• Building a starter restful Web Service


    Create resource class Assuming that you have set up the project and build the system, you can create web services. Start the process by considering service interactions. The service will process the get request / greeting, optionally using the parameters in the name query string. The get request should return 200 OK in the greeting […]

  • How to implement custom exception of rest API with spring and spring boot


    introduce This article will demonstrateHow to use spring and spring boot to implement exception handling of rest API, and learn what new features have been introduced in different versions.Before spring 3.2, the two main ways to handle exceptions in spring MVC were: handlerexceptionresolver or @ exceptionhandler annotation.Both methods have some obvious disadvantages.Since 3.2, we have […]

  • Restful API design specification


    Restful is the most popular API design specification for web data interface design HTTP request method Restful API design specification On the use of “can wish verbs” In order to avoid ambiguity, a large number of “can wish verbs” are used in the document. The corresponding explanations are as follows: Must: absolutely, strictly follow, do […]

  • flask starter: tadpole


    Tadpole is a flash starter project. Some general functions are put forward from the development process of the usual flask project, such as managing the configuration file and startup script of the flask application through gunicorn, initializing the virtualenv environment and installing the necessary dependency library, generating the flask secret and providing the restful route, […]

  • Flag restful usage and custom parameter error information


    Flask restful is a relatively easy-to-use flask plug-in. It not only automatically realizes the JSON of data for us, but also validates the incoming parameters, and gracefully replaces the form form. Code structure: app |_api | |_ __init__.py | |_ parser.py | |_ view.py | |_ __init__.py |_ code.py |_ util.py app.py The specific code […]

  • Version control of yii2.0 restful API


    Version control of yii2.0 restful API I wrote two previous articles aboutYii2.0 RESTful APIHow to build, andAuthenticationBut it doesn’t involve version management. Let’s talk about how to implement version management today. Simply start from the beginning and build step by step, but some concepts and the use of this article will not be explained one […]

  • Rate limit of yii2.0 restful API


    Rate limit of yii2.0 restful API What is speed limit? In order to prevent abuse, you should consider limiting the flow of your API For example, you can limit each user to 100 API calls in 10 minutes If a large number of requests from a user are received within a specified time, a response […]

  • Detailed explanation of yii2’s restful API routing instance


    yii\rest\UrlRule Using Yii \ rest \ urlrule to automatically map the restful route of the controller is simple and fast. The disadvantage is that the business must be written according to the specified method name. The mapping rules are as follows. Of course, you can change the source code to your habit: public $patterns = […]

  • Whether the Status code in the RESTful API conforms to the specification


    origin The thing is, I was invited to answer a question on zhihu, mainly asking whether ID could not find whether to use Status 404. My answer was relatively early, when there were only one or two answers. I thought it was not controversial to discuss academic issues in an academic place, of course, to […]

  • Use of Jenkins API


    JenkinsIt is a popular open source continuous integration tool, which can be used to automate software development, such as packaging, testing, automatic deployment and so on. JenkinsThere areviewandjobThe concept ofviewEquivalent to a group,jobIt is a specific task.viewHere you can createjobButjobCan not be at anyviewNext. Here is the main introduction.JenkinsProvidedHTTP APIAs for how to useJenkinsSee Jenkins […]

  • Backend related skills (9): RESTfull


    Expected learning objectives concept Framework Realization Problem collection What is the difference between PATCH and PUT? PUT is idempotent PATCH is not, PATCH is local update

  • Everyone is an API designer: My thoughts on RESTful API, GraphQL, RPC API


    Original address: Liang Guizhao’s blog Blog address: http://blog.720ui.com Welcome to the public number “Service-side Thinking”. A group of people with the same frequency, grow together, improve together, break the limitations of cognition. I haven’t written any articles for a while. Today I write a piece of my own thinking about API design. First of all, […]