• An article to show you all the concepts of HTTP


    In the last article, we explained the basic features and use of HTTP, and everyone responded very well, so in this article, we will go deep into the features of HTTP. Let’s continue with the HTTP headers we didn’t finish in the previous article (this article will introduce the concept of all headers, but it […]

  • Fuxi2.0 – the scheduling system of APStar big data platform is fully upgraded, making its debut on the double 11th of 2019


    Fuxi was one of the three services (distributed storage Pangu, distributed computing ODPs, distributed scheduling Fuxi) when the flying platform was founded ten years ago. The original intention of the design at that time was to solve the scheduling problem of large-scale distributed resources (in essence, the optimal matching problem of multi-objective). With the continuous […]

  • 20170627-http and browser caching mechanism


    Browser caching mechanism Expires policy Expires is the web server response header field, which tells the browser that the browser can read data directly from the browser cache before the expiration time when responding to HTTP requests without requiring another request. The web server tells the browser to use the cache file before GMT: Tue, […]

  • Failed to decompile Android killer APK, unable to continue with the next source decompilation!


    False background Today, using Android killer V1.3.1, decompiled an APK and encountered the following error: Current version of apktool: Android killer default apktool Decompile APK, please wait >1: Use shakaapktool 2.0.0-20150914 >1: Loading resource list >1: Decompile Android manifest.xml and resources >1: Loading resource list from framework file: C: \ users \ lijie01 \ apktool […]

  • Browser cache policy


    Recently, I am doing ie 11 compatibility for the project. The caching problem of IE has triggered my thinking about browser caching strategy. Cache type Web caching can be divided into the following categories: Client cache Server cache Database cache Here we focus on the client, that isBrowser cache。 The communication between browser and server […]

  • Install nginx in docker


    Sketch Nginx is a network server that can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail broker, and HTTP cache. The software was created by Igor sysoev and first released in 2004. As of August 2019, NetCraft estimates that nginx serves 32% of all active sites, ranking second only to Apache. Installation record […]

  • Only by reading this book can we understand Alibaba big data


    2019 is Alibaba’s 11th double 11. As we all know, Alibaba’s e-commerce online system, after years of development, can support more than 500000 transactions per second. But what few people know is that massive transactions create massive data, explosive data volume surges, which brings big problems to big data processing after carnival. In this year’s […]

  • An article about HTTP black Technology


    This is the third article in the HTTP series, which is an advanced article of HTTP. In the first two articles, we talked about the introduction of HTTP and an overview of all the common HTTP headers. In this article, we will talk about some of HTTPBlack Technology。 HTTP content negotiation What is content negotiation […]

  • HTTP caching in spring MVC


    HTTP caching in spring MVC Cache is a very important function in HTTP protocol. Using cache can greatly improve the performance of applications and reduce the network transmission of data. Generally speaking, we will cache static resources such as pictures, CSS, JS files, etc. Similarly, we can use HTTP cache with spring MVC to cache […]

  • Deploy Apache Flink Natively on YARN/Kubernetes


    Author: Ren Chunde As the next generation of big data computing engine, Apache Flink is developing rapidly and powerfully, and its internal architecture is constantly optimized and reconstructed to adapt to more runtime environment and larger computing scale. Flink improvement proposals-6 redesigns the unified architecture of resource scheduling on each cluster management system (standalone / […]

  • What is a URI?


    What is a URI? The definition of URI is described in detail in RFC 2396. Uri is the abbreviation of uniform resource identifier. Is a unique identifier used to describe a physical or abstract resource. These three words also describe the characteristics of URIs: Unified form The advantage of formal unification is that all kinds […]

  • What is microservice? Introduction to microservice


    Catalog What is microservice Monomer system 1. The project is too bloated 2. Difficult to isolate resources 3. Limited expansion bottleneck module Micro service 1. Independent deployment and flexible expansion 2. Resource isolation 1. Complex architecture design 2. Complex management @ What is microservice Today, I’d like to have a brief look at microservices. Before […]