• Shock! Jingdong architects handwritten JUC technical notes, and everyone who read them said it was good!


    What is JUC In Java, the thread part is a key point. The JUC mentioned in this article is also about threads. JUC is short for Java. Util. Concurrent toolkit. This is a toolkit for processing threads. JDK 1.5 began to appear. Process and thread process Process is a running activity of a computer program […]

  • Practice shows you — HTTP cache


    In order to understand the mechanism of HTTP caching, this article builds nginx and sets nginx configurationThere are many articles on the Internet, but most of them are written expressions. Caching is more theoretical, which makes me confused at the beginning So this time I illustrate it through screenshots and step diagrams, and add words. […]

  • Review the differences between HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2.0


    Some differences between HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 Cache processing In HTTP 1.0, the header is mainly usedIf-Modified-Since(compare whether the last update time of resources is consistent),Expires(the expiration time of the resource (depending on the local time of the client)) is used as the criterion for cache judgment. HTTP 1.1 introduces more cache control strategies: […]

  • HTTP message structure and content


    HTTP message content First, understand the following HTTP message contents through mind map The format of HTTP request message is as follows: 1.1 request line The request line consists of three parts: request method, request URL (excluding domain name), and HTTP protocol versionThere are many request methods:GET、POST、HEAD、PUT、DELETE、OPTOINS、TRACE、CONNECTThe most commonly used isGETandPOST 1.1.1 request method 1、GET […]

  • Summarize the skills of the meeting: nodejs backend + fluent for Android, Apple App + H5 terminal + wechat applet + Web terminal management background


    Burst:I want to sum up my knowledge. How to summarize?1. Write a new project and use all your skills2. Record on SF, set up a flag and supervise yourself Multi terminal simultaneous development is really tiring, but the improvement is still obvious: no one urges the progress (often squeezed by the company?), you can find […]

  • Want a private job? Try this open source project!


    Hello everyone, I am a small editor who broke my heart for the majority of programmers. It is my goal to recommend a gadget / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a small skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency and achieve no overtime, no staying up late […]

  • HTTP status code classification


    HTTP status code classification 1XX: message This type of status code indicates that the request has been accepted and needs to continue processing. This type of response is a temporary response, which only contains the status line and some optional response header information, and ends with a blank line. Status code English name describe 100 […]

  • Review of new features of Flink 1.12 resource management


    Introduction: This paper introduces some features of Flink 1.12 resource management, including memory management, resource scheduling and extended resource framework.This article is compiled by Chen Zhengyu, a community volunteer, shared by song Xintong, a technical expert of Apache Flink Committee and Alibaba, Apache Flink contributor and Guo Minze, a senior development engineer of Alibaba. It […]

  • Maybe this is the micro front-end solution you want


    preface Micro front endIt is a hot front-end word at present. Teams with a small scale will do technical exploration. As a team unwilling to lag behind, we also do it. Maybe you’ve seen itSingle-Spa,qiankunThese mature solutions in the industry are very powerful: JS sandbox isolation, multi stack support, sub application parallelism and sub application […]

  • Building a webpack scaffold from zero (Fundamentals)


    Webpack is a static module packaging tool for modern JavaScript applications. It is a thunderclap for front-end engineers. Basically, today’s large-scale applications are built through webpack. Webpack is highly configurable and has a very rich set of configurations. In the past, people who are proficient in configuring webpack have been called “webpck engineers”. Of course, […]

  • Talk about front-end monitoring – error monitoring


    When someone asks: what is the user experience of this app in your company? How’s the traffic? At this point, how should you answer? You will answer: UV, PV barabarabara, second opening rate, FP, TTI barabarabara. So where did the data come from? Obviously, these data come from the front-end monitoring system. Significance of front-end […]

  • Mybatis3 source code reading (I)


    Introduction to mybatis and learning objectives of the framework source code     Mybatis is one of the most popular Java persistence layer frameworks. It eliminates most JDBC duplicate code, parameter setting and result set mapping through XML configuration. Although mybatis is one of the most popular persistence layer frameworks, its comments are relatively few compared with […]