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  • Implementation of libp2p RS infoserver


    Module address:https://github.com/netwarps/l… stayLast articleAt the end of, it is mentioned that web server will be used to provide relevant restful API, which can observe the situation of network receiving and sending. So far, the design has been completed. Let’s share the design process here. Realize the idea When designing metric, in order to reduce the […]

  • The realization of the purpose of adding new products


    Toolbar menu description Introduction to introductory cases toolbar: [{ iconCls: ‘icon-help’, Handler: function () {alert} },{ iconCls: ‘icon-help’, Handler: function () {alert (‘help Toolbar ‘)} },’-‘,{ iconCls: ‘icon-save’, Handler: function () {alert (‘save Toolbar ‘)} },{ iconCls: ‘icon-add’, Text: “test”, Handler: function () {alert (‘save Toolbar ‘)} }] Icon styles in tables Page structure: Page […]

  • Solution of adding pre tag to Ajax return value automatically


    Ajax returns and automatically adds the pre tag The content returned by AJAX is automatically tagged with < pre > In FF, ie, Google browser, each returned is different: FF lowercase, ie uppercase, Google plus style After checking, it turns out that the returned type is wrong. Finally solve the result and modify the return […]

  • Commodity background management — commodity modification / deletion


    Product modification Page URL analysis parameter analysis Return value result determination Edit itemcontroller /** *Product modification *1. URL address: http://localhost :8091/item/update *2. Parameter: form submission *3. Return value: sysresult object */ @RequestMapping(“/update”) public SysResult updateItem(Item item){ itemService.updateItem(item); return SysResult.success(); } Edit itemservice @Override public void updateItem(Item item) { //The update time is automatically filled in […]

  • Linux shell function return value


    Shell function return value, there are generally three ways: return, argv, echo 1) Return statementThe return value of the shell function can be returned through the return statement just like the return value of other languages.Example: #!/bin/bash – function mytest() { echo “arg1 = $1” if [ $1 = “1” ] ;then return 1 else […]

  • Interview | JS asynchronous programming classic interview questions


    Original address Nuggets welcomegithub star Hello everyone, I’m Lin Yi. Asynchronous programming is inevitable in JS, which is also a must for interview. This article uses easy to understand language to analyze the principle of asynchronous programming, start reading it Mind map 1、 Timer Timer: set a timer. When the time is set, the browser […]

  • Java 9 Series Part 9 – support for http2 protocol and non blocking http-api


    After the release of HTTP / 1.1 for 16 years, IETF finally passed the HTTP / 2 protocol in 2015. Http / 2 protocol aims to reduce latency and meet the requirements of information response time. In this article, I will briefly introduce the HTTP / 2 protocol, and then we will focus on the […]

  • ES6 Series 5: array expansion


    The rookie official account of “Code tailor” provides technical information and a series of basic articles for front-end developers. WeChat pays close attention to the public address of “little and mountain rookie”, and gets the latest articles in time. preface Before learning, we would like to tell you that this article is an introduction to […]

  • Mybatis [6] – how to get the self incrementing ID after mybatis inserts data?


    The code is placed directly in GitHub warehouse【 https://github.com/Damaer/Myb… 】What needs to be declared is: thisMybatisLearning notes is from the originalMybatisStart, not integrate other frameworks (such asSpring)After that, I think that we can have a better understanding of its functions and what it can help us do, and then slowly add other functions. We know […]

  • Methods in Java


    Methods are named code blocks. Methods can have parameters or no parameters, which can improve the reusability of codeDefine method format: modifier return value method name ([parameter list]) {method body;}Return value:1. Use the return keyword to return the result to the calling position.2. If there is no return value, write void. If there is a […]

  • Common types conversion of golang


    ** 1.Type(expression): ** int( time.Now (). Weekday()) // week to int int( time.Now (). Month ()) // month to int var a float64 a = 3.1 B: = int (a) // float64 to int var a int a = 1 B: = Int64 (a) // int to Int64 ** 2. Strconv package: ** String and […]

  • About getting the return value of promise!


    We often see that many small partners are unable to get the promise return value. If you want to operate the return value of promise, you can use async / await method to operate. Await can get the return value of promise. Then. But the await method must be used in async functions. Async is […]