is visible outside the current domain (for example, getting a reference from a getter method). To ensure that an object is published securely (that is, after initialization is complete), synchronization may be required. Secure […]

  • Jquery、Bootstrap


    JQuery syntax JQuery syntax is designed for the selection of HTML elements, which can perform some operations on elements. The basic grammar is:_ $(selector).action()_ Dollar sign definition jquery Selector query and find HTML elements JQuery’s action () performs actions on elements Example $(this). Hide() – hide the current element $(“P”). Hide() – hide all paragraphs […]