• MiniDao1. Version 8.3 release, lightweight Java persistence framework


    Project introduction Minidao is a lightweight Java persistence layer framework, which is based on the implementation of spring JDBC + freemaker and has the same SQL separation and logical tagging capabilities as mybatis. The original intention of minidao is to solve the hibernate project. It has the same flexibility as mybatis in complex SQL and […]

  • hot wire! Elastic Job 3.0. The 0-beta version was officially released


    Highlights of this issue This week, the Apache shardingsphere team is pleased to announce that ApacheShardingSphere ElasticJob-3.0. 0-beta and shardingsphere elasticjob ui-3.0 The new version of 0-beta has been officially released! ElasticJobIt is a distributed scheduling solution, which provides fragmentation, elastic scaling, automatic discovery of distributed tasks, multi task types based on time driven, data-driven, […]

  • How to gracefully manage HTTP request and response interceptors?


    The idea of this paper comes from the reconstruction summary of the actual project. Correction and communication are welcome. If it’s helpful to you, please click on the praise collection to support it. Recently, I reconstructed an old project and found that the interceptor for processing requests was very messy, so I reconstructed the request […]

  • ClickHouse – 06


    9. Framework integration 9.1. Java read / write Clickhouse API Maven dependency <!– https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/ru.yandex.clickhouse/clickhouse-jdbc –> <dependency> <groupId>ru.yandex.clickhouse</groupId> <artifactId>clickhouse-jdbc</artifactId> <version>0.2.6</version> </dependency> Java reads Clickhouse data ClickHouseProperties props = new ClickHouseProperties(); props.setUser(“”); props.setPassword(“”); BalancedClickhouseDataSource dataSource = new BalancedClickhouseDataSource(“jdbc:clickhouse://node01:8123,node02:8123,node03:8123/default”, props); ClickHouseConnection conn = dataSource.getConnection(); ClickHouseStatement statement = conn.createStatement(); ResultSet rs = statement.executeQuery(“select id, name from users”); while (rs.next()) […]

  • Notes on flutter’s pit climbing


    I’ve been refactoring projects recently, so I haven’t written developer well. Take time today to record some problems you encounter in the project. 1:flutter_ cupertino_ date_ Error reporting by picker DiagnosticableMixin.png Amend to read: Diagnosticable.png Error: Type ‘DiagnosticableMixin’ not found. class DateTimePickerTheme with DiagnosticableMixin 。 I encountered this error in the version after flutter 1.20. […]

  • news flash! Discussion on the new features of elasticjob 3.0 in the community


    Hello, with elasticjob becoming a subproject of Apache shardingsphere, the community began to plan and discuss the new features of elasticjob 3.0. Ideas for new features: In addition to the time-based cron expression trigger, a single job trigger of elasticjob Lite is added; Support two job dependency methods based on each job and each fragment […]

  • Reconstruct the preface of 8 apps of the company with flutter2.0


    Original decline For most companies, especially small and medium-sized companies, the performance requirements of the application layer are not high, and most businesses prefer data presentation. H5 is enough to deal with these. In fact, many companies recruit engineers for Android or IOS native development, mostly for the maintenance of old code. This is why […]

  • First knowledge of TDD (principle + example)


    I have been working for more than two years and have been using TDD (Test Driven Development). At first, I thought it was an anti-human methodology. Later, I gradually found its beauty in the process of using it. This paper introduces some basic concepts of TDD and practices it combined with several small requirements. Due […]

  • Four reconstruction techniques commonly used in go


    Hello, I’m a programmer ghost. In his book [1], Martin Fowler defined refactoring as * “changing the internal structure of software to make it easier to understand and modify it cheaper without changing its observable behavior” *. This book contains a large number of refactoring techniques, which are designed to be applied in some cases […]

  • Recent situation of handwritten “springboot”: IOC module has been completed


    jsoncat: https://github.com/Snailclimb/jsoncat (AboutA lightweight HTTP framework that imitates spring boot but is different from spring boot) While watching the hero League game, talk to your friends about the recent situation of the simple version of “spring boot”! JDG rush!!! The content of the full text will not be much, because the implementation process will not […]

  • Those things in development (submission code prefix modification)


    feat fix New features Fix bugs docs style Documentation Format (changes that do not affect code operation) refactor chore Refactoring (neither new features nor bug code) Changes in the construction process or auxiliary tools revert perf Undo, version fallback performance optimization test improvement test improvement build ci pack Continuous integration

  • Git submission specification mandatory check


    Commitment specification adopted by the company < type >: description type Used to describe the category of commit. Only the following identifiers are allowed: feat: new features fix: fix bug docs: documentation style: format (changes that do not affect code operation) refactor: refactoring (i.e. neither new features nor code changes to modify bugs) perf: optimization […]