• Cross origin cross domain request


    Cookie 1993 ushered inimgLabel, this iswebResource loading for the first time <img src=”foo.jpg” /> <img src=”https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/foo.jpg” /> 1994 Set-Cookie: foo=bar 1995 <img src=”https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/foo.jpg” /> <script src=”http://somewhere.com/foo.js” ></script> <iframe src=”http://somewhere.com/foo.html” /> At first, such a design would lead to serious problems: whether it is a website, as long as it contains the above label, it will […]

  • Advanced springboot JDBC, Druid, mybatis, swagger, springmvc, mail


    1.Springboot-JDBC After integrating JDBC with springboot, spring boot starter JDBC is introduced to operate the database through jdbctemplate. Import dependency <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-jdbc</artifactId> </dependency> Operate the database through jdbctemplate to add, delete, modify and query @RestController public class UserController { @Resource private JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate; //from fhadmin.cn @GetMapping(“/delete”) public String delete() { String sql = “delete […]

  • How can k8s provide more efficient and stable editing capability? Analysis of implementation mechanism of k8s Watch


    About us For more cases and knowledge about cloud native, please pay attention to the [Tencent cloud native] official account with the same name~ Benefits: ① The background of the official account replies to the [manual] to obtain the “Tencent cloud native roadmap manual” & “Tencent cloud native best practices”~ ② The official account backstage […]

  • Classloader reads the file, but springboot cannot read it after jar package


    jar/D:/test/test/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.wst.server.core/test/test/test/WEB-INF/lib/test-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar!/ca.crt You may often use classloader in your project Getsystemresourceasstream and other methods to read the contents of a file, and use properties to read it.But when you pack, you will find that there is a problem with your program. What should you do at this time?solveYou can try the following code to get the […]

  • Top ten project management (III) progress management


    Project schedule management refers to the management of the progress degree of each stage and the deadline for the final completion of the project in the process of project implementation. Its purpose is to ensure that the project can achieve the overall goal of the project on the premise of meeting its time constraints. that […]

  • You must understand these principles of kubernetes


    Kubernetes has become the king in the field of container choreography. It is a container based cluster choreography engine. It has many characteristics and capabilities, such as cluster expansion, rolling upgrade and rollback, elastic scaling, automatic healing, service discovery and so on. This article will take you quickly to understand kubernetes and what we are […]

  • Kubebuilder practice 6: build, deploy and run


    Welcome to my GitHub https://github.com/zq2599/blog_demos Content: classification and summary of all original articles and supporting source code, involving Java, docker, kubernetes, Devops, etc; Link article series One of kubebuilder’s actual combat: preparation Kubebuilder practice 2: experience kubebuilder for the first time Kubebuilder practice 3: a quick overview of basic knowledge Kube builder practice 4: operator […]

  • @How much do you know about Vue / cli configuration – publicpath, outputdir, assetsdir, indexpath, filenamehashing, configurewebpack, productionsourcemap


    vue. config. JS vue. config. JS is an optional configuration file, This file exists in the root directory of the project (the same level as package. JSON). By default, there is no such file. We need to create it manually Then it will be automatically loaded by @ Vue / cli service. module.exports={ Productionsourcemap: false, […]

  • Spring source code analysis 12: spring boot loading mechanism


    Spring source code analysis 12: spring boot loading mechanism 1. spring-bootIncluded modules Before analyzing the loading mechanism of springboot, let’s take a look at the officialspring-bootWhat modules are included and what are their uses. Spring boot official warehouse spring-bootThe core package of springboot, including:spring-frameworkPackaging and expansion ofapplication.yamlLoading mechanism, annotation starting mechanism, etc spring-boot-autoconfigure:application.yamlConfiguration item definition […]

  • Spring source code analysis XIII: components loaded when springboot initializes the application


    Spring source code analysis XIII: components loaded when springboot initializes the application These components are defined inspring.factoriesin #Log system org.springframework.boot.logging.LoggingSystemFactory=\ org.springframework.boot.logging.logback.LogbackLoggingSystem.Factory,\ org.springframework.boot.logging.log4j2.Log4J2LoggingSystem.Factory,\ org.springframework.boot.logging.java.JavaLoggingSystem.Factory #Attribute source loader org.springframework.boot.env.PropertySourceLoader=\ org.springframework.boot.env.PropertiesPropertySourceLoader,\ org.springframework.boot.env.YamlPropertySourceLoader #Configure data source parser org.springframework.boot.context.config.ConfigDataLocationResolver=\ org.springframework.boot.context.config.ConfigTreeConfigDataLocationResolver,\ org.springframework.boot.context.config.StandardConfigDataLocationResolver #Configure data loader org.springframework.boot.context.config.ConfigDataLoader=\ org.springframework.boot.context.config.ConfigTreeConfigDataLoader,\ org.springframework.boot.context.config.StandardConfigDataLoader #Application run listener org.springframework.boot.SpringApplicationRunListener=\ org.springframework.boot.context.event.EventPublishingRunListener #Error reporter org.springframework.boot.SpringBootExceptionReporter=\ org.springframework.boot.diagnostics.FailureAnalyzers #Application context initial loader […]

  • In preparation for the “double 11”, Alibaba cloud provides one-stop resource support services for enterprises


    Introduction: Alibaba cloud elastic computing will launch the online resource guarantee service to provide users with one-stop self-service resource guarantee service through intelligent resource diagnosis, recommendation, resource reservation and authorization candidates. It takes into account flexibility and economy, and can also obtain deterministic guarantee at all times, so as to escort the smooth progress of […]

  • [docker basic] basic concept and installation


    Container technology Business is based on applications, and most applications run on servers. Once, each server could only run a single application. Windows and Linux operating systems did not have corresponding technical means to ensure that multiple applications could run stably and safely on one server at the same time. In order to solve the […]