• Deep understanding of Vue’s data responsiveness


    catalog 1. Getter and setter of ES syntax 2. Defineproperty of ES syntax 3. Vue‘s proxy and monitoring of data 4. Vue’s data response 1. Getter and setter of ES syntax Before you begin to understand Vue’s data response principle, you should first understand the specific usage of getter and setter methods in ES syntax. […]

  • Recommend 10 HTML5 responsive frameworks


    Today, HTML5 has been accepted by web designers and developers all over the world. HTML5 is called the future of web development, which is not groundless. HTML5 pushes semantic programming to a new level. With HTML5, developers can write their web applications in simpler words. For example, HTML5 recommends using < strong > tags instead […]

  • Detailed explanation of CSS3 to achieve responsive accordion effect


    Recently, I watched the video of foreign tycoons using CSS3 to achieve accordion effect, so I wrote it down in the form of blog to facilitate my review in the future. The code structure is as follows (the font is genericons) The final results are as follows: Full screen: When the screen width is less […]