• Cgroups of docker Technology Foundation


    brief introduction As we all know, docker containers have good isolation. We can run many docker containers on one server.Although a server can run many docker containers, these containers share the CPU and memory resources of a server. If the containers are allowed to use resources at will, it is likely that some containers occupy […]

  • HTTP request parsing


    The HTTP request is initiated by the client and refers to the request message from the client to the server. How to initiate an HTTP request With the help of HTTP tools and knowing the URL, this HTTP request can be initiated. For example: Enter a URL in the browser address bar and press enter […]

  • HTTP response parsing


    The HTTP response corresponds to the HTTP request and is the server’s response to the client request. HTTP response format HTTP/1.1 200 OKAccept-Ranges: bytesCache-Control: max-age=0Connection: keep-aliveContent-Length: 114Content-Type: text/htmlDate: Mon, 27 Dec 2021 07:12:26 GMTEtag: “60fa5e66-72”Expires: Mon, 27 Dec 2021 07:12:26 GMTLast-Modified: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 06:15:02 GMTServer: nginx                                                                                                                                                    ……            The […]

  • Hybird offline resource generation tool


    catalogue background Offline resource generation tool Front end assistance background Due to online Lexus clientAppOpening the platform for the first timeH5It takes a few seconds to load. This experience is not friendly to users. In order to make users jumpH5To jump to the same user experience as native, you need toH5When the relevant offline resource […]

  • Cloud computing = “Pandora”?


    author Wang Xiaowei: a certified practitioner of finops, he is keen to spread the theoretical and practical knowledge of finops and help cloud enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. The era of cloud computing has come Is the era of cloud computing really coming? Cloud computing has gone through 15 years since AWS first launched […]

  • Addressable resource system hot update


    Requirements: 1. Need to cooperate well with addressable resource management system in the game 2. Support multiple packaging modes (debug / release…) and verify the release package in the development environment 3. Forced hot update 4. In poor network skip mechanism 5. Update package integrity verification concept 1. Game resources: various resources used in the […]

  • Write of FileInputStream class and read of fileoutstream class


    Byte stream preface: have you ever thought about the videos we usually watch,In what form are audio and pictures stored What form are they stored? Byte streamThere are two kinds. One isoutputOne isinputHere are allOutput input streamThe top-level parent of. Byte output stream:OutputStream Byte input stream:InputStream Fileoutputstream class(Output class) Subclass of output stream FileOutputStreamClass is […]

  • The latest, complete and detailed summary of k8s learning notes (2021 latest edition)


    AlthoughDockerIt is already very powerful, but there are still many inconveniences in practical use, such as cluster management, resource scheduling, file management and so on. Well, in this era of blooming containers, many solutions have emerged, such as mesos, swarm, kubernetes and so on, among which Google is open-sourceKubernetesAs a big brother. Kubernetes has become […]

  • Vue project – Summary of first screen loading optimization scheme


    The optimization scheme is as follows: 1. Lazy loading of Vue router route (using code cutting of webpack) 2. Use CDN acceleration to pull the general library from the vendor 3. Gzip compression of nginx 4. Vue asynchronous component 5. Server rendering SSR 6. If some UI libraries are used, load on demand is adopted […]

  • DNS Prefetch/preconnect/prefetch/prerender/Preload


    1. dns-prefetch DNS prefetch is an attempt to resolve a domain name before requesting a resource. This may be the file to be loaded later, or it may be the link target that the user tries to open. <link rel=”dns-prefetch” href=”https://fonts.googleapis.com/”> Whenever a site references resources on a cross domain, DNS prefetch hints should be […]

  • 11. Kubernetes note volume storage volume (II) PV and PVC storage


    preface Volume provides a very good data persistence scheme, but there are still deficiencies in manageability. As can be seen from the previous example, to use volume, pod must know the following information in advance: Where and where the current volume comes from, local and network. Type of storage volume and know how to configure […]

  • CRD resources of container scheduling system k8s


    Previously, we learned about k8s node stain and pod’s tolerance to node stain. For review, please refer to:https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/14255486.html; Today, let’s talk about expansion k8s related topics; The process of creating a resource object on k8s We know that in k8s, resources have types. Different types of resources have different definitions and fields; When a user […]