• What is the application of big data? There are three key points


    The key points of big data application are data source, productization and value creation; the uneven distribution of data resources makes it easier for big data application to obtain breakthroughs in data intensive fields; it is necessary to reform the improper industry management mode to promote the application of big data in existing industries. Big […]

  • 30 unknown container technology tools and resources


    Software container technology affects everyone in it team from developers, testers, operation and maintenance personnel to analysts. It is not just a tool for system administrators like virtualization. The size and integrity of the container package allows team members to deploy a complete environment within seconds. Container is a good tool, which brings a series […]

  • [note] heap and canonical heap operations / / canonical dynamic resource operations


    Heap: for dynamic memory allocation. The heap is in memory between the BSS area and the stack area. It is usually allocated and released by the programmer. If the programmer does not release it, it may be recycled by the OS at the end of the program. · – 3.1.2 difference between stack and heap […]

  • Necessary for resource search, recommend a magic tool for Baidu cloud resource search


    This powerful disk searcher was discovered by accident when using the software by itself. It has two main features:1. Automatic identification of invalid linksThis really saves you a lot of trouble finding links.2. Built in high-speed DownloaderIt’s no use finding resources without super members. He has his own high-speed Downloader, which can download 7-10mb / […]

  • Batch modify resource tag value based on OOS


    scene When there is a label key on resources: Department, label value: retail, how to quickly batch modify the label (key: Department, value: retail) to label (key: Department, value: new retail) due to department resource integration? background information Operation and maintenance choreography service OOS defines the operation and maintenance tasks you need to choreograph through […]

  • Record a load of IIS service of Win2003 server. How to deal with resource Error 404 with flv suffix


    Problem: visit xxxx.flv resource under a domain name, and Error 404 is reported on the page. Solution: 1. Whether the authority is sufficient User permissions are under full control If you have no problem accessing other resources under the domain name, it’s not an introduction 2. Are MIME types missing Check whether there is. Flv […]

  • 2019 unity learning resource guide [elaborate]


    Preface The most direct and effective way to enter a field is to findRelated review articlesFirst of all, you need to have a general understanding of the areas you are getting started in, including: 1. Mainstream learning communities and websites. 2. Famous big cattle in this field and practitioners who are keen to share. 3. […]

  • Restful architecture style


    In the tide of mobile Internet, the concept of “micro service” is more and more accepted and applied to practice. More and more web services are gradually unified in the restful architecture style. If the developers don’t know the restful architecture style, the so-called restful API developed will always be incongruous and not standardized.Architecture style […]

  • Single sign on – API certification system passport (2)


    install composer require laravel/passport=~4.0 notes:1) ensure that unzip, zip and other commands are installed on the system.2) there is authentication required (packagist. Phpcomposer. Com) problem in composer installation. Modify the source in composer.json, repositories.packagist.url = https://packagist.laravel-china.org. Register service provider Add laravel \ passport \ passport serviceprovider:: class to the providers array of config / app.php […]

  • Kubernetes garbage collector source code analysis of the garbage collector controller (2)


    Kubernetes version: 1.13.2 Continue to the previous section: kubernetes garbage collector garbage collector controller source code analysis (1) Main steps The source code of the garbage collector controller is mainly divided into the following parts: monitorsAs a producer, put changing resources intographChangesQueues; at the same timerestMapperRegularly check the resource types in the cluster and refresh […]

  • How to close Java text, network and other resources more gracefully


    Usually in Java, the operation of text, network resources and so on is very complicated. To declare, read, close three stages, we have to consider exceptions. If we want to read a piece of text and display it to the console, we usually have the following code: public static void main(String[] args) { FileInputStream inputStream […]

  • How to delete k8s resource objects in batch


    This article was first published on the public account [my little bowl soup] to scan the QR code at the end of the article for attention, exchange and study together In cloud platform development and middleware containerization, there is often a need to delete k8s resource objects in batches. Here are some examples of kubectl […]