• Browser HTTP caching mechanism


    HTTP caching mechanism is a means of web performance optimization. It is necessary for us who are engaged in the web industry to understand. At first, I only knew that the browser would cache the requested static files. As for how to cache, why the cache did not know why. Here combined with their own […]

  • Fundamentals of computer operating system (3) — five state model of process management


    introduction This is the third part,Five state model of process managementThe process has multiple states in the operating system. This article is to understand the multiple states of the process in the operating system 1. Five states of the process Create status Ready state Blocking state Execution status Termination status 2. What is a process […]

  • Front end performance optimization guide


    Author: Joway youngWarehouse: GitHubBlog: nuggets, Sina, Zhihu, Jianshu, headlines, CSDNOfficial account: UzeroContact me: I will pay attention to the official account.WeChatYo!Special statement: no official account can be reproduced or plagiarized without authorization. Otherwise, it can be resolved through legal channels. If you need to reprint or open the public list, you can contact me. I […]

  • JDBC, connection pool, mybatis principle (notes)


    The main categories of native JDBC are as follows:DriverManager–Connection–Statement–ResultSet //Register driver Class.forName(driver); //New connection Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(url,username,password); Statement statement = connection.createStatement(); //Execute SQL ResultSet resultSet = statement.executeQuery(“select * from test where id = 1 “); //Query results while(resultSet.next()){ String name = resultSet.getString(“name”); System.out.println(” name : ” + name); } //Close resource Statement and Preparedstatement:The […]

  • Cross domain modification of iframe page content


    principle The proxy page is embedded in the primary site and transmits data to the proxy page. The proxy page operates the dom of the target page according to the data of the primary site. Because the proxy page and the target page share the same domain, the proxy page can obtain and operate the […]

  • Spring boot security oauth2 implementation of authorization server supporting JWT token


    Title text summary The previous two articles described the use of spring security in combination with oauth2 and JWT. In this section, you are required to have an understanding of oauth2 and JWT. If you are not clear, please move to the next two articles to understand them in advance. Spring boot security integrates oauth2 […]

  • Fundamentals of computer operating system (1) — overview of operating system


    introduction The importance of computer basic knowledge is self-evident. The current technology can be said to be updated at the speed of seconds, but the basic things will not change once in decades. This is the first article, operating system overview, with you to familiarize yourself with what the whole computer operating system has, which […]

  • Out of the box, knative gives you the ultimate container serverless experience


    Add picture annotation, no more than 140 words (optional) Dongdao Alibaba technology expert guide: hosting knative out of the box, you don’t need to pay any cost for these resident instances. Combined with the ability of gateway provided by SLB cloud products and the reservation specification function based on sudden performance instance, it can greatly […]

  • Fundamentals of computer operating system (2) — process entity of process management


    introduction This paper is the second part,Process entity of process managementLet’s familiarize ourselves with why processes are used and what process entities are 1、 Why processes are needed From the last article, we know that the basic function of the operating system is to manage the underlying hardware resources, including the following parts Yesoperating systemThese […]

  • Distributed resource scheduling


    Today, let’s talk about distributed resource scheduling. Why do we need resource scheduling From the evolution of computer We know that the emergence of computers is largely to share the work of human beings. Therefore, the evolution process of the whole computer architecture is inseparable from the consideration of the two factors of task and […]

  • HTTP questions that you’ve dealt with interviewers over the years


    From the light yellow dress and fluffy hair, I noticed that the female interviewer sitting in front of me was really something. My self introduction has also become more vocal and emotional. Skr ~ ~ ~ in the meantime, miss, I looked at my resume without changing color. But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. […]

  • Lazy loading and preloading — Web Image Optimization


    1、 Lazy loading of pictures 1. Concept Lazy loading, also known as delayed loading, refers to the delayed loading of images in long web pages, which is a good way to optimize the performance of web pages. ==Images outside the visual area will not be loaded until the user scrolls to them = =. In […]