• About API: good design and bad design [eolink translation]


    In the past, when developing or updating APIs, we often needed to discuss the structure, naming and functions of APIs in depth, which took a lot of time. With the vigorous development of API industry, API design is becoming more and more important. Over the years, some rules such as rest APIs have also been […]

  • Asynchronous task processing system, how to solve long-time, high and difficult problems?


    Introduction:This paper introduces how the asynchronous task processing system solves the problems of long time-consuming and high concurrency. Author: Bu Hu (technical director of Alibaba cloud serverless) When we build an application, we always want it to be responsive and low-cost. In practice, our system faces various challenges, such as unpredictable traffic peaks, dependent downstream […]

  • Docker series technology sharing (I) container technology and docker


    What is a container? First of all, let’s look at what is container technology. Container is translated from English “container”. This word means both container and container. In fact, it is more inclined to container here. This can also be seen from the logo of docker. It can’t be said to be irrelevant, it can […]

  • Front end training: share the “difference” question of Web front-end interview


    1. The difference between jQuery and JavaScript JQuery is an encapsulated collection of JavaScript. It encapsulates many JavaScript methods, that is, the contents of jQuery are JavaScript statements. It’s just encapsulated to make it easier for us to learn and use 2. The difference between react and Vue The similarities between react and Vue: (1) […]

  • Alibaba cloud container service ack elastic architecture practice


    Introduction: This paper mainly discusses how Bixin cloud platform uses Alibaba cloud container service ack to build an application elastic architecture and further optimize computing costs. Author: Han Tao | heart comparison technology preface After the application of containerization transformation, it is inevitable to face such a problem: the insufficient allocation of node resources in […]

  • Interpretation of spring ecological source code (I)


    Interpretation of springboot source code (I) Instantiation of springapplication Springbootedition:2.2.10.RELEASE public static ConfigurableApplicationContext run(Class<?>[] primarySources, String[] args) { return new SpringApplication(primarySources).run(args); } public SpringApplication(Class<?>… primarySources) { this(null, primarySources); } /** * Create a new {@link SpringApplication} instance. The application context will load * beans from the specified primary sources (see {@link SpringApplication class-level} * documentation […]

  • Common problems and solutions in Hadoop yarn


    This article summarizes several common problems and solutions in Hadoop yarn. Note that the solutions introduced in this article are applicable to Hadoop 2.2.0 and above. (1) By default, the load of each node is uneven (the number of tasks is different). Some nodes have many tasks running, and some have no tasks. How to […]

  • HTTP caching strategy, strong caching and negotiation caching


    HTTP caching strategy, strong caching and negotiation caching Local cache – strong cache Local cache, which is often referred to as strong cache, means that when the browser requests resources, if the resources of the requesting server hit the local cache resources of the browser, the browser will not send the real request to the […]

  • C\c package DLL into program (transfer)


    I’m lazy recently. I’m too lazy to make typesetting because I don’t have much content. The characters are enlarged. It should be more convenient Go directly to the topicLet’s take a look at a chestnut. Suppose there is a third-party DLL namespace TestLibrary1 { public class Test { public void Point() { Console.WriteLine(“aaabbbccc”); } } […]

  • Exploration and practice of flutterweb performance optimization


    Meituan takeout merchants have been exploring the technology based on flutterweb for a long time. At present, they have implemented the multi terminal reuse of app, PC and H5 in many businesses, effectively improving the overall efficiency of production and research. In this process, the performance problem is the biggest challenge we are facing. This […]

  • Audio kit playback related source code, see


    The real power of audio kit is MIDI electronic music, This article briefly looks at the source code related to audio kit playback Call part let engine = AudioEngine() let player = AudioPlayer() override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() player.isLooping = true engine.output = player do { try engine.start() } catch { print(“AudioKit did not start! […]

  • What is good API design? [eolink translation]


    Good API design is a common topic for teams trying to improve their API strategies. The importance of API design needs no elaboration. The benefits of a well-designed API include better developer experience, faster documentation, and higher API utilization. So what is a good API design? This article details some of the best practices for […]