• The interviewer asked you to build a series of airplanes. How to design the micro service interface?


    This article is the second in a series of back-end microservice architectures. In microservice architecture, there are two common ways of communication between servicesRPCand REST。 The article is updated every week. Your “three companies” are my greatest affirmation. WeChat can search the public for the first time to read the official account of “backend Technology […]

  • Several problems and principles of springbean


    1、 Several questions How to generate beans in spring? What extension points does spring provide to integrate third-party frameworks How spring integrates mybatis 2、 What is spring Spring manages beans (objects in Java), initializes operations, 3、 Spring IOC container Resource components: Resource refers to the description of resource files. Different resource files, such as XML […]

  • How Taobao ensures business stability — Noah adaptive flow control


    Noah’s adaptive flow control solution is based on automatic control algorithm, which solves the pain point of manual current limiting configuration omission or outdated, and greatly improves the ability of application to resist flow impact. In the past double-11, Noah has guaranteed a large number of business application systems, with large-scale deployment of more than […]

  • Spring boot integrates oauth2 authorization code mode operation record


    Oauth2 authorization code mode Licensing server Basic configuration of spring security, creating users and roles @Configuration public class SecurityConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter { @Bean PasswordEncoder passwordEncoder(){ return new BCryptPasswordEncoder(); } ​ @Override protected void configure(AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth) throws Exception { auth.inMemoryAuthentication() .withUser(“johnny”).password(new BCryptPasswordEncoder().encode(“123”)).roles(“user”) .and() .withUser(“john”).password(new BCryptPasswordEncoder().encode(“123”)).roles(“admin”); } ​ @Override protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception { http.csrf().disable().formLogin(); […]

  • Corosync + pacemaker of high availability cluster


    1. Concept There are three types of traditional Linux clusters. One is LB cluster, which is mainly used to load balance the user traffic, so that each server on the back end can handle part of the requests in a balanced manner. One of the characteristics of this kind of cluster is that the front-end […]

  • When we talk about multithreading and high concurrency


    High concurrency and multithreading can be regarded as a prominent subject in the field of Java. To some extent, it can also be regarded as a prominent subject in the field of software, which everyone pursues. But there are also some misunderstandings. For example, many people think that without multithreading, your computer can’t play games […]

  • From the suppressfinalize method of GC, you can have a deep understanding of the underlying mechanism of finalization


    If you often look at the source code of open source projects, you will find that many dispose methods have such a code:GC.SuppressFinalize(this);It doesn’t matter if you read it once or twice. If you read it more, you’ll be interested. Let’s talk about it. 1: Background 1. Where did you find it I believe that […]

  • Hadoop framework: HDFS read / write mechanism and API details


    Source code:GitHub. Click here || Gitee. Click here 1、 Reading and writing mechanism 1. Data writing The client accesses namenode and requests to upload files; Namenode checks whether the target file and directory already exist; Namenode responds whether the client can upload; The client requests the namenode file block block01 to upload the service location; […]

  • What should be paid attention to when designing API to get data through post


    More and more modern websites use the front-end and back-end separation architecture. First, the front-end MVC framework is used to quickly stack spa, and then the API to obtain dynamic data has become a daily development content; and the importance of the API used to connect the front and back-end is natural. As a front-end […]

  • “Non mainstream” pure front end performance optimization


    Author: Chen Jing Performance optimization has always been one of the main topics of front-end research, because it not only directly affects the user experience, but also affects the efficiency of traffic realization for commercial companies. For example, doubleclick by Google found that: If the page load time exceeds 3 seconds, 53% of users will […]

  • Integration of primary front-end knowledge points – HTML + network part


    You guys think it’s good, can point a good collection, thank you, come on!! 1. HTML Optimization:Avoid writing CSS style in HTML, which is difficult to maintain;Use the viewer to speed up the page rendering;Semantic tags are used to reduce CSS code and enhance readability and SEO;Optimize DOM structure;Avoid empty SRC, and other attribute values, […]

  • IOS — multithreading


    There are three main types of multithreading: nsthread, nsoperationqueue and GCD Nsthread is more lightweight than the other two, and it is easy to create a thread. However, we need to manage the thread ourselves, so it is troublesome to operate the thread. It not only starts, but also recycles resources after the thread is […]