• Methods of using rest in asp.net MVC


    preface Recently, I did the next MVC project. I need to use the rest interface to communicate with applications written in Java, including data receiving and sending. Then I will explain its usage from a practical point of view 1、 Create rest Service First, create an ASP. Net web application (I use Visual Studio 2013, […]

  • Detailed explanation of. Net integrating JSON to realize rest service client


    Preface This article mainly introduces the content of. Net integrated JSON to realize rest service client, and shares it for your reference and study. I won’t say much next, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction. 1、 Preparations 1. Click the official website or download the JSON plug-in newtonsoft.json that supports. Net4.0 2. Find […]

  • WEBCC: lightweight C + + HTTP Library


    WEBCC is a lightweight C + + HTTP library developed by me based on boost ASIO, which supports both client and server. A few years ago, it only supported simple soap calls (called csoap). As a result, it gradually evolved into a pure HTTP library. At present, it has more than 250 code submissions and […]

  • Backend related skills (9): RESTfull


    Expected learning objectives concept Framework Realization Problem collection What is the difference between PATCH and PUT? PUT is idempotent PATCH is not, PATCH is local update

  • Django REST Framework Paging Implementation Code


    Official Documents [Here] Module for paging: Pagination The Django REST framework has built-in Pagination modules, which require no additional installation and simple configuration. What is the configuration? It tells Django what paging style to use, such as which fields to return, the size of each page, the name of the request parameter, and so on. […]

  • Correctly distinguish the difference and connection between API & REST API & RESTful API & Web Service


    What do you think of when you see the API? Is it an interface, a third-party call, or an API document? At first glance, you may think that this is too familiar. Isn’t this a daily series of system development? But if you think about it carefully, you will find that the concept of API […]

  • SOAP introduction


    brief introduction Simple Object Access Protoco (SOAP) is a simple protocol for exchanging information in a decentralized or distributed environment. It is an XML-based protocol. This protocol specification was proposed by IBM, Microsoft, UserLand and DevelopMentor in 1998, and supported by IBM, Lotus, Compaq and other companies. It was submitted to the World Wide Web […]

  • Non-RESTful Architecture Reform Practice of Vehicle Networking Service


    Guide reading In the process of building enterprise project-oriented and multi-terminal content aggregation online service API design, due to its customization characteristics, the use of conventional restful development mode usually leads to a lot of dilemmas similar to API redevelopment. This paper introduces a GraphQL query language + gateway orchestration joint practice to solve a […]

  • Flask Api Document Management and Swagger


    This article was first published on the blog: https://blog.ihypo.net/152551… Flask is a Python Web framework with high degree of freedom and flexibility. But high flexibility also means endless code maintenance costs, and high degree of freedom means that code quality is more dependent on the programmer itself without consistent standards and specifications. Therefore, Flask projects […]

  • Summary of abbreviated grammar in JavaScript ES6 and its application skills


    ES6 provides non-destructive updates to some existing functions. Most of these updates can be understood as grammatical sugar, which means that what this new grammar can do can also be done in ES5, but only slightly more complex. In this chapter, we will focus on these grammatical sugars. After reading them, you may have different […]

  • Spring Guidelines (Learn about REST)


    Understanding REST REST (Representational State Transfer) was introduced and defined by Roy Fielding in his doctoral dissertation in 2000. REST is an architectural style for designing distributed systems. It is not a standard, but a set of constraints, such as statelessness, client/server relationship and unified interface. REST is not strictly related to HTTP, but most […]